Internet Aus Der Steckdose Ohne Router

Internet zum the home

+ 90 GB – and at LTE speed

+ LTE router including internet Flat

+ Relax and surf the web hinweisen home without being tied to a contract

+ available from trade partners in selected regions

Du schaust: Internet aus der steckdose ohne router


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* die costs zum the hardware are notfall included bei the price. The tariff ist only valid in combination with the hardware. Available hinweisen selected retailers.

+ oberteil up the internet at home auswahl at any type of time und as often as you want weil das €29.99*

and upgrade your data volume to 90 GB!

+ extr 10 GB zum only €14.99Internet weil das Zuhause (€29.99 per 28-day option period) available weil das Ortel mobile Datentarif: Up to 90 GB in Germany v a speed des up to 15 MBit/s (download) und 8.6 Mbit/s (upload), weist which suggest this changes to a maximum of 56 kbit/s weil das uploading und downloading. Ns stated speeds are ns maximum technically possible speeds in each case. The average speed that is actually accomplished may different from this. Billing increment bei 100 KB steps. Auswahl only available for use bei stationary LTE routers. If you have sufficient credit, and do not cancel the option von the ende of the period in question, it möchte be fix up automatically. The auswahl may notfall be commercialised e.g. Resold or available commercially. The application zu sein limited to stationary use, mobile use ist excluded.Mehr internet (€14.99 über a maximum von 28-day option period) available weil das Internet zum Zuhause option: up to in additional 10 GB an Germany through a speed des up to fünfzehn MBit/s (download) und 8.6 Mbit/s (upload), at which point this changes kommen sie a maximum of 56 kbit/s weil das uploading and downloading. Die stated speed are die maximum technically feasible speeds in each case. Die average speed that zu sein actually accomplished may different from this. Billing increment in 100 KB steps. The time period ist not immediately extended. It ist possible kommen sie register weil das the more internet option several times within the auswahl period. However, ns internet zum home usage option zu sein only valid zum the remaining time von the current billing period (up zu 28 days).">*) bookable über Ortel cell phone App

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