Wires? How old school. If freundin prefer kommen sie do her listening there is no a cable dangling from her ears, then wireless headphones are the way forward. We"ve rounded-up five of the ideal Bluetooth headphones, obtainable from under £50 to more premium options.

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There may always be a slight pay-off in sound quality wie you choose zu go wireless but ns convenience of not being tied to your laptop, smartphone or music player kann sein make it worthwhile.

Bluetooth headphones give sie anything up zu 20 hours von wireless life zu enjoy your music on the move, deshalb are ideal zum using weist home, the office or on-the-go.

We"ve selected five of the finest Bluetooth headphones the we"ve reviewed over the belastung 12 months or so, allowing you kommen sie pick her favourite based on sound quality, style and features. Und you kann sein find some major bargains, too. Without further ado...

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Tested punkt £30 / Best price £30

When we erste reviewed these headphones, castle were called Slick distributions SD50. Ns SD50 remains, however they now oase a longer, contempt unwieldy name. Nonetheless, the price stays ns same: £30 for an on-ear pair des headphones seems relatively unbelievable. Once you consider that die SD50 is a wireless Bluetooth headphone, then ns proposition i do not care even an ext staggering.

Neither vocals nor base notes are kristall clear but considering the price these headphones space perfectly listenable.

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Sennheiser MM 400-X

Five stars

Tested weist £180 / Best preis £154

A must-audition zum owners of aptX-enabled phones and laptops. This Bluetooth headset has actually a an extremely compact, lightweight und foldable design, a set des controls on ns right-hand cup zum navigating your music, and the option des connecting a cable for going wired wie you’re on a planen or when die 10-hour battery runs out.

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Bose Soundlink On-ear

Tested weist £220 / Best preis £195

Four stars

As you"d expect, this Bose Bluetooth headphones look die part, feeling solidly placed together und are comfortable zu wear. They"re compact and can it is in folded-up to make them nice und portable.

Set-up ist easy thanks kommen sie a virtual assistant that talks you through the process, while ns battery life zu sein solid, supplying around fünfzehn hours des life. Ns headphones möchte charge totally in an hour und a half und a rapid 15-minute blast des juice möchte give sie around two hours of emergency wireless playback.

Sonically there"s a great amount des bass, a decent level des detail und the all at once tonal balance is just about perfect. Only the best on the market, the Philips M2BT, it is provided a slightly bigger, much more exciting sound.

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Harman-Kardon BT

Five stars

Tested at £220 / Best price £192

The styling won"t be zum everyone (Cyberman, anyone?) but they’re comfortable to wear despite all the steel und not an extremely heavy.

Sonically they offer great clarity, a neutral performance, and the all-important long-lasting battery life. Notfall only that, but aptX capability way your melody will kommen sie across nice and clear. An excellent pair of headphones and now available weil das under £200.

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Shop Harman-Kardon BT headphones ~ above Amazon

Philips Fidelio M2BT

Five stars

Tested at £250 / Best preis £175

It’s always exciting when an award-winner has actually a follower – also if that follower has only minor changes. That’s die case with die Philips Fidelio M2BTs, essentially ns M1BTs with nur the addition des near-field communication (NFC) und some cosmetic alters onboard.

You kann imagine our excitement, therefore, when ns M2BTs exceeded their predecessor"s quality zu be called 2014 Product of the Year. Take it together given, they"re fine worth die money und the best Bluetooth headphones to buy under £250 (and more than likely compared kommen sie a fair couple of more high value options, too) - and they"re jetzt available even cheaper. Bargain.

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