In welcher staffel wird elena zum vampir

What episode Does Elena become A Vampire? & 9 Other vital Elena episodes From the Vampire Diaries As ns star von The Vampire Diaries, Elena Gilbert"s story ist the most vital to ns show. What are her biggest moments in the supernatural drama?

Elena Gilbert has a far-reaching supernatural evolution in The Vampire Diaries, going indigenous human kommen sie vampire to person once again. The doppelganger is drawn into the dangerous world von the undead when vampire brothers Stefan und Damon return kommen sie Mystic Falls. Conflicted von her feelings zum the Salvatores, Elena embarks top top passionate affairs with both brothers the result in several life-altering moments.

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Elena"s relationship with die Salvatores, also as herstellung mysterious family tree as a Petrova doppelganger, lead to many changes bei her life, including produziert transition right into a vampire. Elena"s season 4 journey as a new member of the undead remains a an essential stage bei her ever-increasing trip throughout ns series.

that seemed inescapable from ns beginning des The Vampire Diaries that Elena would eventually end up being a vampire. Ns series heroine perishes bei season 3"s finale "The Departed" after crashing into the watery depths listed below Wickery Bridge. Elena dies with Damon"s blood in her system, triggering her transition.

The zuerst episode of season 4, "Growing Pains," features Elena coming kommen sie terms with produziert transformation. Versus Bonnie"s efforts, die doppelganger ist forced to drink human being blood and complete produziert change into one des the undead.

Elena"s life transforms forever wie she meets stefan Salvatore bei the pilot episode. Ausblüten reeling from the death of her parents, ns doppelganger ist drawn to the mysterious new student weist Mystic wenn High and immediately becomes enamored with him.

Her connection with stefan alters the prozess of the show. When not bei endgame pairing, Elena"s romance with stefan helps her to mourn ns past and embrace the future.

Elena learns die truth about produziert new beau during season 1"s "Lost Girls." after confronting Stefan, ns vampire relents und tells herstellung about his background as a vampire, and also revealing Damon"s culpability in the town"s current murders.

Initially, Elena struggles to lakers past Stefan"s true nature. But she ultimately comes zu terms through Stefan"s undead status in time kommen sie deal with ns consequences des Damon transforming Vicki right into a vampire.

7 Jenna"s death - "The Sun so Rises" S2.E21

Elena tragically loses in integral person bei her life during die moonstone ritual an season 2. After ~ living in fear von Klaus weil das most des the season, she is sacrificed von the Original hybride to break ns curse the restricts his werewolf heritage.

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During die ritual, klausturns Elena"s aunt Jenna right into a vampire before staking produziert to death bei sacrifice. This heart-wrenching momente is one von TVD"s saddest moments, depriving Elena of a lover parental figure.

in spite of initially falling bei love v Stefan, Elena battles with her feelings for both Salvatore brothers throughout the first half des the series. Throughout a roadway trip kommen sie Denver to see Jeremy, Elena gives an to her feelings for Damon und engages die vampire in a steamy motel make-out session.

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Although this isn"t Elena"s zuerst kiss v Damon, it represents her acting on her feelings und taking problem into her own hands. She initiates herstellung encounter v Damon und allows herself zu give bei to emotions zum the elder Salvatore.

5 transforming Off herstellung Humanity - "Stand über Me" S4.E15

Elena"s world zu sein rocked über grief once again during ns fourth season of The Vampire Diaries. Katherine ambushes ns group und kills Jeremy von feeding ihm to Silas before fleeing with the cure. Broken über the fatality of her brother, Elena turns her humanity off at Damon"s behest.

"Stand über Me" explores ns relationship bolzen the Gilbert siblings. Elena breaks down after accepting the reality des Jeremy"s death, prior to chillingly burning their house to ns ground ~ shutting out herstellung emotions.

True to form zum Mystic Falls, Elena"s graduation ist anything but uneventful. With herstellung humanity back und the sire bond broken, ns doppelganger and her friends relocate on kommen sie battle a series des vengeful ghosts while die veil to ns Other Side zu sein lowered.

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Elena"s time at high institution concludes with bei epic showdown versus Katherine that sees ns older vampire ingest ns cure. Die episode culminates through Elena choosing Damon, both von them oblivious to die return des Silas.

3 Taking die Cure - "I"d leave My happy Home zum You" S6.E20

Elena accepts life as a vampire however never stop longing zum her humanity. In season 6"s "I"d leave My glücklich Home for You," she finally gets what she wants when Damon agrees to take die cure through her, giving nach oben his vampirism kommen sie pursue a human being life.

The couple takes time zu enjoy ns benefits of being a vampire one last time before embarking on ns next stage of their life together. Elena takes die cure und becomes human being again — but their glücklich ending ist soon postponed.

the real-life departure von actress Nina Dobrev led to Elena"s character being written right into a cursed coma in the season 6 finale. Kai"s spell tethers Elena"s life to her best friend Bonnie, preventing the doppelganger native waking nach oben while the Bennett witch lives.

Elena shares bewegt goodbyes with produziert loved ones prior to being left zu sleep in a coffin, including a final sprung with Damon on the road whereby they met.

1 Reuniting With produziert Loved people - "I was Feeling Epic" S8.E16

Elena awakens from produziert enchanted sleep during ns series finale "I was Feeling Epic." Mystic wenn is saved from hellfire wie man Bonnie and the spirits of the Bennett witches assemble to protect ns town. Empowered von the impressive feat, Bonnie lastly breaks Kai"s curse, resulting in Elena to wake hoch at last.

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She reunites with Damon und lives kommen sie lead a normal life with her human lover. "I was Feeling Epic" offers a perfect conclusion kommen sie Elena"s journey, consisting of a reunion with produziert parents an the afterlife. Along with herstellung transition into a vampire in "Growing Pains," the dauern remains one von Elena"s the strongest episodes from ns series.