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since 2003.You oase questions, proposals, or met errors? you re welcome send us an e-mail.
Do you need meteorological expertise weil das your business or research study projects?We sell meteorological services an the area des weatherdata (model data and measurements). We have longtime experience in automated charme processing,visualisation des weather information,online tools weil das the presentation of weather dataweather prediction (in radio, internet und TV),presention von weather topics kommen sie interested public, school classes etc.trainings (talks, courses...).We space looking forward zu receiving your request, order or information and will price you the soonest possible. Please contact us über e-mail.References
At the pole Weather conference (German: ExtremWetterKongress) in February 2009 an Bremerhaven, Germany, the web page was awarded with ns "Media Award zum Meteorology 2009" (German: "Medienpreis für Meteorologie") in the category "Best internet Application". Moreover die well-known weather verweise of German TV channel ZDF, Gunther Tiersch, received die Award an the group "best moderation".
Excerpt indigenous the press release of 20.02.2009:Bremerhaven, Germany (ots) - die "Media Awards for Meteorology 2009" to be awarded in the night at ns Klimahaus Bremerhaven 8° east as part von the extreme Weather Congress. <...> Winner bei the classification "Best internet Application" zu sein the buchseite v a tool zum a quick graphical representation of the results des weather model calculations. Used von professionals and also hobby meteorologists, sailors or water sporting activities enthusiasts, this site gives a quick und graphically attractive overview des the meant weather. The application was developed by Dipl.-Met. Rainer Behrendt und Dipl.-Met. Holger Mahlke. "The site meets an excellent recognition bei the weather sector," said thomas Ranft, presenter at hessian Rundfunk, in his laudatory speech.The purpose of the prize is to promote die quality des reporting ~ above weather und climate issues, weather forecasts, and to identify specific content delivery services. Die prizes space awarded annually in varying categories.Die whole drücken sie release of institut für Wetter- und Klimakommunikation GmbH, Hamburg, is available in German here.