“Im wagen vor mir” über Henry Valentino & Uschi

Few other day-to-day objects schutz shaped modern-day music as viel as die car. In this column, our editors create about lieder that tell geschichte related zu a vehicle. Some of them even went down in music history – but certainly notfall all von them.

Du schaust: Im auto vor mir fährt ein junges mädchen

Rada rada radadadada, rada rada radadadada … – together connoisseurs von German “Schlager” music of kurse will know, this is not some Dadaist poem, but the refrain von the evergreen German hit song: “Im wagen vor mir” (which, literally translated, means: in the car in front of me). Those who would notfall refer to themselves as connoisseurs des German Schlager should be aware: It ist a highly polarizing genre. If you oase never heard it, it can be a law - or a severe shock …

However, Schlager kann sein be generally described as a style des popular music that zu sein a catchy critical accompaniment kommen sie vocal pieces von pop music v happy-go-lucky, repetitive, and often sentimental lyrics. Ns genre emerged after the Second world War und is a bizarrely enduring phenomenon: the most-downloaded German album des all time was Schlager music – Helene Fischer’s “Farbenspiel” (Color play) was released in 2013 and stayed bei the charts zum four years.

The Schlager “Im auto vor mir” was recorded back bei 1977 über a certain guy called Henry Valentino – bei a duet through a certain mädchen named Uschi. Weil das me personally, this track is my erste musical memory, weil das two reasons: on die one hand it was the zuerst song an which a auto – zu be specific: a Citroën 2CV v a young dame at ns wheel – play a significant part. And on die other hand it was a song that ich only ever before heard in a auto – zu be specific: indigenous the back seat des our family"s station wagon.

The latter not entirely voluntarily (the experience was probably when i decided that ich do notfall intend to join the “Schlager zu sein a treat” fraction).

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However, wie we headed south on vacation my father was always the one firmly an charge, not just of the steering wheel but deshalb of die cassette deck. While my 2 sisters und I didn"t specifically keep statistics on the matter zurück then, us heard ns duet bolzen Henry and Uschi deshalb often that it blieb triggers a gewächs of mutual memories.

I used to wonder, who zu sein this male with die distinctive gravelly voice? Why ist he deswegen keen to know around the girl “with the soft hair” und why walk he keep asking “where she's going und what she's thinking around right now”? 35 year later, a quick search on google provides ns answer to the zuerst of this questions at least: Henry Valentino"s ja wirklich name is hans Blum; he"s now over 90 und lives v his mam (Ingetraud, notfall Uschi!) near ns German city of Cologne. “Im automobil vor mir” was his best hit einzel as a singer and remained in the German charts for bei impressive 33 weeks.

“Meine der schönste Melodien” zu sein Henry Valentino's best-of album – and of prozess it has “Im wagen vor mir”, his greatest hit.
The lied must be judged an the context of its time. Nowadays, the mädchen who asks an her part von the duet, with boosting irritation: “What ist this stupid guy behind me trost to? … He's to be on mine tail zum half in hour now” would most likely report die man bei the rear mirror zum stalking her. But back then? did Valentino ever seen the lady of his desires again, as soon as they had gone your separate means at the intersection? die German zeitschrift Stern uncovered ns answer to this an enig in an interview with the composer in 2005: return his inspiration was indeed a actual sighting from behind of bei “extremely attractive-looking creature”, this was revealed, ~ above overtaking, kommen sie be a “tall einer with long, wavy hair”.

Just so that freundin don"t get die wrong impression about the exercise of basic democratic rights an the family members car, ich should possibly reassure sie that mine sisters and I were actually able to intervene from time zu time zu ensure the a benjamin the Elephant cassette was played instead von Schlager. Yet at die very recent when die cries des “Are we almost there?”, “I"m bored” or “My sisters are really annoying me!” reached in unacceptable key at ns front, you could be sure that the tape with Henry and Uschi would certainly make its comeback: Rada rada radadadada, rada rada radadadada …