Hp elitedesk 800 g1 test

Up kommen sie 500 GB SATA hard drive; up kommen sie 500 GB self-encrypting solid state drive; up zu 160 GB solid state drive
(2) USB 3.0 ports,stereo audio out, heat in, RJ-45 Ethernet, PS/2 mouse and keyboard, VGA, (2) DisplayPort through multi-stream4, energie connector, RS-232 serial port
1.5-W amplifier weil das the internal speaker only. External speakers have to be it is provided externally. Rear Line-in audio port is re-taskable together either Line-in or Microphone-In.

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Multi-streaming kann be enabled in the Realtek control panel kommen sie allow live independence audio streams to be sent out to/from the front und rear jacks.
Starting at 5 Hz, vary ns frequency von vibration indigenous 5 to 500 Hz and back to 5 Hz at a Logarithmic move rate of 1 octave von minute.
Windows 7 residence Basic, windows 7 house Premium, windows 7 Professional auflage 32, fenstern 7 Professional auflage 64, fenstern 7 Ultimate edition 32, windows 7 Ultimate auflage 64 fenster Vista or fenster XP
US, Belgium, Switzerland, Spain, Denmark, Netherlands, France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Sweden, Norway, Finland, UK, Poland, Czech Republic, Turkey, Greece, Austria, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Estonia, Hungary, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxemburg, Malta, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Vietnam, HK, Australia, NZ, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Canada, China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, India, Venezuela, Ecuador, Russia, Ukraine, Israel, Croatia, united Arab Emirates, Peru, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Mexico, south Africa, und up kommen sie 193 nations worldwide.
1: This system may need upgraded and/or separately purchased hardware and/or a DVD drive to install the windows 7 software und take full benefit of fenstern 7 functionality.

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80 cm height onto asphalt tile over concrete or equivalent, 5-drop bei 5 direction except die cable face
80 cm height onto asphalt tile end concrete or equivalent, 5-drop an 5 direction except ns cable face
1: High efficiency stärke supply ist a requirement weil das ENERGY stern qualification in conjunction v a choose range von processors and modules.
1: weil das all test & file operating system miyvue.com will perform useful testing of the Operating system on die miyvue.com business PC platform. Any type of issues found möchte be documented in an Engineering Advisory and/or service Advisory and posted kommen sie miyvue.com. miyvue.com will not develop or qualify any kind of drivers or perform any kind of integration testing.

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