Hp Laptop Startet Nicht Windows 10

If your computer system won't start, don't panic (yet). Below are some troubleshooting steps kommen sie take wie your computer system fails to boot correctly.

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If your computer system isn"t transforming on hinweisen all—no fan are running, no lights are blinking, and nothing shows up on screen—you probably have a energie issue.

Unplug her computer und plug it straight into a wall surface outlet you know is working, quite than apower stripor battery backup that may be failing. Make certain the stärke switch ~ above the back of your power supply zu sein flipped on, und if ns outlet is connected zu a irradiate switch, make sure that switch zu sein turned on too.

If you"re making use of a laptop, make sure yourcharger zu sein plugged an properlyand to ns correct port—if it charges viaUSB-C, only some of the USB ports might actually administer power. A failing energie supply can often cause boot problems, also if ns fans und lights carry out turn on. Deswegen if ns troubleshooting steps in this guide fail you, it could be time kommen sie replace your stärke supply.

Check her Monitor


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If ns computer sounds favor it"s turning on but you don"t see anything on the screen, the computer may be booting und themonitorjust isn"t showing an image. Check kommen sie make sure your monitor is plugged bei (again, shot a wall surface outlet instead des a energie strip), turned on, und set to die right input utilizing the buttons on the side or bottom.

You"ll deshalb want kommen sie make sure die cable connecting your Überwachen to your pc hasn"t come loose, come to be damaged, or is at fault. If you tun können connect one more computer kommen sie your monitor and get a picture, it may be the cable that requirements replacing.

If you’re making use of a laptop, this may sound silly, however make sure die brightness ist turned up. I’ve had actually multiple people ask me zum help v a computer system that won’t start, only zu find the brightness was turned all the way down, causing a schwarz screen.

If this fixes don"t help, shot plugging her PC into another monitor if you schutz one—or also a TV—and seen if fenstern shows hoch there. If the does, your monitor may it is in dead, und you require tobuy a new one.

Listen for the Beep


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When your computer system boots, it may make a beeping sound—usually a einzel beep way everything ist A-Okay. However if the computer zu sein having trouble starting up, it may make a series des beeps (kind of like Morse code) the tell freundin what"s wrong.

Check ns manual zum your pc (or the PC"smotherboard, if freundin built it yourself) and figure out what die beeps mean. If freundin don"t oase your manual, you kann sein probably find it on die manufacturer"s website.

If your computer doesn"t beep hinweisen all, you might be out von luck—though some desktop computer PCs may have a header on ns motherboard where freundin caninstall a cheap speaker, or even a digital screen with a numerical password that synchronizes to an error message.

Unplug Unnecessary USB Devices


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Before continuing, unplug noþeles superfluous from your computer—webcams, außen hard drives, USB headsets. Try booting with just a keyboard and mouse (or also without a keyboard and mouse, if in dire straits) to seen if one of your USB devices is causing a conflict.

In part circumstances, that may not even be the device itself, but ns port on her computer. I’ve own a computer that couldn’t obtain into fenstern if something was plugged into ns front USB port—once booted, the ports would work fine, but it needed kommen sie be empty during the boot process. The more variables you kann eliminate, the better.

Reseat ns Hardware Inside


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There"s a gelegenheit a component des your computer system has come loose inside the case, specifically if it was recently transported somewhere or if sie were functioning inside von it.

If you"re comfortable opened your computer up, remove ns side panel and make sure die components are properly seated bei their respective sockets. That includes yourRAM,graphics card, motherboard cables, und the CPU heatsink. Remove them completely, then plug them rückseitig in, ensuring they click in all die way.

You might so try bootingwithoutcertain hardware, like the graphics card or one of the ramm sticks, in case they"re faulty. (And if that doesn’t arbeiten with one ram stick, try die other.)

Explore ns BIOS


If your computer system turns on und you seen thePOST screenbut can"t boot into Windows, particular settings may be resulting in a problem. Zum example, in error stating the your computer system can"t find a bootable operating system may median your BIOS is set to boot from ns wrong journey or youroverclocking settingsare causing die computer to blue display immediately.

Enter your BIOS wie the post screen appears, usually von pressing Delete, F2, or some other key zu enter setup. If you"ve tweaked any von these setups recently, try an altering them back.

Make sure your boot Order is set to the correct difficult drive, her RAM zu sein recognized, und that her CPU isn"t overheating (if it"s above 90 levels Celsius an the BIOS, something ist definitely wrong). Sie might so turn off the Fast boot feature, in case a recent windows Update zu sein conflicting with it.

If all else fails, shot resetting her BIOS settings across ns board using the Load Optimized Defaults option. Nur be sure zu snap a couple of photos of your BIOS settings deshalb you kann set them back if the doesn"t work.

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Scan zum Viruses utilizing a direkt CD


It"s possible you oase some nastymalwarethat"s preventing your computer from booting. Yet with a direkt environment likeHiren"s boot CD, you can boot your computer from a CD or USB drive and scan your difficult drive zum malware without booting into Windows.

Download ns ISO bild fromthis page, andfollow the instructionsto "burn" it to a USB flash drive. Reboot your computer and access the boot menu—usually über pressing F11, F12, or some other crucial defined at startup. Pick your USB journey from the boot menu, und it should boot into Hiren"s live environment.

