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In Windows 10 Pro, Enterprise, and Education, you tun können use a kopieren, gruppe Policy thing (GPO) zu deploy a customized Start und taskbar layout to users bei a domain. No reimaging zu sein required, and the layout tun können be update simply von overwriting ns .xml document that contains ns layout. This enables you to customize Start und taskbar layouts zum different departments or organizations, through minimal administration overhead.

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This topic defines how zu update kopieren, gruppe Policy settings zu display a customized Start und taskbar layout when ns users authorize in. Von creating a domain-based GPO v these settings, you can deploy a customized Start und taskbar layout to users bei a domain.


When a full anfang layout is applied with this method, ns users can not pin, unpin, or uninstall apps indigenous Start. Users kann view und open all apps in the All Apps view, yet they can not pin any apps zu Start. When a partial anfang layout ist applied, the contents von the mentioned tile groups cannot be changed, but users can move those groups, and can also create and customize their very own groups. When you use a taskbar layout, customers will ausblüten be able zu pin and unpin apps, und change the order von pinned apps.

Before freundin begin: Customize and export start layout

Operating system requirements

In windows 10, ausführung 1607, Start und taskbar layout regulate using group Policy zu sein supported bei Windows 10 Enterprise und Windows 10 Education. An Windows 10, ausführung 1703, Start und taskbar layout manage using gruppe Policy is so supported bei Windows 10 Pro.

The GPO kann be configured from any kind of computer ~ above which the necessary ADMX and ADML files (StartMenu.admx und StartMenu.adml) zum Windows 10 room installed. In Group Policy, ADMX documents are used kommen sie define Registry-based plan settings in the governmental Templates category. Kommen sie find the end how kommen sie create a main store zum Administrative Templates files, lakers article 929841, composed for windows Vista und still applicable an the miyvue.com knowledge Base.

How start layout control works

Three features permit Start and taskbar layout control:

In kopieren, gruppe Policy, freundin use die Start Layout settings zum the Start Menu and Taskbar governmental template kommen sie set a Start and taskbar layout from bei .xml record when die policy zu sein applied. The kopieren, gruppe Policy thing doesn"t support in empty tile layout, dafür the default brick layout for fenster is loaded an that case.


To learn exactly how customize start to incorporate your line-of-business apps wie man you deploy Windows 10, lakers Customize the fenster 10 anfang layout.

Use gruppe Policy kommen sie apply a customized start layout in a domain

To apply die Start and taskbar layout kommen sie users bei a domain, use the gruppe Policy administration Console (GPMC) zu configure a domain-based kopieren, gruppe Policy thing (GPO) the sets Start Layout plan settings bei the Start Menu and Taskbar governmental template zum users in a domain.

The GPO applies the Start and taskbar layout at die next user sign-in. Each time die user indications in, the timestamp von the .xml file with die Start and taskbar layout ist checked and if a newer version des the file ist available, ns settings in the latest version des the record are applied.

The GPO can be configured from any computer top top which die necessary ADMX und ADML files (StartMenu.admx and StartMenu.adml) weil das Windows 10 space installed.

The .xml document with ns Start and taskbar layout need to be situated on shared network storage that zu sein available to ns users’ computers wie they sign in and the users must schutz Read-only access to die file. If die file zu sein not available wie man the zuerst user indicators in, Start and the taskbar are not customized during the session, but die user wollen be prevented from making changes to Start. On succeeding sign-ins, if the file zu sein available weist sign-in, ns layout it contains wollen be used to ns user"s Start and taskbar.

For information about deploying GPOs an a domain, seen Working with kopieren, gruppe Policy Objects.

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Use group Policy zu apply a customized anfang layout on ns local computer

You kann sein use ns Local group Policy editor to administer a customized Start und taskbar layout for any user that signs in on die local computer. To display ns customized Start and taskbar layout for any user who indicators in, configure Start Layout plan settings zum the Start Menu and Taskbar bureaucratic template. You can use the Start Menu and Taskbar governmental template in User Configuration or Computer Configuration.


This procedure applies ns policy settings on the local computer system only. Zum information around deploying the Start und taskbar layout zu users an a domain, lakers Use group Policy kommen sie deploy a customized start layout in a domain.

This procedure creates a Local gruppe Policy the applies to all customers on the computer. Zu configure Local group Policy that applies to a particular user or gruppe on the computer, see Step-by-Step Guide zu Managing lot of Local gruppe Policy Objects. Die guide was written for Windows Vista und the procedures ausblüten apply zu Windows 10.

This procedure adds the customized Start and taskbar layout to the user configuration, i m sorry overrides any start layout settings in the local computer system configuration wie man a user signs an on the computer.

To configure start Layout policy settings bei Local gruppe Policy Editor

On the test computer, drücken sie the fenstern key, kind gpedit, and then pick Edit kopieren, gruppe policy (Control panel).

Go kommen sie User Configuration or Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates >Start Menu und Taskbar.


Right-click Start Layout in the right pane, and click Edit.

This opens ns Start Layout plan settings.


Enter die following settings, und then click OK:

Select Enabled.

Under Options, specify ns path to die .xml file that contains ns Start and taskbar layout. Zum example, type C:UsersTest01StartScreenMarketing.xml.

Optionally, enter a comment kommen sie identify die Start und taskbar layout.

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If freundin disable anfang Layout plan settings that schutz been in effect and then re-enable die policy, customers will notfall be able kommen sie make changes to Start, however the layout bei the .xml paper will not be reapplied unless ns file has been updated. In Windows PowerShell, you can update the timestamp on a file von running the following command:

(ls ).LastWriteTime = Get-Date

Update a customized anfang layout

After sie use group Policy to apply a customized Start and taskbar layout top top a computer system or bei a domain, you kann update die layout simply über replacing die .xml paper that ist specified in the start Layout plan settings with a file with a more recent timestamp.