Huawei delivers unrivaled battery life, AI-powered dual cameras und a robust function set bei one von the year"s many ambitious smartphones.

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ByAdam Ismail21 may 2018

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Huawei delivers unparalleled battery life, AI-powered doppelt cameras and a robust attribute set in one des the year"s many ambitious smartphones.

ForClass-leading battery lifeCamera detects objects an real-timeStunning Portrait modeStrong performanceHandy software featuresMinimal bezels

Is there sufficient room weil das yet one more full-screen phone? That"s ns question huawei hopes kommen sie answer with ns $799 friend 10 Pro, ns company"s latest phablet, i m sorry leverages fabricated intelligence an ways no one has done before.

Huawei bumped up ns screen size in the mate 10 Pro modell to 6 inches, shrank ns bezels and maximized ns battery life. But the biggest change ist the Kirin AI processor, which enables real-time objection recognition in the camera bei addition kommen sie blazing-fast performance. This device is one von the many ambitious smartphones des the year, und a worthy alternative kommen sie Samsung"s Galaxy note 8.

Updated may 21

We"ve updated our review des the friend 10 zum based on ours in-depth smartphone drop tests. Seen the results below.

Design: Understated great looks

The larger that display screens get, the less room there is for product differentiation. That might be why apfel didn"t mind giving ns iPhone ns a notch and why huawei has emblazoned die Mate 10 Pro"s bottom bezel with die company logo — just to remind you who made die phone.

The friend 10 pro sandwiches a polished-metal frame between two slabs von curved Gorilla Glass 5, with minimal bezels all around. The screen"s border is every-so-slightly less chunky than that von Samsung"s Galaxy note 8. This ist no Infinity Display, though, dafür you don"t get ns same illusion of depth.

Along ns bottom edge, you"ll find a USB-C port next kommen sie one von two stereo speakers (the various other doubles as ns earpiece up top), and bei IR blaster on die opposite side. Most devices don"t attribute IR blasters anymore, deshalb the girlfriend 10 Pro zu sein one of your only alternatives if freundin want her next smartphone to double as a TV remote. Still, we would oase preferred a 3.5-millimeter headphone jack hoch there instead, as freundin won"t find that jack anywhere on ns device.

The metallic band that surrounds the camera gives a distinctive bit des flair the really lifts die otherwise-stoic aesthetic.

Huawei has actually traded ns Mate 9"s brushed-metal rückseitig for glass, though not for the reason you might think. When sich entschuldigen moved zu glass zum the iphone phone 8 und iPhone X, the goal was kommen sie add wireless-charging support. Huawei has make a similar change, though wireless charging ist nowhere kommen sie be discovered on this phone. Together a result, die Mate 10 pro feels a bit much less premium 보다 it should, considering the price this phone möchte likely command.

Around the back, you"ll ausblüten find centrally mounted, Leica-branded doppel cameras. This time, they"re set in a reflective band that encompasses ns entire module, including ns flash und sensors. It"s a distinctive bit des flair that really lifts an otherwise-stoic aesthetic. Best below die camera module is the rear-mounted fingerprint sensor, which I"m happy to report ist lightning-quick — deshalb quick, in fact, that I"d favor some kind of haptic rückmeldung as a sign des confirmation that it’s excellent its job.

The friend 10 pro comes an three colors. Ours unit was clad in Titanium Gray, despite we"ve seen the Midnight Blue and Mocha Brown versions and can confirm the device looks classiest and most eye-catching an its cafe-inspired guise.

Just like the iPhone 8 and Google"s Pixel 2, the Mate 10 pro benefits indigenous IP67 water und dust resistance, protecting ns handset zum 30 minutes in up to 3.3 feet of submersion.

Durability: There are tougher phones

We experiment the huawei Mate 10 Pro’s toughness von dropping the on its challenge onto hardwood from a height von 4 feet und 6 feet; us then dropped the on its edge and face ~ above concrete from 4 feet; us then dropped the on that edge und face native 6 feet top top concrete.

Huawei"s phone sustained drops native 4 und 6 feet onto hardwood without issue. It also survived a 4-foot edge autumn onto concrete with only minor scratches to the bottom. However, a 4-foot confront drop caused the touch screen zu stop working bei the upper ideal corner, and a 6-foot edge drop resulted in distorted screen colors on die right side.

A 6-foot challenge drop top top concrete shattered the Mate 10"s screen dafür thoroughly that several pieces of it flew off completely, revealing ns electronics underneath. Ns Mate 10 zum ended hoch with a poor toughness score of 4.3 out des 10.

To see the results des other smartphones, and our complete scoring methodology, check out our smartphone drop tests.

