Headphones without cables are an extremely trendy – especially klein in-ear models. Manufacturers schutz made an excellent strides bei sound and comfort an recent years. In addition, die Bluetooth headphones room now deshalb available with active noise reduction. The stiftung Warentest tested die 20 ideal models an the present “test” problem 04/2020. The result: Headphones notfall only have to sound good, they also have to rechts comfortably bei the ear.

Du schaust: In-ear-kopfhörer test stiftung warentest

In-ear headphones have grown significantly bei popularity since Apple’s AirPods. Bei the meantime, all famous headphone manufacturers sell these small earplugs, which are also called true wireless earbuds. We nur you the prüfung winners of the organisation und vorschriften Warentest und other recommended models from well-known brands.

Wireless in-ear headphones an the test: This ist how the stiftung Warentest tests them

Since 2018, the organisation und vorschriften Warentest has actually tested more than 120 Bluetooth headphones. Most recently, die best 20 modell were shown in the “test” ausführung from april 2020. Every headphones pass the test with die “test” top quality rating “Good (2.1)” or better. Models with energetic noise cancellation, also called active Noise Canceling (ANC), are also completely new an the selection. They alleviate ambient noise also more und eliminate noise, zum example in the subway und the bus. Die headphones to be examined an the rating categories des sound, interference, comfort, Bluetooth and durability.

The result von the organisation und vorschriften Warentest: Sony, Apple und JBL room ahead

Test winner with die noise canceling headphones Sony WF-1000XM3 with the result “Good (1.8)”. That is so the only one with the rating “very good” top top sound. Die best noise cancellation (ANC) space achieved von the Apple AirPods Pro with ns judgment “Good (2.0)”.

The best all at once grade for headphones there is no ANC is the JBL Reflect Flow together with die Backbeat Pro from ns manufacturer Plantronics. You will get the grade “Good (1.7)”. Zum the specifically high level von comfort, die Powerbeats Pro praised von Beats. He receives the prüfung rating “Good (1.9)”.

The prüfung winner with noise cancellation: Sony WF-1000XM3


Best sound bei the test und best headphones through noise suppression: the Sony WF-1000XM3 obtained the prüfung result “Good (1.8)” and the just one to receive the rating “Very Good” weil das the sound. It also scores with great wearing comfort und a battery life of over six hours. Die earphones are charged in the supplied charging case.

With the noise-canceling technology, Sony not only shields elevator noise physically, but deshalb actively with counter noise. This means that an especially monotonous lift noise disappears. In addition, ns headphones immediately adjust ns strength of the noise canceling to ns environment. If users are waiting weil das their train at ns station, weil das example, die headphones recognize announcements and transmit lock to die user via ns microphone.

We mean: The prüfung winner convinces with rich sound and good put on comfort. With die noise suppression, it cuts out noise bei everyday life and thanks to its low weight, the is deshalb suitable for sports. Music lover don’t walk wrong v this model. IPhone users should so take a closer look at Apple’s AirPods Pro, which accomplished even better noise reduction in the test.

For iphone users: apfel AirPods Pro


Stiftung warntest verdict “Good (2.0)”Very good noise cancellationEasy setupGood soundLong battery lifeComfortNot all features for android users

The US technology giant apfel has been mainly responsible weil das the rapid spread of true wireless headphones an recent years. Wie the erste generation was introduced bei 2016, the specialist press largely smiled at die small apfel headphones and dubbed them together slip-on toothbrushes. Die AirPods are jetzt one of the best-selling Bluetooth headphones. An autumn 2019, apfel introduced the AirPods Pro, a new model with active noise cancellation.

In the fundament, stiftung Warentest test, ns AirPods zum received the rating “Good (2.0)” and convinced with the best noise suppression. Die sound is powerful and neutral, die comfort ist good. Like the Sony model, die earphones are charged in the gave charging case and play zum five hrs without a break. Schon fast setup zu sein a unique selling point zum iPhone users. Once connected, just pull ns plug out des the charging cradle, placed it in your ears and you can anfang enjoying the music without any type of further settings. Not all functions are available zum AirPods zum smartphone owners with Android.

We mean: die best noise reduction, rich sound und a particularly easy setup with the iPhone: die AirPods pro are a clear recommendation, especially for apple users.

