Ios 10 Auf Iphone 4 Installieren

iOS 10.3 is available weil das everyone kommen sie download ideal now. Die update wollen roll out bei waves, though, dafür if you"ve not got it nur yet, don"t panic, it should appear on your iPhone or iPad soon.

Du schaust: Ios 10 auf iphone 4 installieren

The initial iOS 10 upgrade rolled an September 2016, und since then we"ve viewed upgrades to iOS 10.1, iOS 10.2 and now iOS 10.3.

To download and install iOS 10, sie should seen a blog post that bei update zu sein available. Before freundin begin freundin should make sure you zurück up your iPhone or iPad first.

How zu download ns latest iOS software

Next, make certain your device is plugged into a energie supply, und that you"re connected zu a Wi-Fi network - as die download will be nice big!

Open up die Settings anwendung of her device and tap top top "General" then "Software Update". The iOS 10.3 update should then appear, und all you need zu do is tap "Download und Install".

You can also choose kommen sie download die update later on when you"re notfall using her device, as the iOS 10 update and installation process will make her iPhone or iPad unusable weil das a quick while.

Tap "Install Tonight" or "Remind Me Later" zu install iOS 10 punkt a an ext convenient time.

If you select "Install Tonight" nur plug in your iphone phone or iPad right into the power supply before you go kommen sie bed, and by die time you wake trost iOS 10 will be ready und waiting weil das you.

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Download and install iOS 10 indigenous iTunes

You can also download und install iOS 10.3 with iTunes, which is a good choice if freundin do not have a dependable wireless connection.

To update to iOS 10.3 with iTunes, make certain you schutz the latest version von iTunes mounted on your pc or Mac. Jetzt connect her device zu your computer and iTunes should offen automatically.

With iTunes open, select your maker then click "Summary" then "Check weil das Update". Die iOS 10 update have to appear. Wie man it does click "Download und Update".

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