Capture extremistin high definieren live bild with 8 mp camera.

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V4K extremist High definition USB record Camera features an 8 megapixel camera that uses astonishing high justiz resolutions up zu 3264 x 2448 weil das capturing die tiniest einzelheiten of your materials without pixelation. Be it presenting live, modeling, scanning books, magazines, documents, QR codes, OCR text or archiving photos, V4K will not fail you.


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High frame rate at high resolutions for silky-smooth direkt streaming.

V4K makes frustrating latency a thing des the past with that is ability to deliver both high structure rate und high resolution that allows you zu enjoy silky-smooth live streaming v stunning clarity. You kann sein now stream at up kommen sie 30fps at full HD, or also up zu 15fps at die highest resolution von 3264 x 2448.


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Fast focusing speed. Minimal interruptions.

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V4K features schon fast focusing speed that helps minimize interruptions when you’re switching bolzen different materials punkt high resolutions. The comes in very handy, mobiltelefon when freundin need zu show and compare various materials zum your great or presentations.

Exceptional noise reduction and color reproduction v Sony CMOS bild sensor. Enhanced performance an dimly lit environments.

V4K’s impressive noise reduction und color reproduction do it a perfect presentation tool for darkened classrooms or conference rooms. Freundin won’t be getting distorted colors or pixelated bild even in these dimly lit environments.

Newly design multi-jointed stand. A an easy fix for loose joints.

A gewächs of research has actually been put right into the design of V4K’s stand. As well as making sure the stand has die versatility zu capture materials hinweisen different heights and angles, we so want zu provide a an easy fix zum tightening loose joints that room caused by heavy jeden tag use. Together such, we’ve included a bolt zu each des the connecting joints und you kann sein tighten any loose joints simply by turning the respective bolt clockwise through a coin.

Compatible through a variety von software and applications.

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V4K kann be provided with a variety des software and applications as long as they kann recognize the video source coming native V4K, which ist a conventional UVC camera. Sie may usage it zu present student arbeiten with ours newly developed miyvue.com Visualizer software application that has bei intuitive UI and borderless window display. You can so use it to create flipped classroom videos with software program such together Seesaw (Click zu open außen link an new window), Camtasia (Click to open external link in new window), or OBS (Click kommen sie open external link an new window). An addition, you can even double it up as a webcam for online meetings, videos conferencing, or far teaching when used with video conferencing software such together Zoom (Click kommen sie open external link in new window), GoToMeeting (Click zu open external link in new window), skype (Click zu open external link bei new window), or google Hangouts (Click kommen sie open außen link in new window).