Ich hab dich ganz doll lieb bedeutung

My German boyfriend has actually started to say ich hab freundin lieb. I just wanted to know if this ns same as ich liebe freundin ie: i love you or zu sein there a different interpretation? A German freund of mine said mich hab sie lieb zu sein different native romantic/ verliebt love, however more of a deep caring love. Your thoughts would certainly be appreciated!

Is this a female asking?


Then I kann nicht answer reason that would certainly break the "male code von conduct(mcoc)".

Du schaust: Ich hab dich ganz doll lieb bedeutung


Its notfall ask great as u think :unsure:

"Ich hab freundin lieb" ist more of what a parent would certainly say zu a child, or something said betwee platonic friends. It is not a romantic expression des love, choose "Ich liebe dich". I have no idea why her boyfriend is doing it, however if mine walk I"d absolutely be a little unsettled.


One thing kommen sie clarify: has your boyfriend stated "Ich liebhaber dich" in the past und is now changing zu "Ich hab sie lieb", or is this the zuerst time he"s ever said anything von the sort?

I in absolutely no expert at German however it aussehen to me prefer it means "I have love zum you". From experience, wie a bloke says this its fully different from i love you. Can"t put my finger on it yet like your freundin said - its an ext like a caring love. Blokes typically say this wie they want kommen sie break hoch with freundin (assuming that prior to they used kommen sie say ich love you)! If they to speak it prior to they start saying "I liebe you" then its fairly sweet. Much more llike a toe an the water prior to taking the plunge and saying those 3 wenig words i beg your pardon are so scary weil das blokes!


But like i said, my German zu sein rubbish deshalb don"t aufführen to me - its just how i would interperet it.

I would know it as a pre-"I love you". It way he care a last about freundin but doesn"t however want to take die step of saying the loves you.

I agree v Ruthie: definitely pre-love. Ich jawohl dich lieb for me method "You room dear kommen sie me" or "I"m an extremely fond des you" or "I prefer you in awful lot", but notfall "I love you."

I would know it together a pre-"I liebe you". It way he cares a lot about you but doesn"t however want zu take the step des saying he loves you.

This ist richtig! "Hab sie lieb" ist a milder expression wie man compared kommen sie "Ich liebe Dich". Periodically (depends on the context), it can mean the someone doesnt really love you, however cares about you. Depending on your position, feelings und how lang you both have been together, you tun können figure out what the means. Einfach! :)

Based on mine experiences with my jetzt German wife, she began with "Ich habe dich lieb" before moving on zu "Ich liebe dich". She deshalb confirmed that the former has actually less intensity/depth than ns latter, zum her anyway.


Has your boyfriend formerly said he loves you and has changed zu "Ich habe dich lieb" (worry!) or has actually he started expressing his feelings with "Ich jawohl dich lieb"? (Wait for the bended knee)

Thanx deswegen much everyone, yes it began off as er saying "ich hab sie gern" & now ich see ns progression!

Even if he said "Ich geliebt Dich" prior to it"s quite normal to speak "Hab sie lieb" every now und then.

You don"t say "Ich liebhaber Dich" all ns time or that would shed its meaning. "Hab sie lieb." ist a casual form that you say instead of goodbye zum example.


How do i know? I"m a German male and i had foreign language girlfriends ;-) Americans speak "I liebe you" zu everybody all the time are just as confusing. Sie do notfall seem to "switch" betwee platonic, maternal or romantic love and just use die same expression weil das everything. It"s probably notfall American von say, but based on die english language. I had scandinavian girlfriends and using english together a romantic language kann sein be confusing, especially if no side ist native. Of prozess that goes zum German evil versa.

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To placed a fine point on it, clock Fassbinder"s das Ehe der Maria Braun -- die difference ist essential when die American occupying pressures after WWII room trying a German woman for killing bei American soldier, and the judge zu sein mystified by her not-easily-translated differentiation between how she loved ns soldier and how she loved herstellung husband. The Wikipedia write-up contains spoiler btw.

Ich liebe freundin -> Ich habe dich stammt -> ich mag freundin sehr -> ich mag dich -> mir mag sie dich ja noch -> also irgendwie wie ich dich schon noch...


Be careful!

But we so have different degrees. "I love you," "I really favor you," " i like you," und we might say other sachen like "you"re wonderful" or "I feeling great wie man I"m with you" or various other non-I-love-you phrases. Ich recall informing my husband just a couple of months ~ we"d met "I could lakers myself loving you."

So what zu sein the normal progression here? ist it?

Ich veranstaltungsort dich

Ich mag dich

Ich gern dich

Ich bekam dich liebe

Ich liebe freundin

Ich hasse freundin

Ich recording dich

"Ich hab dich lieb" ist more des what a parent would certainly say zu a child, or miscellaneous said bolzen platonic friends. It zu sein not a romantic expression von love, favor "Ich liebe dich". I have no idea why her boyfriend ist doing it, however if mine walk I"d definitely be a wenig unsettled.


One thing kommen sie clarify: has your boyfriend claimed "Ich liebe dich" in the past und is jetzt changing kommen sie "Ich hab sie lieb", or ist this the erste time he"s ever said anything von the sort?

I wouldn"t be too worried. It ist pretty common as a pre-I liebe you. A way von saying you care without saying (or meaning) "I liebe you". "Ich hab sie lieb" kann be supplied romantically.



I would know it together a pre-"I love you". It means he care a gewächs about sie but doesn"t yet want to take die step von saying the loves you.
But we so have various degrees. "I liebe you," "I really choose you," " i like you," and we might say other jene like "you"re wonderful" or "I feel great wie man I"m through you" or various other non-I-love-you phrases. Ich recall telling my husband nur a few months ~ we"d met "I could see myself love you."

you forgot, "Do freundin like me? or do sie like me favor me?"... Where is the "Wonder Years" clip when ich need it...

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Ich Liebe sie means i love you, as stated. Over there is deshalb Ich lieb dich, which kann be said zu friends und other people you "like". Hab freundin Liebe zu sein mostly used betwee friends and such. Shorthand zu sein HDL. HDGDL, my username, method "I like sie very much" and usually way more than friends. Mine boyfriend, who is German too, composed me this, und friends who room German schutz translated the so. He way he mögen you, and sense he is your boyfriend, it zu sein probably more than friends. Sorry, but i can"t spell out HDGDL.

I don"t think we schutz ever claimed "ich liebe dich" and we schutz celebrated our silver- wedding. It is like "love you" is milder 보다 "I liebe you". (I never say ns latter!!!) possibly there is something wrong v me/us!!!