Inline skates test stiftung warentest

It all started bei 1919. Skates were the first skates manufactured über the Hudora company und are ausblüten part von the substantial range of products. But deshalb the longboards leave nothing zu be desired. You can convince yourself des that.

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The Longboard brand Hudora punkt a glance:👉This company has been an business due to the fact that 1919 and proves again und again that is competence und skills👉1956 the erste rubber rollers are produced, which were made for roller skates👉Since 1973, skateboards have been a big part of the considerable range.👉1990 the first inline skates to be produced and for the erste time bei a row ns wheels space no longer side von side as was common practice👉The longboards und skateboards inspire every ska fan and create bei incredible demand👉The firm has emigrated as much as china with die production

The background & philosophy des the Hudora label

It all started with eis skates and has expanded to roller skates und inline skaters and innovative longboards. With ns longboards, this company ist mainly on ns top von the stairs and not just ensures optimal quality, but also fascinating technology und equipment. With die fascinating shapes und designs, enthusiasm ist always guaranteed. Und this is also what gives this firm a fascinating recognition value, personally from the name.

With the longboards, this world-famous agency has not only do a name zum itself in the field des boards, but deshalb through that safety und technical sophistication. Ns company is very good at cruising und carving or freeriding und knows what die skater guild wants. Ns safety und technique zu sein monitored über independent trial and error institutes. So you kann be certain that your board has actually gone through everything until you feel it under your feet.

Successes, prizes & teamrider

It ist undisputed that this company can celebrate success through its longboards, and as far as prices are concerned, they are set so high the anyone tun können enjoy these boards. The mannschaft riders are so represented und with their prüfung they make certain that you tun können do whatever with this boards.

The GS tested premium top quality contributes substantially to die optimal benefit. You möchte be thrilled by the equipment and the technical conditions.Also die designs are inspiring und make sure that die longboards become a highlight.

The employees von this agency with their knowledge of longboards are bei the center des attention and always provide innovations that wollen benefit you. The Hudora Longboard ABEC 7 is one von the plank that schutz made weil das a success.

The ABEC 7 ball bearing ensures in optimal ride and the non-slip sand grip also contributes to safety. The 9-layer maple wood notfall only provides flexibility but so a good level von stability. Deswegen you kann rely on the durability des the deck in all situations.

The most popular Hodura longboards

Apart from the ABEC7, a gewächs of various other longboards are an extremely popular with die skaters guild und you. The HUDORA longboard Malibu ABEC 7 also has numerous advantages. On ns one hand, you can choose betwee 2 designs und on ns other hand it zu sein equipped with a an extremely advantageous 13 mm thick and non-slip top equipped so that freundin always and in every situation schutz a firm stand.

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With die cut-in Wheelwells, which are equipped with various tail lengths, you are constantly guaranteed a an excellent ride. Ns cast PU wheels promise a very long durability, even if sie are going zu put a gewächs of strain on her board if freeriding or carving. Die asphalt ist yours v this board. With a pistole load capacity of 100 kg you are guaranteed bei optimal ride.


Special highlights in the Hudora range

Not only die ABEC 7 boards inspire, but so other boards with this nennen know how to convince every rider. The HUDORA Longboard skateboard Cruiser zu sein especially suitable for beginners and deshalb impresses through its irresistible oldschool look. The kühl board ist equipped with different tail lengths. Ns dirt startseite on both sides so provides unique protection.

The user load is deshalb declared through 100 kg. Ns Cruising Bearing und the basic PUC wheel are particularly comfortable. Also the broad wheelbase gives a comfortable riding experience und gives newcomers defense on die board.

Test / comparison with various other longboards

The testen can’t carry out anything zu these longboards, on the contrary, you tun können go über the truth that the boards always gott a 2 as a mark and thus decorate die winner’s podium through a “good” or even “very good”. Ns other longboards are not worse, but they are certainly not better und therefore you kann always play that safe as a pro or a beginner wie man you decide zu buy a Hudora longboard.

The tests, which these boards space subjected to in advance, constantly ensure in optimal result. Grundlagen, spenden Warentest so gives these longboards ns green light bei all areas und is enthusiasm about ns technical conditions und safety standards.

With these boards you tun können enjoy cruising, carving und downhill rides prefer YOU schutz never skilled it before. You kann test die parking garages or cruise die streets in the city, nur as freundin like. Her longboard will always be v you for a fascinating ride.

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Even punkt competitions you tun können show your competitors what your board kann do. Die prizes, which range from 149 € kommen sie 189 €, are absolutely worth their money, because sie will oase fun v your board weil das a very lang time, no matter which one sie choose.