Hyundai Kona Plug-In-Hybrid 2021

Next level mischung style.

Refreshed and reimagined, the KONA hybride is taking ns award-winning sculpted lines and stylish edge of its predecessor to die next level through fresh new entwurf enhancements backed hoch with die latest clever tech favor cutting-edge connectivity and safety features.

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Thanks zu its innovative hybrid powertrain, die KONA hybride combines head-turning good aussehen with impressive fuel efficiency. Refreshed through sleek new entwurf features and the latest smart tech choose cutting-edge Advanced driver Assistance Systems and intuitive connectivity features, this flexible SUV takes sie farther an style – using less fuel.


Design. Bold, progressive design updates give ns KONA hybrid a much more streamlined, strong look while ausblüten keeping its durable SUV signature and unique style.


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terrific fuel-efficiency. Nobody said that lowering emissions had to be boring – ns innovative mischung powertrain delivers outstanding fuel efficiency und thrilling performance.


SUV versatility. A compact SUV that doesn’t weaken on space, die KONA hybrid offers plenty of room zum both passengers und cargo and improved stems capacity.

ns KONA mischung is equipped through both a petrol engine and an electric motor. They work together with die support des a powerful battery to deliver fantastic fuel economy und cut under on emissions – switching seamlessly bolzen the traditional engine and electric motor, occasionally using both. And as part of the regenerative braking system, die electric motor also helps slow die car while charging ns battery.
jetzt featuring bei extended range of cutting-edge Advanced treiber Assistance Systems, offering you and yours v even more safety und peace of mind.
As you like it. Beside from the Hybrid, die KONA ist available with various other electrified powertrains, consisting of a 48-volt soft hybrid und the full electrical version. And if you looking zum a sportier edge to KONA’s award-winning good looks – ns dynamic, motorsport-inspired N heat trim is now accessible with ns KONA zum the first time.

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favor every, die KONA mischung is developed to the highest possible quality standards. Und we rückseitig that quality nach oben with a 5-Year limitless Mileage Warranty deshalb you kann enjoy the things freundin love an life, without having kommen sie worry about your car. ~ above top des that, die high-performance lithium-ion polymer battery ist warranty protected weil das 8 year or 160,000 km, whichever come first. Enjoy ns extra peace von mind the one des the industry’s finest warranties gives you – standard.