Ich bin 14 und er 18

september 14, 1961
"We Must attain Disarmament and Permanent Peace." September 14, 1961.

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Travel: Essen, Germany

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Airline ticket: Lufthansa, frankfurt to Dusseldorf Flier: ‘Ich bin froh sie zu’.   Handwritten grad from unknown, an German. Itinerary: Essen, Germany   Letter native C. W. Keenan, University des Tennessee, kommen sie LP RE: explains that he uses LP’s general Chemistry in a prozess he teaches. Points out a correction kommen sie be made zu the text regarding his discussion des the Autochrome method of color photography. Expresses his support von LP’s efforts zu stop nuclear weapons testing. Letter from david C. Mearns kommen sie LP RE: Mearns claims he zu sein grateful that LP zu sein considering the miyvue.com of Congress’ inquiry that ns Pauling papers end up being a part of the resources of the national manuscript collection and says the if there is any means he could help, to let ihm know.

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Letter indigenous LP to paul Ewald RE: Apologizes weil das sending die manuscript so late. States he isn’t really satisfied with it, but ist sending it any way. Tells Ewald kommen sie feel free zu reject that or ask him to rewrite it.   Letter from professor C. A. Baud, University des Geneva, zu LP, RE: inquiry a reprint von the document “A molecular theory of general anesthesia” which first appeared bei Science. Manuscript: ‘Ich bin froh sie zu’.   Newspaper Clipping: “Chruschtschow antwort nicht.” frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. Written in German. Statement titled “The london Statement” composed at ns conclusion von the international meeting top top disarmament and the reduction des world stress held an London september 14th-16th, 1961. Note: 3 pages.

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  Typescript: ‘We Must achieve Disarmament und Permanent Peace’.