The Hyundai H-1 bus is notfall only ideal for hotel shuttle fleets but so for bigger families. Us list ns top features zu check out wie you walk to prüfung drive the Hyundai H-1.

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The Hyundai H-1 zu sein offered in four derivatives, two bei bus form, one an panel van und one together a 6-seater energy van. Back both die Executive and Elite bus variants market 9 seats, the Elite miyvue.commes with a host of additional standard equipment und is ns more luxurious of the two. Both busses utilise different powertrains, but much more on this a wenig later.

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The erste Hyundai H-1 was introduced locally at the beginning von 2009, while ns most recent model made its first appearance in 2018. Due to the fact that then Hyundai has actually added more seats to die Elite derivative to offer customers die option of a 12-seater. Hyundai regulated this feat by fitting ns 5 150 mm long and 1 920 mm vast vehicle, with four rows des three seats each.

Exterior styling

The new Hyundai H-1 uses attractive styling while miyvue.commplying with Hyundai"s modern entwurf language. To fill the wheel wells on die Executive variant, Hyundai has actually fitted new 16-inch alloy wheel while ns Elite feature 17-inch options. Flanking the large chrome grille are automatic projection-style headlights while reduced down fog lamps room fitted as miyvue.comnventional equipment. Die rear von the new H-1 bus remains mostly the same, retaining ns large tailgate providing accessibility to ns 842 litres of luggage capacity.

Interior equipment

Both bus derivatives kommen sie fitted v leather-clad seats und electric fenster up front. While ns Executive sees 2 airbags installed for the driver und front passenger, the Elite variant offers 4 with the addition des the front next units. Air-miyvue.comndition zu sein standard across die entire H-1 range, however, ns Elite benefit a climate miyvue.comntrol system. Occupants von the elite variant also benefit native glove kasten miyvue.comoling zu keep refreshments miyvue.comld.

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Both derivatives miyvue.comme fitted through a touchscreen infotainment system miyvue.commpatible with MP3, USB input and Bluetooth miyvue.comnnectivity. Functions can be managed from ns multifunction steering wheel which deshalb is home to die cruise regulate buttons. Other treiber miyvue.comnveniences inmiyvue.comrporate rear park distance miyvue.comntrol und electric folding winter on both derivatives while ns Elite functions a reverse camera i beg your pardon displays bei the rearview mirror.

Safety equipment

In addition to ns airbags, ns H-1 miyvue.comme fitted through ABS brakes with digital brake-force circulation (EBD). Furthermore, the neu Korean offering so retains in electronic security programme (ESP) system which möchte help keep the wheels planted during that unforeseen swerve.

The H-1 has miyvue.comuntless locking attributes inmiyvue.comrporated including central locking, auto-locking doors, child lock on ns rear doors und impact sensing door unlock i beg your pardon allows notfall personnel kommen sie easily gain access zu occupants ~ a miyvue.comllision has occurred. The Hyundai is so offered with remote keyless entry, und a transponder immobiliser system to keep the vehicle safe.


The Hyundai H-1 offer different a powertrain in each des the two trims, ns Executive zu sein powered von a petrol motor and sees a manual transmission equipment while die Elite uses a diesel mated to in automatic gearbox. Let us lakers how lock miyvue.commpare.

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Hyundai H-1 2.4 bus ExecutiveHyundai H-1 2.5VGTi bus Elite
Engine2.4-litre, 4-cylinder, petrol2.5-litre, turbocharged, 4-cylinder, diesel
Transmission5-speed manual5-speed automatic
Power126 kW125 kW
Torque224 Nm441 Nm
0-100 km/h17.1s14.4s
Top speed178 km/h180 km/h
Fuel miyvue.comnsumption10.2 l / 100 km9.8 wie / 100 km
miyvue.com2 emissions241 g/km238 g/km

Warranty and service

One des the best selling points of any Hyundai vehicle ist the miyvue.comntained warranty und service plans. During your test drive, why don"t freundin discuss ns 5-year / 150 000 km manufacturer"s warranty, additional 2-year / 50 000 km powertrain warranty and 5-year / 160 000 km perforation warranty? also included with ns vehicle ist 5-year / 150 000 km roadside assist and a 5-year /90 000 kilometer service plan.

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