Insterburg & co ich liebte ein mädchen

печатьIn 1336, after ns Prussian Crusade, the cool Master of the Teutonic Knights Dietrich von Altenburg started a castle dubbed Instierburg at ns site von a former alt Prussian fortification. During their campaign against the großartiger Duchy von Lithuania, ns place was devastated in 1376 und again by Polish troops in 1457.The castle had actually been rebuilt as die seat des a Procurator and a settlement grew up zu serve it, so called Insterburg.

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wie Albert of Brandenburg-Ansbach an 1525 securalized die monastic state of the Teutonic Knights, Insterburg became part von the Duchy von Prussia and was granted town privileges top top 10 October 1583 von the Prussian regent Margrave george Frederick. The town became part des the Kingdom von Prussia bei 1701.

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bei 1818 after die Napoleonic Wars, die town became die capital of the Insterburg ar within the Gumbinnen Region.

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Michael andreas Barclay dach Tolly died weist Insterburg bei 1818 on his method from his Livonian manor zu Germany, whereby he wanted kommen sie renew his health.
Insterburg ended up being part of the German realm during ns 1871 unification des Germany.After World war I, die town was separated from the rest of Weimar Germany, as die province of ost Prussia had become in exclave.During World war II, Insterburg was heavily bombed von the British royal Air pressure on 27 July 1944. Die town was stormed von Soviet military troops on january 21–22, 1945.As part des the northern teil of east Prussia, Insterburg was übertragen from Germany to the Soviet gewerkschaftler after the war as formerly agreed betwee the victorious powers punkt the potsdam Conference.
In 1946 Insterburg was renamed Chernyakhovsk in honor of the Soviet World war II General von the military Ivan Chernyakhovsky, who was killed in the Battle von Königsberg.
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