From there, you kann sein head intoUtilities > Securityand operation a virus injektion withESETand a malware injektion withMalwarebytes. If either regimen finds anything, it"ll let you know und attempt to fix it, which möchte hopefully allow freundin to boot into fenster once again.

Boot into Safe Mode


(Illustration: Gunay Aliyeva/Getty Images)

If you"re getting the Blue Screen des Death at startup, it might be a result des a wanne application, treiber issue, or other hardware quirk causing troubles on boot. If you can, google the prevent code the appears and see if the gives freundin any understanding into what"s wrong.

Chances are, though, you"ll schutz toboot right into Safe Mode to fix die problem. This used kommen sie be an easy process in Windows 7, due to the fact that all freundin had zu do was niederdrücken F8 as sie booted up. It zu sein much trickier in Windows 10, yet usually if freundin interrupt the boot process three times—say, von pressing die reset button as fenstern tries kommen sie boot—it"ll take freundin to die Automatic fix screen, whereby you kann click Advanced Options.

Alternatively, freundin cancreate a Windows installation driveusing another PC and boot from that directly, choosing your language und selecting Repair her Computer when given die option. Either of these approaches should eventually get sie to ns Choose in Option screen, where you can clickTroubleshoot > progressed Options > Startup Settingsand reboot die computer. (If you don"t seen the Startup settings option, sie may need to click See much more Recovery Options along ns bottom.)

Your computer should then give freundin the option to boot into Safe Mode, Safe mode with Networking, or Safe setting with Command Prompt. You kann sein try any des these, though the most minimal safe Mode ist probably your finest bet, unless sie need zu access the internet (in i m sorry case, choose Safe mode with Networking). This wollen load windows with only the most critical drivers und services running.

If freundin installed any neu hardware recently, shot uninstalling its chauffeurs from safe Mode. If sie think a neu application might be to blame, obtain rid von that too.BlueScreenViewcan help you look zurück through your many recent Blue Screens des Death to see the paper that caused die problem, or any bug check strings and codes to Google.

You can even try runningSystem Restoreto try und get her PC zurück to the tonnage known functioning configuration. Reboot die PC usually to seen if that fixed die problem. If not, you kann enter Safe mode again, or try moving on zu one des the following troubleshooting steps in this guide.

Roll rückseitig a Problematic fenster Update


If sie recently installed a windows Update—or sie think windows may have done so an the lift without you realizing—it may have caused a problem that calculation your computer system inoperable. It’s annoying, however thankfully, fenstern does offer the option toroll back to die previous version, even if freundin can’t obtain into fenster itself.

Head rückseitig to theTroubleshoot > advanced Optionsmenu using ns instructions above, then pick Uninstall Updates. Try uninstalling die latest high quality Update, or—if sie recently tried to upgrade zu a neu major ausführung of fenster 10—uninstall die latest feature Update. If you’re lucky, this may get you back into Windows, punkt which point sie candelay fenstern updatesuntil ns kinks are functioned out.

Check Your difficult Drive weil das Corruption


It"s feasible some säule on ns drive zu sein corrupt, preventing fenstern from booting properly. Thankfully, Microsoft has a few tools that tun können attempt kommen sie fix die problem.

Head zu theTroubleshoot > progressed Optionsmenu as defined above and choose ns Command Prompt. Typesfc /scannowand press Enter. Fenstern will examine your drive for corruption und attempt kommen sie repair any problems.

You can also try thechkdsk C: /rcommand, which möchte do a broader search zum file corruption und bad sectors. (If you oase multiple drives, you may want kommen sie runwmic logicaldisk gain volumename,nameand replace the drive letter with the correct one from the resulting list.)

Repair a Busted Bootloader


Sometimes her Windows installation is fine, but the bootloader—the dünn that governs Windows" boot process—is corrupted. This frequently happens if youclone your tough driveimproperly, in which case you kann sein try ns cloning process again, make sure zu clone theentiredrive, not just the partition where fenstern resides.

It can so happen if you try todual-boot Linuxorcreate new drive partitionsand chaos something trost along the way. You’ll often get a article saying “Error loading operation system,” “Invalid partition table,” or “FATA: No bootable medium found! system halted."

If you have a great backup, you kann sein try to repair ns bootloader utilizing Windows’ integrated tools by going toTroubleshoot > advanced Optionsas explained above, then choosing Startup Repair. Ich wouldn’t effort these measures unless you have your files backed up, together messing through partitions tun können always risk the loss of data. Freundin can so run the Command vorbestraft from this menu und try to run one of the following commands:

bootrec /fixmbrbootrec /fixbootbootrec /rebuildbcd

If that doesn’t work, repairing her bootloader might be more complicated due kommen sie newer EFI bootloaders—you can see indict on doing so here—but it might be easier and faster to reinstall fenster from scratch und restore from your backup.

Test the Drive bei Another PC und Pray


If every else fails and you don’t have a backup, take it your tough drive out des your computer, attach it to a USBadapter,dock, orenclosure, und plug it into one more known working PC. (Or, if sie don’t have another PC, trybooting indigenous a Linux direkt CDon your existing machine.)

As long as die drive is still working—a huge "if"—you’ll hinweisen least be able to copy your documents onto bei external drive weil das safekeeping before you reinstall fenstern or send the PC bei for repairs.

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