Hp laptop wlan probleme windows 10

Business computers: Consult your company"s IT room or your regional IT leistungen before making any environment or protection changes.

Wireless printers: for information about wireless press setup, or if you get bei error message wie trying kommen sie print wirelessly, go zu miyvue.com customer miyvue.com, get in your press model, und then search for a paper about installing your wireless printer or the displayed fehler message.

Check the wireless button or key zu confirm die wireless signal zu sein on.

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Locate the wireless key or button. This can be in image of in airplane

or a wireless signal

Press the button once, wait 10 seconds, and then observe any type of changes to die wireless link icon in the an alert area und to the führen zu light on ns wireless button or key.

If the taste or an essential does not have a light, float your computer mouse over die wireless link icon in the notice area von the taskbar to lakers the current connection status.

If ns wireless signal turns on: Connect to the internet again.

If the wireless signal ist turned off: drücken sie the button or crucial again, and then try to connect to the internet again.

Use Device direktor to update hardware chauffeurs such as ns graphics, audio, wireless, or other drivers weil das your computer.

In Windows, search for and open maker Manager.

In die list of devices, select Mice und other pointing devices.

Right-click the wireless adapter, choose Update driver, und then follow the instructions kommen sie install the updated driver.


Use wireless troubleshooting tools

Use automatic tools zu test and fix a variety des wireless conditions. If one tool does notfall resolve ns issue, use one more one.

Use Network Check in miyvue.com assistance Assistant zu perform network diagnostics weil das your computer.

Select her computer, und then pick miyvue.com Network examine under Troubleshooting und Fixes.

If a window displays prompting sie for in administrator password or confirmation, type the requested credentials.


Under Possible root Causes, click die listed feasible cause, select a recommended action, und then follow the instructions.


After completing die recommended actions, click Re-check.

Repeat these procedures until ns network connectivity issue zu sein resolved or all possible root causes and repairs have completed.

Use the fenster Network und Internet Troubleshooter kommen sie test und repair the network connection.

In Windows, right-click the network connection icon

, und then choose Troubleshoot problems.

Wait when the fenstern Network Diagnostic analyzes the network connection.

If prompted, select die type des network problem, und then follow ns instructions to resolve the issue.

Review any die info that displays around problems found, what was fixed, or actions you kann take zu resolve the problems.

Complete any type of suggested actions.

Reset die wireless network hardware.

Turn off your computer.

Disconnect the stärke cord from die wireless router, gateway, linked modem/router, or broadband modem.

Wait punkt least 5 seconds, und then reconnect the energie cord.

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Wait until all the lights revolve on, und then review ns lights zu identify ns status von the network connection.

All die lights space off: examine the power source von plugging the power cord into another energie outlet. Service or change your wireless router or broadband modem if it can not be turned on.

Only the stärke light ist on und the various other lights space off: A network link might not be detected. Inspect the cable delivering the internet signal zum damage, and then do sure the cable is securely linked to the network device.

Only the internet or online lights blink or do not turn on: There can be an issue through your internet service provider. You kann wait till service ist restored or contact your internet service provider weil das further assistance.

miyvue.com pcs - advanced wireless network and internet troubleshooting (Windows 10)

Resolve wireless connectivity or internet issues if your link stops working as expected.

Use Device direktors to uninstall, und then reinstall the wireless adapter.

In Windows, find for und open machine Manager.

In the list des devices, double-click Network adapters.

Right-click your wireless device, und then select Uninstall device.


When ns Uninstall machine screen displays, choose Delete the treiber software zum this machine if the displays, and then click Uninstall.

In ns Device direktors window, choose Network adapters, select Action, und then pick Scan zum hardware changes.


Create a reclaim point in Windows, and then manually change die network settings.

In Windows, find for und open produce a restore point.

On the system Properties window, click Create.

Type a name zum the gain back point, und then click Create.

In Windows, search zum Command Prompt. In the results list, right-click Command Prompt, und then pick Run together administrator.

If a window displays prompting you for bei administrator password or confirmation, type ns requested credentials.

netsh int tcp set heuristics disabled

netsh int tcp set globalen autotuninglevel=disabled

netsh int tcp set global rss=enabled

Type netsh int tcp nur global in Command Prompt, und then drücken sie go into to open the TCP global Settings.

Make certain all settings are disabled other than Receive-Side Scaling State.

Close Command Prompt, and then restart ns computer.

Save any open files, und then nearby all open programs.

In Windows, find for and open produce a regain point.

On the system Protection tab, click system Restore.

In the system Restore window, click Next.

Select die restore point freundin want kommen sie use, und then click Next.

Review her selection, and then click Finish.

Read ns warning about not interrupting system Restore, and then click Yes.


Allow system Restore to complete without interruption to avoid corrupting the hard drive or causing extr damage to ns computer.

System reclaim returns ns computer configuration to a previous point in time and restarts die computer.

Other dinge to try

Resolve wireless connectivity or internet issues if your computer system cannot connect or die network link performs poorly.

Changing ns wireless environment kann sein greatly impact ns effectiveness of your wireless network.

Move the computer and router closer zu each other, picking a place where signal strength zu sein strong.

Move ns computer or router kommen sie a location where there room fewer hard objects betwee the router and the computer.

Solid objects, such as walls, metal furniture, und electrical appliances, might decrease die range or block connections.

If possible, remove metal objects that are betwee the router and computer or nearby.

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Limit die number of devices that use ns network at ns same time, especially wie streaming video from die internet.

If you find that ns wireless link is blieb weak or has trouble connecting after ~ changing ns wireless environment, consider purchasing a various antenna weil das your router or set hoch another router together a signal repeater.