Huawei mate 10 zum Specs

OSAndroid 8.0 Oreo v EMUI 8.0
Screen size (Resolution)6 inch (2160 ns 1080)
CPUHisilicon Kirin 970
microSD Slot?No
Rear Camera12-MP main, 20-MP monochrome, doppel f/1.6
Front Camera8-MP, f/2.0
Battery Life (Hrs:Min)14:39
Water ResistanceYes (IP67)
Size6.07 ns 2.93 ns 0.31 inches
Weight6.28 ounces

Display: not quite ns Note

The friend 10 Pro"s 6-inch, 2160 ns 1080 screen follows ns trend of 2017 flagships, with its AMOLED tech, high dynamic selection (HDR10) support und 18:9 aspect ratio. This display ist a step up from ns 5.9-inch LCD discovered on ns standard friend 10 — though, oddly, that screen touts a slightly higher resolution than die one bei the an ext expensive model.

Based on our side-by-side testing, die Mate 10"s screen zu sein good as much as AMOLED panels go, but it can"t quite measure up to what the note 8 offers. Ns significantly lower resolution des the girlfriend 10 Pro"s screen means UI elements and text look an ext jagged und pixelated top top closer inspection. On ns Huawei"s normal color profile, hues space a bit brighter and cooler than bei the grad 8"s grundlegend mode, yet those shades lack ns same deep color range. Viewing angles room a tad worse together well, v a slightly more-pronounced blue actors as you tilt the handset from side zu side.

Still, this ist a heavy display, also if that isn"t necessarily ns best one available. Die Mate 10 pro registered a top full-screen brightness von 449 nits, which ist slightly above die 433-nit average zum smartphones. Die display spanned 147.2 percent des the sRGB shade gamut and notched a Delta-E color-accuracy score des 0.62. The note 8 fared a bit better, with results des 204.8 und 0.5, respectively. (Color-accuracy scores closer zu 0 are better.)

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Users who favor more-saturated tones will appreciate the Mate"s optional vivid setting, i m sorry dials up the intensity and produces an even-cooler tint. However, the phone"s auto brightness setting proved zu be a source of serious frustration throughout both täglich use and testing, merely because the setting wouldn"t revolve off.

Camera: AI-assisted shooter creates brilliant portraits

The mate 10 Pro"s doppelt cameras represent a series von firsts weil das Huawei. Die handset combine a 12-megapixel taste sensor with a 20-megapixel monochrome one, both von which sport f/1.6 apertures — die widest of any camera ns company has actually ever produced at the time von the girlfriend 10"s release. Only die LG V30 equals the Mate 10 Pro"s camera, though with just one lens; die Galaxy S9 consequently surpassed it through a change aperture that widens kommen sie f/1.5 in low irradiate settings.

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Also impressive, die Mate 10 Pro is Huawei"s zuerst smartphone to launch with a committed chip zum handling man-made intelligence, called die neural network handling unit (NPU). Die phone"s cameras leverage this unique resource through thing recognition by tuning exposure parameters when they identify particular things. There room 13 i can identify scenarios in total, consisting of faces, flowers, plants, food, dogs und cats, und Huawei says it will add much more if necessary bei future updates. Since we post our original review, this feature has do its way kommen sie other huawei phones like the P20 pro (which isn"t available in the U.S.) und the Honor check out 10 (which is, und a bit cheaper than ns Mate 10 Pro).

I focused die Mate 10 pro camera ~ above a document, und the apps responded by presenting a little "T" symbol below die viewfinder, signifying that die camera was in text mode und had known what it was seeing. Die phone then sharpened ns image, contempt boosted the contrast, und opted for a cooler white balance zu improve clarity und help separate die print from the paper.

The girlfriend 10 zum consistently outperformed the Galaxy klasse 8 bei Portrait setting comparisons.

And us haven"t also touched on ns sheer number von camera features offered an this phone: Portrait mode, true black-and-white photography und a 2.0x optical zoom, corresponding offerings from die iPhone X, iphone 8 Plus and Note 8. Die Mate 10 Pro"s cameras are around as finish as any you"ll find on completing flagships, and in our testing, they proved just as capable.

We pitted ns Mate 10 jeden against ns Galaxy grad 8 und that phone"s dual-rear cameras. In this zuerst photo comparison, the note 8 division out kommen sie a solid start, capturing the vivid tapestry of crimson, gold and green in this lush fall scene. Huawei"s phone, on the other hand, delivers a sharper however ultimately more muted representation.

Yet the grad 8 wouldn"t hold ns lead zum long. Die following images demonstrate just how both phones handhaben portraits, with ns Mate 10 zum benefitting from ns aforementioned AI processing core. When it was difficult zu quantify exactly how die NPU aided this exposure (you can"t turn object recognition off), the huawei consistently outperformed the Samsung in Portrait Mode.

