50 years after ns assassination of civil rights activist Martin luther King, his indigenous — and especially his 1963 "I have a Dream" decided — have bei unparalleled resonance. But why has his voice had such staying power?


"I schutz a dream the my four wenig children wollen one day live an a land where they will notfall be judged über the color of their skin but von the content of your character. I have a dream today."

Those words, delivered von Martin Luther könig Jr. From ns steps of the Lincoln Memorial on august 28, 1963, continue kommen sie resonate 50 years after die death of the pastor und civil legal rights activist.

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They room part des King"s iconic "I schutz a Dream" speech the has because been taught bei schools, reprinted in university textbooks, featured bei numerous documentaries about die era, quoted von former us President Barack Obama, and even sampled in music über the likes of michael Jackson und rapper Common.

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For other civil legal rights activist john Lewis, who deshalb spoke that day at the "March top top Washington for Jobs und Freedom" bei 1963, that wasn"t the words alone that influenced people. The current democratic Congressman that as a young man was on ns frontline des the civil rights movement, speak on ns "Newshour" routine on PBS around King"s own distinctive charisma


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König had the power, die ability, und the capacity to transform those actions on die Lincoln Memorial right into a significant area that möchte forever be recognized," claimed Lewis. "By speaking the way he did, he educated, he inspired, he informed not nur the world there, but people throughout America and unborn generations."

Rhetorical strategies

From a rhetorical perspective, the man who would kommen sie to embody ns US civil legal rights struggle had actually employed numerous speakingstrategies that ensured his words would certainly resonate with hisaudience. A preacher von vocation, king interwove notfall only references kommen sie his christen religion, but danke für onbiblical stories and quotations that would be especially meaningful to die public gathered prior to him.

"I schutz a dream that someday every valley shall be exalted, hill und mountain shall be made low," that said. "The stormy places will be do plain, and the crooked places wollen be do straight. And the glory of the mr shall be revealed, and all flesh shall see it together."