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The agony von choice.

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The klein version von the HTC One zu sein the manufacturer"s deliberate strike on the success story of the Galaxy s Mini series. Die HTC One Mini bring away up die fight equipped v a 4.3-inch screen, a Snapdragon dual-core SoC und HD resolution. Its opponent zu sein the freshly introduced samsung Galaxy S4 Mini.

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Not every potential buyer kann acquaint us with die trend von ever growing smartphones. Samsung led the way über offering a smaller sized variant of its bestseller, verkaufsschlager, spitzenreiter Galaxy S3. Naturally ns Korean manufacturer has actually applied the same strategy for the Galaxy S4, however this time die competitors want to have a share of the pie. With ns HTC One Mini the Taiwanese manufacturer has actually introduced a smaller version von its flagship onto ns market for the first time. Self-evidently die optical appearance zu sein nearly identical. Big differences kann sein be observed though wie having a look at ns technical sheet.

The key differentiator ist the screen that has shrunk zu 4.3-inches. Regrettably HTC deshalb failed zu install the Full HD display von the enlarge model bei the mini variant. Thus the buyer has to be content with an HD resolution von 1280x720 pixels. A Snapdragon 400 über Qualcomm serves as the "engine". This dual-core processor runs punkt a clock rate des 1.4 GHz und has 1 GB main memory at its disposal. Die HTC One Mini und the samsung Galaxy S4 Mini schutz to fight the same fight as ns two larger models. Die following evaluation will show if one of them increase as die distinct winner.

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HTC One Mini and HTC One dimension comparison

Just prefer its huge brother ns One Mini conveys a very solid impression: The rückseitig is practically exclusively made von aluminum i m sorry can also be discovered above and below die touchscreen at ns front. Die case border is of less valuable zutat because the aluminum was replaced von white plastic. Small clearances end up being apparent between the frame und the body in the area von the front camera.

Due to die usage von a gewächs of metal zum the case, die smartphone ist very torsion-resistant und equally resistant kommen sie pressure. Owing to ns rounded back the device is very handy and pleasant zu operate. Die One Mini loses the direct dimension comparison to the Galaxy S4 Mini because it zu sein wider, longer and thicker with a measurement of 132 x 63.2 ns 9.25 mm. Bei addition kommen sie that die Galaxy S4 Mini is fünfzehn grams lighter (HTC One Mini: 122 grams). Supporters of an aluminum body möchte surely expropriate this circumstance.

Our prüfen device is shipped v a memory capacity des 16 GB. We discover from die website of the manufacturer the there won"t it is in any models with different memory configurations. Just like the HTC One ns memory of the smaller machine cannot be expanded with a microSD card. During ns first-time setup ns buyer ist informed that, wie signing up or already having a Dropbox account, 25 GB des free memory is held available weil das 24 months.

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The assembly des the ports and keys ist nearly identical with that des the larger variant. Die 3.5 mm jack und the power taste are positioned at ns top. Bei infrared port was not implemented. Ns two volume taste are found on die right side des the device. Die HTC One ausblüten had a one-piece rocker. Microphone und Micro-USB port space at die bottom. The upper left side holds ns slot weil das the Micro-SIM card.