Our saving tip: Those who tun können do without noise canceling usage the normalerweise ones AirPods there is no Pro, that are nur behind an the 2019 prüfung with ns final class “Good (2.1)” and are the bestsellers on Amazon.

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The test winner there is no noise reduction: JBL Reflect Flow

Stiftung warnung überprüfen verdict “Good (1.7)”good soundLong battery lifeNo noise cancellation

With the prüfen result “Good (1.7)”, the JBL Reflect Flow ist the as whole winner at stiftung Warentest. It jahrgangsstufen with a pleasant sound, an excellent wearing comfort and a particularly long battery life des almost ten hours. One more advantage ist the short sound radiation, so that die neighbors on ns bus and train are notfall disturbed über their own music.

The earphones are also suitable weil das sports: through their IPX7 certification, castle offer defense from water und can stand up to a briefe immersion. Since ns headphones oase no cable, over there is deshalb no volume control. However, you kann use a button to take calls and skip to die next track.

We mean: The JBL Reflect flow achieved ns best overall rating of all 20 models tested. It jahrgangsstufen points with die good sound, ns very an excellent shielding und the lang battery life. Although it does not integrate energetic noise cancellation, it so achieves a much longer battery life than die competition. He zu sein a good all-rounder punkt a same price.

For athletes: Powerbeats Pro

Stiftung warntest verdict “Good (1.9)”High put on comfortIdeal weil das a certain fitLong battery lifeNo noise cancellation

The Powerbeats jeden are ns wireless in-ear headphones zum athletes. Bei principle, Apple’s subsidiary win leads the Sport AirPods with ns Powerbeats Pro. Inside the headphones, the same chips arbeiten as bei the AirPods. Apfel users an particular gain a similar level of comfort.

In the test, the modell achieved the grade “Good (1.9)” and was specifically convincing wie man it came kommen sie comfort. Ns biggest benefits are ns ear hook und the rubberized tips von the Powerbeats Pro. Users kann hit as numerous wheels or jump around as they want – the in-ear headphones don’t move in inch. Zum short missions, such as in the morning bei the subway or ~ above a call call in the office, ns AirPods are viel faster bei the ear and more practical. Zum workouts or a much longer trip, die Powerbeats pro are the viel better choice.

We mean: This model zu sein particularly suitable weil das athletes thanks to the sturdy ear hooks and lasts even during intensive training. The organisation und vorschriften Warentest praises over all the lang battery life von over ten hours und the high level of comfort.

Our conclusion on ns test

The stiftung Warentest does notfall find any echt weaknesses. All headphones space close together and score with good sound. Our recommendation is the prüfung winner native Sony or the two AirPods.

When deciding, it so depends on ns correct fit in the ear und your very own taste. If ns headphones execute not fit properly into die ear, the sound high quality suffers. The AirPods indigenous Apple zum example, execute not hülle the ear canal. This rises comfort, but deshalb allows zum more external noise. Echt in-ears like die Sony model, on die other hand, have to be pressed into die ear – notfall everyone mögen that. Positive: different rubber attachments are consisted of with all models to find die right size for your own ear.

How perform wireless in-ear headphones work?

As the benennen suggests, true wireless headphones completely do without cables und rely on ns Bluetooth wireless standard. Bei contrast zu conventional Bluetooth headphones, ns two earphones deshalb wirelessly interact with each other. In cheaper models, the smartphone usually transmits ns soundtrack to one earphone und then sends it to the other. Sometimes, therefore, customers perceive a contempt asynchronous reproduction. On ns other hand, if both earplugs connect to die playback device, such troubles occur much less frequently.

Why should sie use wireless in-ear headphones?

Wireless in-ear headphones are an especially characterized von their comfort when listening to music. Whether in the office or on the way zu work – they are ideal zum use times of nur a couple of hours. Many thanks to the quick start-up without the hassle of untangling cables, you won’t want to do without ns headphones anymore.

Wireless in-ear headphones come in very different preis ranges. While apfel AirPods are die most comfortable, lock are plainly subject to die Powerbeats Pro and the Sony counterpart bei terms von sound. Cheap variants for less than 100 euros completely meet the grundlegend requirements. When used, users will appreciate ns convenience of listening kommen sie music there is no annoying cables.

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