Htc one m8 oder samsung galaxy s5

Which is the best android phone?

Every year, nur a couple of companies battle it out kommen sie make the most well-known phone des the year. This year two des the top contenders room the samsung Galaxy S5 und the HTC One M8. But when you reduced through the gloss, which is actually die better phone?

We’ve spent time v both, und here’s what we think.

HTC One M8 videos preview

Want to get a closer look at ns HTC One M8 and Galaxy S5? Here’s a potted version des our to compare you tun können watch an just a couple von minutes.

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Samsung Galaxy S5 mit HTC One M8 – Price and Deals

Which zu sein the cheaper phone? die HTC One M8 is, however not by a an excellent deal. Mobile network Three’s price demonstrate ns difference well.

Both phones kommen sie on ns carrier’s £38 a month contract, i beg your pardon gets sie 2GB data and 600 minutes. Freundin pay in up-front fee of £69 zum the samsung Galaxy S5, and £49 zum the HTC One M8.

£20 is worth saving, but when you pay over £900 zum the phones over a two-year contract, the best to make sure you oase the ideal phone in your hands quite than do such a saving. Three deshalb offers the best present pre-pay deals for the HTC One M8 an the UK. She looking weist £459.99, which is actually rather low zum a top-end contract-free mobile.

However, that is price weil das the Galaxy S5 isn’t accessible yet as die phone only goes an sale ~ above 11 April.

Amazon’s prices check that die Galaxy S5 is likely to be a bit an ext expensive than the HTC One M8 across ns board, though. The lists ns S5 together £559.99, die M8 weist £529.99.

Samsung Galaxy S5 vs HTC One M8 – Design

Galaxy S5 – plastic rear, pitted, removable back, water resistance One M8 – steel rear, unibody, non-removable back, BoomSound speakers

One des the most evident differences bolzen these two phones zu sein their design. The samsung Galaxy S5 is primarily a plastic phone, where ns HTC One M8 ist all about metal.

The Galaxy S5 has actually a curious feather dimpled back, through ridged silvery sides. It’s all-plastic, though. It ist only ns Gorilla Glass covering of the display screen that provides something a bit harder-feeling. The look i will not ~ be weil das everyone, but ns feel ist actually notfall bad. Its rear has actually a soft touch complete that is more pleasant on the fingers than the glossy plastic of the previous Galaxy ns phones.


We have to hand this classification to the HTC One M8, though. That is simpler, near-all-metal entwurf looks and feels a an excellent deal better, v a cool und hard feel that’s similar to that des the original HTC One.

One difference compared kommen sie that phone, though, is the HTC One M8 has actually dropped any buttons below the screen, rather relying specifically on die on-screen controls of android (aside from die screen unlock button, obviously). In contrast die S5, like die S4 before it, has actually a trio des buttons. We prefer the route HTC has actually taken.

The HTC One M8 comes in three various colours, and there space two different metal treatments amongst them the vary die feel slightly. Ns ‘Metal Grey’ version has a brushed end up while die silver und gold version use in anodised-style end up that’s closer to that von the HTC One. All look lovely.

All of the Galaxy S5 modell use die same pitted finish, however there are several an ext colours to choose from. The phone comes in bright gold and blue shades and also white und black. Samsung has plainly tried, yet this is a victory HTC has an the bag.

Here’s a closer look weist those colour on offer:

Samsung Galaxy S5 Colours


HTC One M8 Colours

Galaxy S5 vs One M8 – Speaker

Galaxy S5 – Single-output speak on rearOne M8 – dual front BoomSound speakers

The HTC One M8 has much better speakers than die Galaxy S5. It supplies front-loaded chauffeurs with deliberately-designed enclosures. HTC calls them BoomSound speakers, and while they’re notfall going kommen sie rival appropriate speakers – even tiny persons – they space well over average.

Sound ist a good deal thicker und more powerful than ns competition, including die Galaxy S5.

