If sie run into troubles with your computer running Windows, a USB restore drive kann help sie troubleshoot und fix those problems, even if your computer won"t start.

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Your PC could have come with a recovery image that’s used zu refresh or reset her PC. Ns recovery bild is save on a devoted recovery partition on her PC, und is commonly 3 kommen sie 6 GB in size. To save space on her PC, you kann sein delete the recovery bild from her PC und use a recovery drive instead. Windows 8.1 includes a integrated tool to create a USB restore drive. Fenster will let freundin know exactly how big the recovery partition is, and you"ll need a USB flash drive weist least the big.

Warning: Creating a restore drive will erase anything already stored on her USB flash drive. Use an empty USB flash drive or make sure to transfer any important charme from your USB speed drive kommen sie another storage device before utilizing it zu create a USB recovery drive.

To produce a USB recovery drive

Swipe in from the right edge des the screen, and then insanity Search. (If you"re using a mouse, allude to ns lower-right corner von the screen, move die mouse pointer up, und then click Search.)

Enter recovery drive in the find box, und then select Create a restore drive.

After ns recovery drive device opens, do sure the Copy the recovery partition from the PC to die recovery drive check boxen is selected, und then choose Next.

Note: The check kasten is greyed out when your computer doesn’t oase a restore partition. Die recovery drive will include only die recovery tools und a bootable image, but notfall a recovery image to use for refreshing or resetting her PC.

Insert a USB speed drive into your pc that"s punkt least as large as the size suggested on the screen.

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Select the USB drive you"d like to use zum your restore drive, then choose Next.

Select Create. The recovery image und necessary recovery tools wollen be copied kommen sie your USB flash drive, which will take a while, depending upon your PC und the size von the recovery image.

When ns process ist done, perform one of the following:

If freundin want kommen sie keep the recovery partition on her PC, select Finish.

If sie want to remove die recovery partition from her PC and free hoch disk space, select Delete ns recovery partition. Then pick Delete. This möchte free up the disk an are used kommen sie store her recovery image. When die removal ist done, pick Finish.

Note: Some pcs don"t offer the option to eliminate a recovery partition. If you experience this, there isn"t a restore partition ~ above your pc that"s using added disc space.

Remove the USB speed drive. This ist now your Windows 8.1 recovery drive, and you"ll need it if freundin ever need zu refresh or reset your PC. Save it an a safe place and don"t use it to store other files or data.

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Note: If your computer came with fenster 8 and you upgraded it zu Windows 8.1, your recovery drive will include fenstern 8, and you’ll need to upgrade to Windows 8.1after sie refresh or reset her PC.



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