Ipad 8 generation tastatur

You can so use in external keyboard, miyvue.com Pencil, und dictation to enter text.

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In any app that allows text editing, offen the onscreen keyboard von tapping a buchstabe field. You tun können pinch closed to shrink ns keyboard, then tap individual keys zu type, or usage QuickPath to type von sliding from one letter to die next there is no lifting your finger (not available zum all languages). To ende a word, lift your finger. (If sie tap

after ~ sliding to type a word, the deletes ns whole word.)

You can drag ns smaller keyboard from ns bottom des the screen kommen sie move it wherever sie want weil das easy one-handed typing.

To return to ns full-size keyboard, pinch open. On the full-size keyboard, freundin tap keys zu type.

While start text, you kann do any of the complying with on both ns smaller keyboard und the full-size keyboard:

Type uppercase letters: tap , or touch , climate slide to a letter.

Turn on cap Lock: Double-tap .

Quickly end a sentence with a period and a space: Double-tap die Space bar.

Correct spelling: Tap a misspelled indigenous (underlined in red) to see suggested corrections, climate tap a suggestion kommen sie replace ns word, or type the correction.

Enter numbers, punctuation, or symbols: insanity


Undo the belastung edit: Swipe left with 3 fingers, climate tap cancel at die top des the screen; or madness


Redo the belastung edit: Swipe appropriate with three fingers, then tap Redo at the top des the screen; or insanity


Hide the onscreen keyboard: madness .

See Select, cut, copy, and paste text on iPad.

Enter emoji with ns onscreen keyboard

Open the onscreen keyboard by tapping a buchstabe field.

Switch to ns emoji keyboard by tapping or .

To find for in emoji, madness

at die bottom left, then go into a commonly used word—such together “heart” or “smiley face”—in the search ar above die keyboard.

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To enter in emoji, tap it.

To see more choices, swipe through die emoji that appear.

To return to ns regular keyboard, insanity ABC in the lower-left corner.

See Switch bolzen keyboards v iPad.

Turn ns onscreen keyboard right into a trackpad

Touch und hold ns Space gittern with one finger until ns keyboard transforms light gray.

Move die insertion point von dragging around the keyboard.


To choose text, touch und hold ns keyboard through a second finger, climate adjust die selection von moving ns first finger around ns keyboard.

See Select, cut, copy, and paste text zum more ways kommen sie select text.

Use a split keyboard

You can type through a split keyboard it is at the bottom of the screen, or undocked and an the middle von the screen.


To turn break-up Keyboard top top or off, touch und hold or , tap key-board Settings, climate select separation Keyboard; or go to Settings 

 > General > Keyboard, then turn split Keyboard top top or off.

When break-up Keyboard is turned on bei Settings, touch and hold , then perform any of the following:

Use a split keyboard: slide your finger to Split, then release. Or spread the keyboard personal from die middle using 2 fingers.

Move ns keyboard to the middle von the screen: on slide your finger to Undock, then release.

Return zu a full keyboard: slide your finger to Dock and Merge, then release.

Return a full keyboard to die bottom des the screen: on slide your finger to Dock, climate release.

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Note: The separation Keyboard option ist not easily accessible on iPad Pro 11-inch und iPad Pro 12.9-inch (3rd generation and later).