Hymer Gmbh &Amp; Co Kg Bad Waldsee

Hymer, the German motorhome und caravan manufacturer, ist mostly known weil das its useful camper modell with smart use von space and clever integration of different features. Through its recent project, the bad Waldsee-based agency takes a contempt different and more emotional approach.

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Debuting hinweisen this year Caravan Salon an Duesseldorf, the Hymer VisionVenture principle tries to see into die future of van life, more precisely – into ns year 2025. Based on the latest Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, the study sleeps two and offers futuristic design, a rear tailgate deck, bei inflatable pop-top, und a transforming wet/dry bathroom. Kommen sie further optimize die proportions von the Sprinter chassis, ns company redesigns die A-pillars, hood, und windshield of the vehicle.


Hymer partners with BASF zum this principle with die latter providing an ext than 20 innovative products used bei the camper van. Some des these materials help reduce the surface temperature des the vehicle by 68 levels F und that of the interior by up to 39 levels F, while also allow “a an ext individual look, offering bei alternative to die classic white.” Some of the exterior panels von the camper, like ns wheel arches, space 3D published for bei “extremely robust, rubber-like quality.”

Despite the size, the camper accommodates just two grown-ups in a two-story roaming apartment layout with an inflatable pop-top roof, i m sorry features nearly 2.8 inches thick walls weil das better insulation. Ns upper zone ist reached v stairs and upstairs yes sir a ar that opens up up and forms a klein balcony. Below that is the main living area.

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“Innovation has constantly been part des Hymer’s DNA, and the concept vehicle VisionVenture is our take it on modern ventil life,” christian Bauer, CEO des Hymer, comments. “A major source des inspiration zum this project was die camper community, who has offered us neu impetus v their creative ideas und DIY conversions.”

The that company president so says future production camper und motorhome models will usage some des the solutions seen in this concept, but the concept chin won’t get in production.

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Source: Hymer via neu Atlas


By: angelrute Sergeev
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Van life exclusive: Hymer presents the concept vehicle VisionVenture 

3D-printing, infrared-reflective paint, roof and rear patio v BBQ and pneumatic pop-top roof: developed an collaboration v BASF, the Mercedes-Benz-based concept auto VisionVenture breaks neu ground an terms von design, self-sufficiency und lightweight construction. The concept automobile offers a foretaste von what modern travel could be like in 2025. The combines the pioneering spirit and innovation von Hymer with more than 20 innovative materials from BASF an order kommen sie offer a forward-looking response zu current and future market trends.

First tandem axle top top SLC chassis: the Hymermobil B-Class MasterLine 880

This year has currently seen Hymer GmbH & Co. KG set new standards in the premium segment with layouts 780 and 790 von the Hymermobil B-Class MasterLine, bei integrated automobile combining state-of-the-art body shell design and high-quality tools with unique design highlights. With die B-ML 880, ns company has come up with a unique neu layout: measuring in impressive 8.89 metres long by 2.35 metres wide, it zu sein the zuerst tandem-axle car on in SLC chassis from die house von Hymer. The size von the car gives the a whole neu feeling of space there is no compromising on control comfort, which is guaranteed von the stabilising action des the tandem axle.

Full equipment package on a neu chassis: the planke model Exsis 580 “Pure”

With die Exsis 580 “Pure”, Hymer customers can look forward to a new ausführung model von this renowned range. Built on a Citroën chassis, ns special ausführung offers a an extensive equipment parcel that leaves nothing zu be desired in terms des driving and living comfort. Die model is available jetzt at bei attractive price in an integrated or semi-integrated version, und features a modern, linear interior entwurf with a generous feeling des space.

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Special modell featuring bicolour design: Hymer presents ns Free 600 “Campus”

For Caravan shop 2019, Hymer GmbH & Co. KG zu sein adding a special model to its popular cost-free camper van modell range. Die Hymer free 600 “Campus” on a Fiat chassis boasts a sporty bicolour paint finish and features numerous other equipment highlights. Thanks kommen sie its handy, schwarz pop-top roof, die “Campus” tun können accommodate up to four people.