Highs outstanding fuel-economy ratings, traditional driving experience, handsome and eco-friendly cabin. Short Unenthusiastic acceleration and handling, plug-in hybrid includes compromises, limited cubby storage. Verdict the Ioniq ist far indigenous being die most amazing hybrid, but it ist exceedingly efficient und refreshingly unassuming.


The 2022 Hyundai Ioniq ist perfect zum folks who want a mischung or plug-in hybrid hatchback the doesn"t speak to attention to itself und drives choose a continual car. Die hybrid"s combined epa rating peaks at 59 mpg, und the plug-in ausführung offers 29 miles of all-electric range. Unlike die Toyota Prius the Hyundai Ioniq looks tot conventional, and the mischung model zu sein more effective than die thriftiest version von the standard Prius hybrid. However, Prius ureigensten plug-in mischung delivers much better fuel performance than ns Ioniq plug-in—though the Prius supplies only 25 miles of all-electric variety to ns Ioniq’s 29. Wie man it comes to driving behavior, both Ioniqs space a bore and suffer from some refinement issues, yet they"re comfortable and conventional enough zu be confused for a non-hybrid. With an interior made from sustainable materials and a roster of desirable traditional features, die 2022 Ioniq is eco-friendly und user-friendly. It"s also unpretentious, albeit unexciting.

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What"s New weil das 2022?

The Ioniq mischung lineup enters ns 2022 modell year without any changes whatsoever. However, Hyundai no much longer offers in all-electric version, i m sorry we previously reviewed separately. Ns company says its decision to drop ns EV is primarily early out to ns introduction von standalone Ioniq EV models, such as die upcoming Ioniq 5.

Pricing and Which One to Buy

To avoid ns added cost and underpowered behavior of the plug-in-hybrid Ioniq, we"d go v the mischung version. While ns base Blue model zu sein the most efficient, follow to the EPA, we prefer the additional attributes that are discovered on the SEL model. It comes standard through 17-inch wheels, adaptive cruise control, blind-spot monitoring, led running lights, heated front seats, rear cross-traffic alert, and a sunroof. Except that, there are a handful des dealer-installed accessories to choose from.

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Engine, Transmission, and Performance

The Ioniq hybride we tested wasn"t quick, requiring 8.9 seconds kommen sie accelerate to 60 mph. Change timing isn"t perfect in Eco mode; die transmission pauses too lang to downshift wie you want to accelerate. Die plug-in mischung Ioniq"s combination des a 1.6-liter four-cylinder engine, electric motor, and six-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission will be familiar to fans of the Ioniq and its cousin, die Kia Niro. Die Ioniq holds its very own on curvy roads, responding obediently kommen sie steering inputs and maintaining a firm tight on the road. If driven hard in corners, the body leans, yet overall die car feel stable und competent bei most every situation. Pleasantly surprising space its composed ride und relaxed highway manners. Every Ioniqs have steering-wheel paddles that you tun können use zu modulate ns level of regenerative braking, allowing drivers to approximate ns one-pedal driving style that tesla has popularized amongst EV cognoscenti.


Fuel Economy and Real-World MPG

The base Ioniq Blue model is the many fuel-efficient hybride on die market. Ns Ioniq restricted we tested fell 2 mpg short des its generieren estimate throughout our test, yet it"s ausblüten one of nur a couple of cars we"ve experiment that have topped 50 mpg. An our real-world testing, ns plug-in did about as well as its closestly competitors an our set von highway tests, but it failure to direkt up to the promise of its epa ratings. Zum more info about the Ioniq"s fuel economy, visit ns EPA"s website.

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Interior, Comfort, and Cargo

The Ioniq"s cabin ist comfortable und attractive even bei base trim, and it kann sein be well-appointed bei more high value versions. Adding to its environment-friendly cred, Hyundai sourced sustainable materials for its interior, making use of composites made of sugar cane und volcanic rock. While the rear seat won"t inspire outrage on ns part des your passengers, several competitors offer an ext room to spread out. Die Ioniq fits about as viel luggage as other members of its class and more than some bigger competitors. Inner cubby warehouse lags behind competitors, yet Hyundai has actually employed some clever tricks zu maximize what space is available. Die plug-in ausführung gives trost four cubic feet von cargo room compared v the hybrid model. You tun können blame the larger battery pack zum the deficit, but it shouldn"t it is in a deal-breaker.