Hymer duomobil b-dl 534

Hi AllWe are thinking von changing to a Hymer B534DL, this ist a 2017, 7 metre, model, v a rear lounge and drop under bed over driving seats. Has anyone any kind of experience of this auto or layout? We room a retired pair , plan trips mainly in France and Spain.Thanks in advancePeter

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tnis zu sein one des two Duomobil models von Hymer....the B634 zu sein a meatier beast.being a DL die 534 ist slimmer und lighter...but it zu sein certainly smaller und the lounge ist miyvue.commpact and the kitchen is so a lot smaller....certainly watch closely hinweisen both models....this might helpor this
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We looked punkt these and were rather excited by the 534 but the interior was too miyvue.commpromised especially ns kitchen and lounge, managed to miyvue.commpare them side von side an extremely handy. If you like that layout then oase a look at Frankia I680Plus und I740Plus models, Dethleffs and LeVoyageur used kommen sie do other with miyvue.commparable layouts

Hi AllWe room thinking von changing kommen sie a Hymer B534DL, this is a 2017, 7 metre, model, through a rear lounge und drop down bed over driving seats. Has anyone any kind of experience of this auto or layout? We room a retired miyvue.comuple , to plan trips mainly an France und Spain.Thanks bei advancePeter
We have in Older 544 with the rear lounge layout and much choose it to die mid table miyvue.comncept. It seems to be ~ to have more room to relax (as an stretch out) und enjoy sometimes miyvue.commpany. Enjoy die road. Cheers

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My just miyvue.comncern zu sein if the a right hand drive, there zu sein no window zu look through when pulling out, especially if you"re driving in europe. I think the designed as a left hand drive vehicle.