“Disziplin ist eine der wichtigsten voraussetzungen für ns erfolgreiches roh und wird in unseren Zeiten ns schier unendlichen Wahlmöglichkeiten und ns Überflusses extrem strapaziert” ― Stefanie Stahl, ns Kind an dir muss hause finden. Der Schlüssel zur lösung (fast) aller problem

Du schaust: Ich will ein kind von dir sprüche

“Die die meisten Probleme, die wir haben, resultieren so letztlich das ende unserem Selbstschutz” ― Stefanie Stahl, ns Kind in dir muss startseite finden. Ns Schlüssel zur lösung (fast) aller problem
“Everybody needs a place where they feeling protected, secure, und welcome. Everybody yearns zum a ar where they tun können relax und be totally themselves. Ideally, the childhood home was one such place. Weil das those des us that felt accepted and loved von our parents, our home listed this warmth. It was a heartwarming place—the very thing that everybody yearns for. And we internalize this feeling from childhood—that of being accepted and welcome—as a fundamental, positive mindset toward life that accompanies us with adulthood: we feel secure an the welt and in our very own life. We’re self-confident and trusting des others. There’s the notion of radikale trust, which is like a residence within ourselves, providing us with interior support und protection. Many people, however, associate your childhood with largely negativ experiences, some also traumatic. Others had in unhappy childhood, but oase repressed those memories. They kann barely remind what happened. Then there space those who glauben their childhood was “normal” or even “happy,” only zu discover, top top closer examination, that they have been deluding themselves. And though human being may attempt zu repress or, as in adult, downplay childhood experiences von insecurity or rejection, there are moments bei everyday life that will reveal how underdeveloped their fundamental trust remains. They schutz self-esteem issues und frequently doubt that they space welcome and that your coworkers, romantic partner, boss, or new freund truly likes them. They nothing really like themselves all that much, they schutz a range of insecurities, und they often struggle in relationships. Unable zu develop fundamental trust, they thus lack a sense von internal support. Instead, lock hope the others will provide them v these feelings of security, protection, stability, and home. They search zum home with their partner, your colleagues, an their softball league, or online, only to be disappointed: other people can provide this feeling des home sporadically punkt best. Those who lack a house on the inside wollen never discover one on die outside. They can’t tell the they’re caught bei a trap.” ― Stefanie Stahl, die Child an You: die Breakthrough Method zum Bringing out Your Authentic self
“Denke stattdessen: »Das Schattenkind bei mir hat Angst, …«” ― Stefanie Stahl, ns Kind in dir muss haus finden: der Schlüssel zur lösung (fast) aller problem

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“Wir kämpfer weg nach Sinn bei unserem Tun. Umgekehrt ausgedrückt: das Erleben von Sinnlossigkeit erzeugt Depression.” ― Stefanie Stahl
“Wenn ich zeigen das lieben kann, was perfekt ist, dann ist es sogar keine richtige Liebe.” ― Stefanie Stahl

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“Glaubenssätze zu sein die Brille, durch die wir das Wirklichkeit sehen.” ― Stefanie Stahl, ns Kind an dir muss heimat finden: ns Schlüssel zur lösung (fast) aller problem