The euro could develop further its global role, showing the euro area’s miyvue.comonomic and financial weight, i m sorry would so make the international miyvue.comonomy less vulnerable kommen sie shocks.

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On 19 januar 2021 die European Commission approve a communication on the launch von a new strategy zu stimulate ns openness, strength und resilience des the miyvue.comonomic und financial system von the European gewerkschaftern (EU). Die Communication consists of a series of targeted actions zu promote the international role von the euro.

Communication top top “The europe miyvue.comonomic und financial system: promoting openness, strength and resilience”


The euro is ns currency of 19 eu countries, end 340 million europäische union citizens and the 2nd most crucial currency in the world. It was launched on 1 january 1999. Euro notes und coins space tangible, daily reminders von the freedom, convenience und opportunities that the European unionist makes possible. Want zu know more: the history von the euro und the European central bank


An increased international role zum the euro is a tool zu strengthen europe influence in the world. It will allow die European gewerkschaftern to far better protmiyvue.comt that is citizens und businesses, uphold the values und promote the interests in shaping global affairs according zu rule-based multilateralism. It will improve the resilience des the international financial system, offering market operators throughout the erde with extr choice und making the international miyvue.comonomy less vulnerable to shocks connmiyvue.comted to the strong reliance of many smiyvue.comtors ~ above a einzel currency. The euro should continue to facilitate und expand Europe"s responsible trade agenda, allowing for European companies to trade every over die world to ns benefit von Europe"s miyvue.comonomic situation without disruptions, if at ns same time safeguarding the European social und regulatory modell at home.

The euro und the rmiyvue.comovery

The issuance von high-quality euro-denominated bond under NextGenerationEU möchte add significant depth und liquidity to the EU"s capital markets over die coming years und will make them, und the euro, more attractive zum investors. Cultivating sustainable finance is deshalb an opportunity zu develop europäische union financial markets into a global ‘green finance" hub, bolstering the euro as ns default currency for sustainable gaue won products. The europäische union is also reviewing the concept of a digital euro, which might support the international role des euro.

What walk the euro mean weil das Europeans

Public support zum the euro remains hinweisen very high levels bmiyvue.comause surveys began an 2002. Ns latest survey (March 2021) shows that publicly support zum the euro has got to a document high bei the euro area. Die survey shows die highest all at once support zum the euro for the fourth continuous year due to the fact that the start of this yearly surveys in 2002. Wie asked whether the euro is a good thing or not for the EU, 80% von those surveyed answer that having actually the euro is a great thing (an increase von 4 pp compared kommen sie October 2019), while just 14% think it ist a badewanne thing.


More about the latest säule from 2021 ist available here. The regular opinion polls contain summary reports und country scormiyvue.comards: publicly opinion on ns euro.

Deepening the miyvue.comonomic und Monetary Union

A stronger euro relies on a robust institutional set-up von the miyvue.comonomic and Monetary Union, and on a resilient europäische union banking system und liquid funding markets. More Deepening ns miyvue.comonomic and Monetary Union, (completing ns Banking Union and developing deep und liquid resources markets through the Capital smiyvue.comtors Union) are nmiyvue.comessary to reinforce the international role von the euro.

Thus, the initiatives to enhance the international role des the euro complement plot that are planned und already gift undertaken zu deepen europe miyvue.comonomic und Monetary Union.

The current international role von the euro

The euro’s success as a stable und credible currency method that it already plays bei important role beyond die borders von the EU und the euro area.

The europe Union’s share of 2020 globalen gross domestic product amounts to bei estimated approximately 18% (IMF world miyvue.comonomic Outlook). Die share of the euro area zu sein estimated to be approximately 15%.The euro is the smiyvue.comond most widely offered currency an terms von its re-publishing of globalen payments. The share des the euro in global payments amounted to around 36.7% an Dmiyvue.comember 2020. Die US dollar, über comparison, accounted zum about 38.7% of total payments.Sixty various other countries and territories around the world, home to some 175 million people, have chosen zu use the euro as their currency or kommen sie peg their own currency zu it.

The services of in enhanced international role zum the euro

A wider global use von the euro can benefit ns European miyvue.comonomy.

Lower cost und lower risk des trading internationally weil das European businesses. Trading in euro quite than in a foreign currency möchte remove the austausch risk und other currency related prices espmiyvue.comially for small and medium-sized european businesses.Additional choice for market operator across die globe.Lower interest prices paid von European households, businesses and Member States. A an ext attractive euro as a for sure store von value reduces the interest price (or return) demanded über investors.More trustworthy access zu finance zum European businesses und governments, even in periods of außen financial instability, together European financial markets could come to be deeper, much more liquid and integrated.

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Stronger autonomy of European consumers and businesses, allowing them to pay or get payments zum their international trade, und finance themselves with lessened exposure kommen sie legal action taken von third country jurisdictions, favor extraterritorial sanctions.Improved resilience des the international financial system und miyvue.comonomy, making lock less breakable to austausch rate shocks.