Samsung’s phone has a depressingly simple speaker. Like the S4’s, it sit on the back, firing away from you rather than towards you. Although oberteil volume zu sein decent, die sound is quite thin and tinny-sounding – obtaining quite harsh at top volume. Die HTC speakers room much, viel better.

As well together being great weil das casually listening zu music, ns HTC speaker are also great zum playing games and watching videos.

Galaxy S5 vs One M8 – CPU und RAM

Galaxy S5 – Snapdragon 801 punkt 2.5GHz, 2GB RAMOne M8 – Snapdragon 801 hinweisen 2.3GHz, 2GB RAM

The Galaxy S5 und One M8 use the same processor kind – ns Snapdragon 801. However, ns Galaxy S5 provides a slightly higher-clocked version. Where the HTC One M8 has a 2.3GHz chipset, ns Galaxy S5’s ist 2.5GHz. There zu sein a 2.5GHz version of the HTC phone, however we don’t obtain it bei the UK.

There’s hardly any type of noticeable power benefit in day-to-day use, though. You’ll gain a few more point out on benchmarks favor Geekbench 3, but an apps und games the phones perform at the same level. Castle each schutz 2GB des RAM too, which ist the norm zum top-end phones – although some like ns Xperia Z2 oase 3GB of RAM.

There’s nothing on google Play the these phones can not handle. The only concern punkt this point zu sein that android is likely to ‘go 64-bit’ reasonably soon. It’s at this time a 32-bit platform, however Qualcomm has just announced ns Snapdragon 808 and 810, which space 64-bit chipsets that are extremely likely to power some of late 2014’s top android devices.

The Nexus 6 zu sein one mobile phone call that can make ns leap this year. Und any apps that really do use des the 64-bit power may notfall do whatever on a 32-bit phone. However, we’re a method off seeing apps the only work with 64-bit phones.

Samsung Galaxy S5 vs HTC One M8 – Storage

Galaxy S5 – 16GB, microSD slotOne M8 – 16GB, microSD slot

Although higher-capacity versions of both these phones space planned for other markets, it’s most likely that most UK stores möchte only stange the 16GB versions des both ns Galaxy S5 and HTC One M8.

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Why? due to the fact that they schutz microSD memory card slots. With die HTC One M8 you’ll uncover a pop-out tray ~ above one side of the phone. In the Galaxy S5 it’s uncovered under die removable rear. Zum the HTC, it’s a major addition over its predecessor, which plenty of chose to avoid early to ns lack des a microSD slot.

Samsung Galaxy S5 mit HTC One M8 – Screen

Galaxy S5 – 5.1-inch super AMOLED, 1080p resolutionOne M8 – 5-inch SLCD, 1080p resolution

The HTC One M8 has ns same size display as belastung year’s samsung Galaxy S4, once again reflecting that HTC’s top phones nothing tend kommen sie try zu offer the biggest screens an their class.

However, the samsung Galaxy S5 display zu sein only a tiny bit bigger weist 5.1 inches. In pure dimension terms die difference no worth worrying about too much.

They use rather various core technologies, though. Die Galaxy S5 has actually a super AMOLED display; the fundamental type used by previous Galaxy ns phones.

The HTC One M8 has bei SLCD display that’s much closer in tech and style to die IPS display screen seen bei phones like the iPhone 5S. These modern technologies excel in different fields.

Super AMOLED display screens are great weist reproducing contrast and a deep schwarze farbe level. Even in dark rooms, ns Galaxy S5’s blacks will look black. An the same conditions, the HTC One M8’s blacks wollen likely be slightly grey-ish.

However, LCDs ~ above phones tend zu offer higher oberteil brightness (better for outdoors) and more natural-looking colours. Samsung has really operated on its color calibration this time around, though. We’ll make a more in-depth analysis of these screens an our upcoming complete reviews but weil das now they’re hard zu pick apart together they’re both top performers.

Samsung Galaxy S5 mit HTC One M8 – Software

Galaxy S5 – Android 4.4 through TouchWizOne M8 – android 4.4 with HTC feeling 6

Both phones use die latest version of Android: 4.4 KitKat. However, as their interfaces are totally different, they don’t feeling all that similar an use.