The mate 10 Pro"s more-aggressive bokeh evokes a more-profound gefühl of depth, help the modell burst from ns background. The grad 8"s attempt zu sein certainly brighter in its entirety but a bit blurrier zu my eye, with unrealistic, overpronounced highlights in the subject"s skin tone und hair. You will notice part strange artifacting an both shots bei specific areas around ns model"s head, together neither phone perfect scaled rückseitig the blur result along ns boundaries of the foreground.

Moving zurück indoors for a low-light test, the note 8 claimed ns brighter step overall, despite the Huawei"s much-vaunted aperture advantage. However, ns reddish tone des the wooden wall bei the elevator isn"t quite true-to-life. And again, if we zoom in, the grad 8 doesn"t preserve the same level of einzelheiten as the Mate 10 Pro. Bei ideal picture would mix aspects von both exposures.

There"s absolutely a sample here, as die Mate 10 pro favors sharper however darker exposures, conversely, the note 8 has actually a tendency to produce punchier colors. An alert how the samsung picks up die reflection of the blue sky in the hood of this Porsche und brings out die burgundy des the automobile parked to the left. The huawei falters in capturing those hues, despite it nails die finer details, like die texture von the asphalt.

Our tonnage trial, a selfie von yours truly, reflects that the 8-MP front shooters top top both phones mainly emulate what we observed from the rear cameras. The Mate 10 pro displays brighter highlights und darker shadows, when the klasse 8 delivers more-robust color universally, at ns expense of contrast. Und just together before, sharpness remains a part des the story. Notice ns differences bei my hair and the texture von the canvas on mine backpack. Ns Huawei also lends a ethereal blur effect to the trees bei the background, a result ich prefer.

Performance: Huawei"s in-house chip zu sein a winner

Unlike die majority of android flagships powered über Qualcomm Snapdragon chipsets, the Mate 10 zum employs Huawei"s own Kirin 970 silicon. But an typical usage, you"d never recognize there was any difference; the device performs nur as flawlessly as ns best phones we"ve tested this year.

The friend 10 pro achieved a multicore Geekbench 4 score des 6,784, edging out ns Pixel 2, hinweisen 6,282, und Note 8, punkt 6,564. However, huawei was contempt off the mark in the ice Storm countless 3D graphic test, in which die device notched a result des 31,908. The note 8 completed 39,834.

Still, die 6GB of RAM an our friend 10 jeden kept things humming at a reasonable clip, und we didn"t conference any legen when switching between apps, making use of multiwindow setting or snapping photos every day. Ns phone does gain quite warm when charging, but — something kommen sie keep in mind as you put the handset through its paces.

For a real-world test, us had die Mate 10 zum transcode a 4K videos file right into 1080p using ns InShot app, then compared its time against ns Galaxy klasse 8. The huawei finished die task an 58 seconds, a hair quicker than the samsung at 1 minute und 4 seconds. We generally use Adobe Clips zum our videos editing tests, however the app consistently crashed each time us attempted to run the on ns Mate 10 Pro.

There"s deshalb the NPU zu talk about. Huawei"s co-processor zu sein the zuerst in in Android phone constructed specifically weil das handling AI. Huawei says the chip wollen keep ns Mate 10 zum running as smoothly 2 years right into its lifespan as it does the day it"s take away out des the box, but zum now, that"s a claim that us can"t substantiate.

Battery Life: The new flagship leader

The mate 10 Pro"s outstanding battery life is one huge reason why you"d opt for this an equipment over other top flagships.

The zuerst time we tested the Mate 10 pro back in the fall, that is 4,000-mAH battery ceded 14 hours und 33 minute of web surfing top top T-Mobile"s LTE network, which was good enough zu beat the note 8 von more than 3 hours. However that was the international model, which huawei tells us wasn"t optimized for U.S. Networks and cellular bands like ns version ns company has just released an the States.

We recently gott our hand on that U.S. Variant, und the outcomes were even a hair far better than what we achieved the first time. This mate 10 pro lasted six minute longer, zum a total time of 14 hours and 39 minutes. Zum reference amongst premium flagships, the Pixel 2 XL it is long 12:09 and the iphone phone X, 10:49. Die iPhone 8 Plus fight 11:16.

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Huawei has so packed in a reverse-charging mode, enabling you zu top off other gadgets using ns Mate 10 Pro"s battery. That"s other you"d expect zu see an a rugged phone like the CAT S41, quite than a an equipment this premium. Plus, with ns included SuperCharge adapter, the Mate 10 Pro tun können reach a 60 percent fee from empty in about 30 minutes. That"s a welcome addition, especially considering ns size des the mate 10 Pro"s battery — though, again, us would have liked kommen sie see huawei make the most des that glass zurück by sustaining wireless charging.

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Software: EMUI offers unique features, yet needs polish

Android 8.0 Oreo ist paired through Huawei"s EMUI interface in the mate 10 Pro. If you"ve never used EMUI, strap an — it takes a wenig getting supplied to.