Huawei b525s-23a test

In past few years, huawei has presented countless LTE WiFi routers to the market. Some room especially zum the network provider bei specific areas or countries; some room open zum all die market (SIM-free weil das global travel). However, huawei didn’t provide a full list des its 4G LTE Routers. Some models can’t be discovered on its official site, so as ns specs von the huawei LTE routers. Huawei B715 LTE router und Huawei B525 are the two modell which cannot be discovered on huawei official site, but they space definitely huawei products for LTE-A networks. Some customers may have trouble zu buy die unlocked version of the two routers zum their applications punkt home or office etc…Today, we will schutz a basic review des the difference between Huawei B715 und B525 router. You may get ns reference if you want zu buy one des them.

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Unlike ns latest huawei B618 LTE Cube, both the huawei B715 und B525 are in the shape of a classic wireless router. On the front, the huawei logo and few led indicators for power, WiFi, internet connection status und signal strength. On ns back, 3 LAN ports und one LAN/WAN port with telephone harbor are provided at ns below side. On the top side, two SMA connectors for external antennas space covered von a cap. Huawei B525 router had the label at die bottom, und we tun können see ns crescentic shape from ns bottom side. Ns label of huawei B715 zu sein just at the side von the external antenna connectors. The label und connectors room covered von a entirety cap. However, like the Huawei B525 router, the sim karte card slot of huawei B715 is deshalb located on ns bottom side. Choose other huawei 4G wireless router, part important information would be published on die label, such as the modell number, IMEI number, S/N number, SSID, WiFi Key, net log bei IP address, WPS pin, FCC ID, stärke plug voltage, WiFi certified, RoHS logo, Made an China und some model may have the supported LTE frequency bands if there is. Here now, the huawei B715 has actually only white color available, but huawei B525s-23a has black and white color available.

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Variant models

Huawei B525s-23a:

– assistance 3G DC-HSPA+/HSPA+/UMTS band 900/2100MHz

– Support 2G GSM/GPRS/EDGE 850/900/1800/1900MHz

Huawei B525s-65a:

– Support 2G GSM/GPRS/EDGE 850/900/1800/1900MHz

Huawei B525s-95a: Unknown yet!



You may be attracted über the appearance of the 2 routers, but wie man if you want die router to work well weist your location, freundin must see the specifications des the 2 router. Below zu sein the list comparison of the huawei B715s-23c and Huawei B525 WiFi router specs for your reference:


Huawei B715 vs B525 speed Test

If sie want to know the real speed performance, check the huawei B715 VS huawei B525 rate Test in the video:


From die specs table, we tun können see huawei B715s-23c is more progressed supporting greater LTE level networks with quicker downlink. Huawei B525 provides much more variant models for different LTE frequency band combination and more colors zu select. Usually, die more advanced von the router, the price higher. Deshalb we tun können see the huawei B715 is more high value than huawei B525 router. If freundin don’t treatment about die price, then huawei B715 is the right one for you. Huawei B525 may notfall the most advanced, but weil das most customers, ns downlink speed is enough for most applications cases. Almost same interfaces would not make you in trouble wie man you connect few devices simultaneously. The important zu sein if you want to fulfill extra functions such as VPN, VoLTE, VoIP or DHCP, you may check ns datasheet carefully to confirm.

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However, if sie don’t understand how to select from ns variant models, you may refer zu this blog: five Tips to Buy a huawei 4G Router.