With die arrival of the huawei Watch GT 2 Pro, huawei has gone rückseitig to the smartwatch roots, relocating away from die sportier tools it"s released des late und created a viel more sophisticated design.

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It"s a relocate that works: the huawei Watch GT 2 Pro ist easily one of the best-looking smartwatches on die scene. Its classic an excellent looks, titanium, sapphire glass und ceramic construction and that traditional, timeless circular timepiece form all kommen sie together very well indeed. There"s a choice des leather und silicone straps in the box and they both complement die watch"s face.

While its design is fantastic some specs on paper punkt least room a bit von a head scratcher. Zum starters, it operation with nur 32MB des RAM . Die Watch GT 2 jeden doesn’t run third-party apps prefer Strava, or Spotify,

This all begs ns question - why ist the huawei Watch GT 2 Pro blieb so very good and easy kommen sie recommend? It every comes down zu battery life und out des the box usability - store reading to find out more.

1. It lasts und lasts (and lasts)

The huawei Watch GT 2 Pro zu sein quoted zu deliver 14-day battery life, and in the real world, it isn’t auch far off that. We were getting betwee 5-7 days with die always-on display active, and a few workouts shooting up the GPS. With light use, a day take it it down von just eight von cent.

This type von battery prowess zu sein rare in smartwatches. An our current Zepp e review, us revealed that it clocked in around 5 days, but die Watch GT 2 pro fares better.

By to compare the apfel Watch delivers a maximum of two job on a single charge, und you tun können expect up zu three zu four days from Samsung’s Galaxy watch 3. This makes the GT 2 pro the clear winner.

The factor Huawei’s able to hit these battery highs is its low energie Kirin A1 processor, und the minimal needs it areas on the watch’s dinky cell.

So while it can’t operation third-party apps, die question zu ask yourself is: what problem more to you, installable apps or excellent battery life?

2. Wireless charging makes life easier

Unlike most wearable makers, huawei has ditched proprietary charging und added Qi wireless charging to die Watch GT 2 Pro. Sure, that ships with a charging base (its white und rather cheap looking) but freundin don’t schutz to use it. Place ns watch ~ above a wireless charger, or ~ above the back of a compatible phone, including ns P40 zum or samsung Galaxy note 20 Ultra, and it’ll go from zero kommen sie 100 bei around half bei hour.

Just ten minutes of charge wollen easily get you through a full day des heavy usage with ns Watch GT 2 Pro, and given the fact sie only need to stärke it hoch once a week or thereabouts, if you home has actually wireless fees dotted around, you could never ende up with a powered down deadweight on her wrist again.

3. Sie may notfall need third-party apps

For a certain kind of user who wants a smartwatch zum training or clever living, the huawei Watch GT 2 Pro zu sein definitely not the ideal choice. We’ve mentioned Spotify and Strava, yet its lack von smarts extend further. You can’t reply zu messages on it, for example. Additionally, while Huawei’s voice assistant, Celia is bei upcoming attribute expected to land on the Watch imminently, there’s no Alexa, google Assistant or Siri assistance here.

That said, what the huawei Watch GT 2 Pro kann sein do may well be as an extensive as sie need it kommen sie be. Every your standard watch tools room accounted for - alarm, timer, stopwatch. It deshalb pulls up a suite of weather info together, complete with sunrise und sunset graphs, and it package a compass und barometer.

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The huawei Watch GT 2 Pro’s monitor credentials are deshalb on-point. Unlike the apple Watch, it tracks sleep und stress, und like die competition, it actions heart rate, SP02 levels und can walk you through der atem exercises when dinge get a little bit much.

The date on board zu sein explained, too, which is a yes, really nice touch - freundin aren"t just bombarded v cumbers but context too.

4. Think von a sport - ns GT 2 zum tracks it


With end 100 sporting activities tracked, the huawei Watch GT 2 Pro zu sein one von the most comprehensive fitness trackers you tun können buy. Niederdrücken the upper button, madness workout, und you gain a customisable list des everything indigenous CrossFit, Skiing, Triathlon training and Taekwondo, through kommen sie more novelty ways of staying in shape - Hula Hoop verfolgung anyone?

With 5ATM waterproofing, ns Watch GT 2 pro is so built zum both swim pool and open water cultivate - nur don’t use die pre-fitted animal leather straps when taking ns plunge - yes a silicone alternative an the kasten for when sachen get wet.

We yes, really liked ns running sessions, too, ranging from fat burning zu keeping pace. It"s a nice touch for a smartwatch that may have forgotten to put its sports tracksuit on, however is still keeping fit alongside some des the ideal fitness trackers on the market.

5. It works with an iPhone


Our greatest gripes v past huawei Watch GTs oase been nur how poor the experience zu sein when they’re combine with an iPhone. Thankfully, the Watch GT 2 pro matches beautifully through iOS mobiles, making it bei excellent, round different to ns rectangular apple Watch.

Pair die watch through the huawei Health app, available for iOS and Android (pairing was quick, thanks kommen sie this method) und the charme it captures kann feed right into either Google fit or MyFitnessPal on bei Android device, or apfel Health wie man using an iPhone. This method everything indigenous workouts kommen sie steps und heart price aren’t confined zu Huawei’s app, but can be accessed across all her devices, and be fed right into other services.

iPhone notifications are deshalb supported, just like ~ above Android, und you can use the huawei Watch GT 2 zu make phone call calls top top thanks zu a speaker und mic loaded trost - besondere Tracy style.

In turn, if we’re absolutely notfall saying ns Watch GT 2 Pro is perfect, its compromises may be a small price to pay zum the fact it packs terrific battery life und amongst ns best entwurf we’ve ever seen ~ above a wearable.

Huawei clock GT 2 Pro: final Verdict


Its specs may be ageing, however the huawei Watch GT 2 Pro is such a smart-looking package that freundin look past its evident lack des power.

The main reason weil das this, is that huawei has do sure ns battery life won"t failure you und the fitness features on sell aren"t app based however metrics do synch v your health apps of choice.

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It may not be as clever as some various other smartwatches around, but its classic looks more than make up weil das this.