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In this article series you wollen learn about die differences betwee Internet traveler 9 64-bit und 32-bit.

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Now, that sie have in overview des the new features of internet Explorer 9, i will discuss the differences betwee Internet traveler 9 64-bit und 32-bit in another series des articles. Today i will make some basic remarks about ns default web browser settings and how to check i beg your pardon browser ausführung you room actually running.

Interne explorer 64.bit vs. 32bit - inspect bit-versions

Download internet Explorer 9 64-bit or 32-bit? ^

Internet explorer has been available bei 32-bit und 64-bit version since fenster XP. Des course, you kann run internet Explorer 64-bit only on a 64-bit Windows. However, die 32-bit edition so works on fenstern 64-bit. Zum instance, if freundin installed fenstern 7 x64, sie already schutz Internet traveler 8 together 32-bit und 64-bit installed.

If freundin want zu install internet Explorer 9, you schutz to download ns correct bit-version zum your operating system. The is, you can"t use the 32-bit setup record on windows 7 x64, und of course you can"t install die 64-bit version on fenster 7 x86. However, the 64-bit setup file deshalb contains ns 32-bit ausführung of internet Explorer 9. Ns same applies wie you install internet Explorer 8 on windows Vista.

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Internet explorer 9 64-bit as default browser? ^

By default, wie you click the internet Explorer shortcut on ns desktop, internet Explorer 9 32-bit is started. Internet Explorer 32-bit is deshalb launched by default wie man you launch a website from one more application. Back you kann use in alternative web browser as the default browser, you can"t use internet Explorer 64-bit as your default browser.

Internet explorer 64 little bit vs. 32 little bit - ie 64 bit default browser

Which bit-version are sie running? in other words 64-bit or in other words 32-bit? ^

You tun können verify that von clicking "About internet Explorer" an the aid menu bei IE8 or on the gearwheel in IE9. If freundin are running IE 64-bit you will find "64 bit Edition" after die browser version number. If freundin run in other words 32-bit, there zu sein no equivalent note an the around window.

You can so check ns bit-version with fenstern Task Manager von searching zum the iexplore.exe process. If "*32 bit" zu sein displayed behind the process name, it ist IE 32-bit; if nothing ist displayed, it ist IE 64-bit.

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Internet traveler 64 bit mit 32 bit - ie 64 little bit - job Manager

In my next article in this series ich will comment on IE 64-bit compatibility issues.