Featuring ns Fastest, Most an effective Chip Ever in a Smartphone, Plus in All-New Dual-Camera System and Even much longer All-Day Battery Life


iphone phone 11 advances the most well-known smartphone bei the world with coherent innovations that touch areas customers see and use every day.
Cupertino, California — miyvue.com today announced iphone 11, delivering technologies that make the world’s many popular smartphone even an ext powerful, improving ns features world use die most throughout their day.1 iphone 11 introduce a powerful dual-camera system, offering in intuitive camera experience with the highest high quality video bei a smartphone und Night mode zum photos. Iphone phone 11 is powered von the A13 Bionic chip kommen sie perform the most demanding tasks, while obtaining through bei entire job on a single charge, und is designed to withstand ns elements with boosted water resistance.

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iPhone 11 comes in six neu gorgeous colors, and will it is in available weil das pre-order start Friday, september 13 and in stores start Friday, september 20, starting at just $699 (US).
“iPhone 11 ist the following generation of iPhone, packed v great neu capabilities in in incredible design, consisting of new ultra Wide and Wide cameras for gorgeous videos und photos, die power und ease des use von iOS 13, und A13 Bionic — the fastest chip ever bei a smartphone that quickly handles ns tasks that matte most kommen sie people every day,” claimed Phil Schiller, miyvue.com’s senior vice president of Worldwide Marketing. “With the tight integration bolzen hardware, software und services, the advancements an iPhone 11 bring in unparalleled user endure at bei affordable price to even an ext customers. We think people will love it.”

With a zurück design that zu sein precision milled und sculpted indigenous a single piece of glass, iphone phone 11 features die toughest glass ever an a smartphone. It is rated IP68 weil das water resistance up kommen sie 2 meters zum up kommen sie 30 minutes, und is protected against accidental spills from common liquids such together coffee und soda.2 iphone 11 comes in six new stunning colors consisting of purple, green, yellow, black, white and PRODUCT(RED).
The beautiful 6.1-inch all-screen flüssig Retina display features wide color support und True Tone weil das a more natural city hall experience.3 Customers kann sein interact with their favourite apps bei a quick, seamless method with Haptic Touch deep integrated across iOS 13 to provide app shortcuts zum everyday jobs right from ns Home screen, including taking a selfie an Camera, checking an appointment an Calendar or previewing e-mails within e-mail with nur a straightforward press.

iphone 11 ist water resistant und comes in six neu stunning colors including PRODUCT(RED), black, white, yellow, green and purple.
A13 Bionic, die fastest chip ever in a smartphone, offers unparalleled performance zum every job iPhone 11 handles und features up to 20 percent quicker CPU and GPU 보다 A12. A13 Bionic zu sein built zum machine learning, through a faster Neural Engine weil das real-time photo and video analysis, and new an equipment Learning Accelerators the allow the CPU kommen sie deliver much more than 1 sunshine operations über second.
Together, A13 Bionic und iOS 13 do up the best machine learning platform an a smartphone. Built weil das efficiency, the A13 Bionic also enables good all-day battery life.

iphone 11 comes v A13 Bionic, ns fastest chip an a smartphone, giving unparalleled performance zum every task.
iPhone 11 introduce a dual-camera system with all-new extremistin Wide und Wide cameras that room deeply integrated into iOS 13, offering ns highest top quality video an a smartphone and major advancements bei photography weil das the can be fried camera experience.
iPhone 11 shoot beautifully spicy video, v both the extremist Wide und Wide cameras supporting 4K video with extended dynamic range weil das more to mark detail and cinematic videos stabilization. With a more comprehensive field of view und large focal plane, users kann sein shoot comprehensive action videos with the extremistin Wide camera.
The dual-camera system lasst uns users quickly zoom betwee each camera while Audio Zoom matches the audio to ns video framing weil das more dynamic sound. V iOS 13, powerful videobilien editing tools room accessible kommen sie everyone with die ability to rotate, crop, rise exposure und apply filters zu videos instantly all within ns new, easy-to-use Camera interface.
With iphone phone 11, ns all-new extremistin Wide camera essentially changes die photography experience by capturing four times more scene, und is great zum taking landscape or style photos, tight shots und more. A neu Wide sensor with 100 percent focus Pixels enables Night mode, delivering huge improvements kommen sie photos captured in indoor und outdoor low-light environments, resulting bei brighter bildern with organic colors und reduced noise. Both cameras work together kommen sie enable Portrait setting photos for people, pets, objects and more.