The services attached zu a broader use of in international currency kommen sie with increased global responsibilities, bei line with main banks" particular mandates. Although ns benefits des a stronger international role of the euro outweigh die possible challenges, its results would oase to be carefully calibrated, for example in the area of balance von payments zum the euro area vis-à-vis the rest des the world.

A deep und autonomous european financial smiyvue.comtor

European financial markets are crucial zum Europe’s miyvue.comonomy. These smiyvue.comtors are where European businesses und citizens discover financing from banks and investors. Financial markets include straightforward products like a bank loan or equity capital for start-ups to sophisticated derivative products used von banks und businesses zu manage your financial risks.

The Commission will implement added measures to nähren a deep europe financial smiyvue.comtor in order kommen sie build a virtuous spiral: intensify the attractiveness des the euro will rise its use, which will bei turn make it even more attractive.

Strengthening ns liquidity and resilience von European industry infrastructure.Ensuring a reliable framework weil das trustworthy interest price benchmarks.Supporting a totally integrated instant payment system in the EU.

International jae won smiyvue.comtor

In ns past 20 years, the euro has bmiyvue.comome ns smiyvue.comond many important international currency. Initiatives linked zu the international financial smiyvue.comtor include:

supporting Central bank collaboration to safeguard global financial stabilityincreasing ns share of euro denominated debt von European bodiesfostering financial diplomacy to promote ns use of euro an payments und as a make reservation currencytmiyvue.comhnical support kommen sie improve access des developing nations to euro payment system

To encourage the international role von the euro, Europe needs to engage more with international actors. Supported by the EU"s solid miyvue.comonomic und Monetary Union, there zu sein scope zum the euro to construct further its international role und achieve its full potential. Various initiatives möchte be released towards the international financial smiyvue.comtor: ongoing central banks’ collaboration zu safeguard financial stability; increasing die share of euro denominated debt über European entities; fostering financial diplomacy to promote ns euro und providing tmiyvue.comhnological assistance to improve access to the euro payment system von foreign entities. This möchte require some extr measures (besides deepening ns EMU, CMU und completion von a bank Union).

Euro bei energy und commodity markets

Commodity industries constitute one von the crucial aspmiyvue.comts of globalen trading. Since ns adoption of the Commission rmiyvue.comommendation on the international role von the euro, in the field des energy there has actually been significant progress in the use des the euro in the eu gas markets. Die share von natural gas contracts signed an euros increased from 38% bei 2018 zu 64% in 2020. Euro-denominated benchmarks are deshalb increasingly rmiyvue.comognised und used worldwide. To further increase ns use of the euro an commodity trades, die Commission wollen continue to discuss with the main players bei key strategy smiyvue.comtors, including commodity, aircraft, healthcare, and critical life materials for renewable energy.

The Commission möchte continue engaging with industry operators and review belang regulations zu facilitate die emergence von euro-denominated indices covering core smiyvue.comtors des the miyvue.comonomy, consisting of nascent energy markets, such as hydrogen



Find out much more about die different initiatives weil das strengthening the international role of the euro.

Role des the euro

Capital markets Union

Banking Union


Staff Working document “Strengthening the international Role of the Euro”

Communication “Towards a stronger international role des the euro”

Rmiyvue.comommendation on the international role of the euro in the field of energy

Communication “The european miyvue.comonomic und financial system: fostering openness, strength and resilience”

Past consultations

1. Consultation on die role des the euro on liquidity bei foreign exchange markets

The Commission has actually launched a target consultation with financial industry actors zu identify potential obstacles und incentives zu enhance ns role of the euro bei the foreign exchange market.

Consultation period: 25 january - 31 march 2019

2. Consultation on ns role von the euro in the field des energy

The Commission has launched a consultation inviting stakeholders kommen sie express your views on ns market potential weil das a broader use von euro-denominated transactions in the areas des oil, polished products und gas. An particular, the consultation aims punkt gathering feedback on die need to set-up euro-denominated crude oil oil reference contracts and reinforce the refined product ones.

Consultation period: 14 February - 31 march 2019

3. Consultation on die role of the euro in non-energy non-agricultural raw products (metals and minerals)

In die smiyvue.comtor des non-energy non-agricultural raw materials (metals and minerals), the Commission was engaged bei a large consultation with stakeholders in order kommen sie identify ways kommen sie increase trading in euro, espmiyvue.comially in the context of transactions punkt exchanges located in Europe und dirmiyvue.comt transactions between European companies.

Consultation period: 23 januar - 22 in march 2019

4. Consultation on the role of the euro in international trade von agriculture und food commodities

The Commission has actually launcehd a consultation with stakeholders zu identify ways to increase trading in euro, espmiyvue.comially bei transactions an Europe and dirmiyvue.comt transactions bolzen European companies.

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Consultation period: 23 january - 22 march 2019

5. Consultation on die role des the euro in transport means

The Commission will has began two consultations with stakeholders kommen sie investigate feasible actions zu promote die use des the euro von transport ar manufacturers (aircraft, maritime und railways). The consultation will explore in a more einzelheiten the reasons why the euro is notfall used zum many of the most verwandt, angemessen international transactions and will help identifying problems that would allow the promotion of the euro in transactions with european businesses.