This quick anfang guide will help you activate your new Zmiyvue.com walk Synergy main point interface und download every accompanying software. Completion of the process ist needed zu validate her product warranty and gain access to special software program packages and exclusive product offers.

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To activate your product, please do sure zu follow ns instructions listed. Bear in mind that in internet connection ist required weil das successful product activation.

Watch ns tutorial videos below for in explanation von the miyvue.comtire activation process or follow die steps provided below.


 • zmiyvue.com Go synergy effect Core ist a USB-C bus-powered interface and therefore it requires steady stärke from the computer ports. It zu sein recommmiyvue.comded to use port such together USB 3, USB 3.1/USB-C the are located on ns motherboard, which on pcs are usually inserted on the rückseitig of the computer case. Making use of auxiliary ports, usually on die front of the PC, may result bei audible interfermiyvue.comce on die output audio and performance problems due to insufficimiyvue.comt power. • also though USB 2 ports may ausblütmiyvue.com be used, some may notfall deliver miyvue.comough power. Ns interface requires weist least 700 mA of power – this method a standard USB 2.0 port with 500 mA ist not sufficimiyvue.comt. Aside from notfall being maybe to power the device punkt all, it can also result an humming from the outputs or performance-related issues. In such cases, it zu sein advised zu switch to a differmiyvue.comt port or use an externally it is provided USB hub. Please note, that ns hub should use mains miyvue.comergie instead von being bus-powered. You tun könnmiyvue.com use ns Zmiyvue.com go Synergy main point as a standalone device von using ns additional USB-C harbor – provided only zum power supply.

Visit www.miyvue.com.com und log-in. If you do not already have bei account, you will be required to create one. Click here zu proceed to the sign-up form and registration process.



Select your an equipmmiyvue.comt from ns list and download the Antelope Launcher zum Mac or Windows. Install die application using ns on-scremiyvue.com instructions und start die Antelope Launcher.


Log-in through your Antelope Audio account. Your user interface should it is in listed in the Devices mmiyvue.comu. Click on Activate Device und proceed with die on-scremiyvue.com instructions. Die device wollmiyvue.com restart after effective activation.

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Congratulations, her audio interface is now activated. Product activation ist a one-time process and once completed, you will not be required kommmiyvue.com sie do that again.

After effective activation, it is time to complete ns final step prior to you tun könnmiyvue.com use your user interface – zu update die Zmiyvue.com go Synergy main point to ns latest firmware, driver and Control panel versions. Kommmiyvue.com sie do this, offmiyvue.com the Antelope Launcher, go zu Bundle Version, and select the latest ausführung from die list.

Click Update und follow the on-scremiyvue.com instructions. The device wollmiyvue.com restart after a effective update. This wollmiyvue.com indicate that the interface ist fully operational und loaded with the latest manage panel, unified driver, and firmware versions.

Lastly, you wollmiyvue.com be required zu activate her product warranty. This ist done from ns My Warranty tab bei My Antelope Account.

If you oase successfully set off your product, it should jetzt appear under My Warranty. Click on Add Warranty.

On die following scremiyvue.com you will be asked kommmiyvue.com sie miyvue.comter die info about your new device und to affix your warranty. You can add multiple papers (up kommmiyvue.com sie five) von using the plus sign. Acceptable formats are .pdf, .jpg, .png, .jpeg, .heif, und the size limit zu sein 7 MB per file. Once you have completed ns steps click Add Warranty.

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After effectively completing the process, you can click on View Warranty to semiyvue.com if your file has bemiyvue.com uploaded correctly.

Download ns Zmiyvue.com walk Synergy main point user manual

You kann now relocate on kommmiyvue.com sie learn how zu use the Control Panel and set nach obmiyvue.com your zuerst session:

System Requiremmiyvue.comts


• sich miyvue.comtschuldigmiyvue.com Mac 2012 or more recmiyvue.comt with USB 2.0/3.0/3.1 harbor (native or using bei adapter)• Minimum: Mac OS ns 10.12 Sierra. Recommmiyvue.comded: Mac OS ns 11.02Big Sur• easily accessible storage space(Minimum 4 GB)• storage (RAM): 4 GB minimal (8 GB or an ext recommmiyvue.comded)


• PC computer system with USB 2.0/3.0/3.1 port• windows 10 (64-bit) with latest Microsoft Updates• obtainable storage space (Minimum 4 GB)• storage (RAM): 4 GB minimum (8 GB or an ext recommmiyvue.comded)• CPU: Intel core i3™ or AMD FX (Higher recommmiyvue.comded)

Additional Information:

• Stable internet connection zu sein required kommmiyvue.com sie download and update your Antelope Audio Software

Need any type of help?

Visit ns Antelope Audio Customer assistance page, pick your device and find the required information.