Huawei Watch Gt 2 Smartwatch Test

I tested ns 46mm-face ausführung (42mm is also available), which has a beautifully clean resolution des 454×454 pixels. Note that die mooted two-week battery life means die screen sleeps unless triggered – deactivating this function cuts battery length bei half but ich think it’s worth it.

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Tracking is decent, sustaining both GPS and GLONASS satellite placing systems. This gives freundin your current speed, mean speed und distance, i m sorry you tun können analyse in greater einzelheiten post-training via the huawei Health app.

This is pretty good zum a general overview but zu sein nowhere close to as comprehensive as Garmin’s Connect. Ns virtual pacer function is smart though, reflecting you durch a graphic even if it is you’re ahead or behind her target speed.

Unfortunately, die wrist-based love rate beaufsichtigt is a let-down. It uses Huawei’s TruSeen 3.0 tech, a common combination of light sensors and algorithms. One or both des them are way off because my working out heart price (HR) frequently hit 20bpm over what it actually was.

This deshalb meant the VO2 max predictor was out und had me querying die accuracy of the HR variability readings, which room useful for gauging her readiness kommen sie train.

Huawei’s platform no have bei app store, dafür you’re limited when it comes kommen sie syncing kommen sie third-party apps, such together Strava. This way any analysis comes zurück to Huawei’s health app.

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The music system nearly excels. Die sound is impressive, whether über Bluetooth zu wireless headphones or also out des the watch. Ns GT 2 kann hold up kommen sie 500 songs, uploaded via, yep, the huawei app. The problem is its minimal usability top top iOS tools – ich couldn’t include music via my iOS device.

On ns positive, die sleep-analysis feature seemed zu match my anecdotal experience und you’re provided a score ~ above the app (there space plenty des tips kommen sie help freundin improve her sleep).


This is a very attractive clock that’s conveniently actioned von two buttons and a touchscreen, yet its minimal cycling-specific features – add to lack des accuracy with the ones that room there – means the GT 2 ist best avoided as a sporting activities watch.

Smartwatches zum cyclists

Are smartwatches truly essential zum cyclists when in all-singing bicycle computer, such as a Garmin edge 1030, möchte give freundin all ns two-wheeled attributes you’ll ever need… and probably part that sie don’t?

A smartwatch tun können do a gewächs though: carry out 24/7 data; substantial cycling stats; sleep pattern, recovery status and physical fitness analysis; und some tun können even tell you how well you’re acclimatising to altitude und give real-time advice on when to fuel her rides.

Combined with charme from any kind of other sporting activities you’ll schutz a holistic view des your training und can develop training plan and analysieren your routes/rides an detail.

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There zu sein a last to pick from though, und some des these features you simply won’t require so, beyond our test of six well-known options, make sure you do your own research too. We’ve so got a guide to choosing the best to ride bicycle watch, v our top-rated options.

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Product Specifications

Price GBP £200.00
Weight 46mm
Heart Rate Überwachen Type TruSeen 3.0 technology
Display resolution 454 ns 454 pixels
Screen dimensions 46mm

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