Hyundai tucson plug in hybrid

In ns spring, Hyundai announced ns addition von a plug-in-hybrid version des its Tucson compact SUV. At ns time, the automaker said ns 2022 Tucson Plug-in mischung would have standard all-wheel drive, 32 miles des all-electric range und 261 system horsepower — yet it didn’t say how much the Tucson’s recent variant would cost. Jetzt we know: $35,975 (all price include location but notfall any easily accessible plug-in taxation credits) for in SEL, ns lowest trim available weil das the PHEV Tucson. (PHEV stands for plug-in hybride electric vehicle.)

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Notable highlights

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2022 Hyundai Tucson SE
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Primed for bei Upset?

That starting price ist more 보다 $3,500 much less than ns Tucson Plug-in Hybrid’s cook rival, ns 2022 Toyota RAV4 Prime, a PHEV version des Toyota’s famous compact SUV. The RAV4 prime starts at $39,565 for its lower trim, SE, though it beats the plug-in Tucson bei horsepower und all-electric selection with 302 total system hp und 42 miles von EPA-rated all-electric range. (Factors beyond horsepower impact acceleration, but ns RAV4 Prime ist legitimately quick.) Whether that extra power und range is worth ns extra money remains zu be seen.

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Limited, Too

In enhancement to the SEL, die Tucson Plug-in hybride will be available in the SUV’s highest trim, Limited, including a significant number des comfort, convenience and safety features. Among them:

Heated rear seats (heated former seats space standard on every trims)A surround-view camera systemHyundai’s blind spot cameras

All von that möchte cost $7,800 an ext than the SEL, through a gesamt price von $43,775. At that, the most high-quality Toyota RAV4 Prime, ns XSE, zu sein actually slightly less expensive than the Tucson Plug-in hybride Limited, with a beginning price von $42,890.

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The 2022 Hyundai Tucson Plug-in mischung should walk on revenue soon.

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