If you oase experience of last year’s top models from HTC and Samsung, these interfaces wollen seem pretty familiar, though. Ns new models largely continue ns style of their predecessors.

Samsung has actually pared-back ns style of TouchWiz a wenig bit and touched up the look kommen sie make it appear a wenig simpler, however it’s still a feature-packed system. HTC’s feeling 6 offers fewer add-ons, yet most people will find the a bit easier to use.

It’s also a little easier on the eye. HTC’s less (or weist least not too much) zu sein more technique really works bei the M8, und this time you have control over the font des the system too. One des the options is Helvetica, i beg your pardon brings ns phone a classy look.

Samsung Galaxy S5 vs HTC One M8 – Camera

Galaxy S5 – 16-megapixel ISOCELL sensor through with led flash, phase detection Auto-FocusOne M8 – Duo camera system with 4-megapixel UltraPixel hauptsächlich sensor, dual led flash

Both von these phone cameras are really interesting, and aren’t mere spec upgrades – ns Galaxy S5 bump up the megapixel count, yet it’s not all the phone does. It also has a new kind of sensor and a new kind of focusing system.

It’s the first phone kommen sie use an ISOCELL sensor, which samsung positions together a successor zu the bsi sensors used bei most phones. That reduces crosstalk bolzen sensor pixels von putting a barrier between them. Ns result zu sein better color fidelity and richer-looking bild when compared to a bsi sensor von the very same size und spec.

The HTC One M8’s UltraPixel main sensor is trying kommen sie attack ns same problem – the deficiencies von tiny mobile phone call cameras – however from a various angle. Its sensor reduces resolution in order zu fit bei larger sensor pixels. Detail is reduced, but other photographic aspects get in increase in fidelity compared to other mobile cameras.


This ist just the beginning of the exciting camera elements. Ns Galaxy S5 so has a phase detection module to give focusing mal of nur 0.3 seconds in daylight, while die HTC One M8 has a second rear sensor that records depth info to let you blur out des the background or foreground reliably without much effort or post-processing. However, it doesn’t arbeit perfectly.

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Which is better? in daylight, the Galaxy S5 wollen produce vastly an ext detailed photos. However, punkt night, that likely die HTC One M8 wollen take an ext accurate photos due zu its theoretical far better low-light performance. While ns Galaxy S5’s sensor has end up being bigger zu fit an the extra 3MP resolution des the 16-megapixel sensor, die actual sensor pixels are ausblüten 1.12 microns across – the HTC One M8’s space two microns a piece, so they pick trost more light.

Galaxy S5 mit One M8 – Battery Life

Galaxy S5 – 2,800mAh One M8 – 2,600mAh

The Galaxy S5 has less 보다 10 von cent extra battery over ns HTC One M8, yet we noticed a significant improvement bei battery life over ns HTC phone in use.

We got more than in hour’s worth of extra video playback with the Galaxy S5, und you’re much more likely kommen sie be able zu get the Galaxy S5 to last for a complete two days. Both von these phones last longer 보다 their predecessors die Galaxy S4 and HTC One, though.

Qualcomm placed plenty von battery efficiency measures into ns 800 and 801 chipsets zu make them an ext efficient than the older models, and it is partly what enables ns power-saving modes seen an both this phones. They oase a normal power saving mode, i beg your pardon clips a few features to make them much less battery intensive, and bei extreme power mode. This has its own user interface that only gives freundin access kommen sie a couple of apps.

The samsung one also makes the screen black und white, together that to reduce the stärke consumption des the OLED screen.

Which ist the far better phone?

In some respects, we tend to prefer die HTC One M8. Its steel body nur looks und feels dafür much much better than ns Galaxy S5’s plastic shell. However, in daylight die Samsung’s camera wollen produce much more in-depth shots und its water-resistant structure is deshalb a boon. We’ll be rückseitig with an ext impressions as soon as we’d had more time to play v these phones.