The all-new ultra Wide and Wide cameras offer significant advancements in photography weil das the can be fried camera experience, consisting of Night mode.
The all-new extremistin Wide and Wide cameras offer major advancements in photography zum the ultimate camera experience, including Night mode.
The all-new ultra Wide and Wide cameras offer major advancements an photography for the can be fried camera experience, consisting of Night mode.
Next-generation smart HDR offers advanced an equipment learning to capture much more natural-looking images with beautiful highlight und shadow detail on ns subject and in the background. Deep Fusion, coming letztere this fall, zu sein a new image processing system enabled by the Neural Engine of A13 Bionic. Deep fusion uses advanced machine learning to do pixel-by-pixel processing of photos, optimizing zum texture, details und noise bei every part of the photo.
miyvue.com’s tight integration between hardware and software delivers a redesigned camera interface, offering a much more immersive experience that works with ns dual-camera system and all-screen display to let customers see and capture ns area outside von the frame. Weil das the first time, users tun können easily record video without convert out of Photo mode with QuickTake über simply holding the shutter taste to anfang recording.
with QuickTake, hold the shutter taste to easily anfang recording there is no switching out of Photo mode.
The update TrueDepth camera introduces a new 12MP camera v a more comprehensive field des view zu capture more bei selfies, and next-generation clever HDR enables an ext natural-looking photos. Expressive selfie videos take top top a whole new look on ns TrueDepth camera, jetzt recording 4K videobilien at up zu 60 fps und 120 fps slo-mo.

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The neu miyvue.com-designed U1 chip uses ultra Wideband technology, the zuerst ever bei a smartphone, zum spatial awareness. V iOS 13.1 coming on september 30, AirDrop it s okay even better with directionally aware suggestions.
Face ID, the most secure face authentication an a smartphone, gets up kommen sie 30 percent faster und easier zu use with improved performance punkt varying distances and support for more angles.
Spatial audio provides in immersive surround sound experience und Dolby Atmos it is provided powerful, relocating audio kommen sie iPhone 11.
iOS 13 on iphone phone 11 it is intended a seamless endure with software and hardware integration unlike any other smartphone. IOS 13 introduces a dramatic new look through Dark Mode, a more private way zu sign in to apps and websites with Sign an with miyvue.com, and in all-new Maps experience.6
With progressed Camera and Photos features, picture editing is more comprehensive und intuitive through powerful neu tools that jetzt extend kommen sie video editing. Portrait bright adjustments kann be made right bei the Camera app to adjust the intensity von light ~ above a subject, und a neu High-Key Mono effect creates a beautiful, monochromatic look for Portrait mode photos.
The doppel cameras bei iPhone 11 arbeiten together zu create stunning Portrait mode bildern of people, pets, objects und more.
The doppel cameras in iPhone 11 arbeiten together kommen sie create stunning Portrait mode bild of people, pets, objects und more.
The doppel cameras an iPhone 11 arbeit together zu create stunning Portrait mode bild of people, pets, objects and more.
Customers in the US, Puerto Rico, ns US Virgin Islands und more than 30 various other countries and regions will be able zu pre-order iphone 11 beginning hinweisen 5 a.m. PDT top top Friday, september 13 with ease of access beginning Friday, september 20.
Customers who would like kommen sie pay monthly weil das their iphone phone — including those trading in their current device or joining or upgrading through ns iPhone Upgrade regimen — can use the sich entschuldigen Store anwendung on their iPhone to get pre-approved until 9 p.m. PDT top top Thursday, september 12, prior to iPhone 11 pre-order begins.
iOS 13 will be obtainable on september 19 as a cost-free software update zum iPhone 6s und later. Extr software features möchte be accessible on september 30 with iOS 13.1.9
miyvue.com Arcade ~ above the app Store will be accessible with iOS 13 together a subscription zum $4.99 per month and is launching with a one-month complimentary trial.10 Users get unlimited accessibility to ns entire catalog of over 100 new, exclude, games, all playable throughout iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac und miyvue.com TV.
miyvue.com Arcade ~ above the anwendung Store and miyvue.com TV+ top top the sich entschuldigen TV app join miyvue.com’s breakthrough service that include apfel Music, apfel News+, apfel Pay and iCloud.
Every customer who buys iphone phone 11 from apfel will be available free angestellter Setup in-store or online to help them customize your iPhone by helping auslieferung their data, wiping charme from an old device, setting up email, highlighting new apps indigenous the app Store und more.
Customers tun können extend their minimal warranty through miyvue.comCare+ and miyvue.comCare+ through Theft and Loss, and get 24/7 priority access to technical support.
Customers interested an learning more about iphone phone 11 tun können join one des miyvue.com’s new Today at sich entschuldigen sessions, rapid Tips. Quick Tips are 15-minute drop-in sessions focused on some of the most popular features des iPhone, prefer photography. The neu Quick pointer sessions begin Friday, september 20.

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The back glass on iphone 11 zu sein precision milled indigenous a single sheet von glass — die toughest glass ever bei a smartphone.
miyvue.com revolutionized angestellter technology with ns introduction of the Macintosh in 1984. Today, apfel leads the world an innovation v iPhone, iPad, Mac, sich entschuldigen Watch, und miyvue.com TV. miyvue.com’s five software platforms — iOS, iPadOS, macOS, watchOS, und tvOS — provide seamless experiences across all apfel devices and empower human being with breakthrough service including the anwendung Store, miyvue.com Music, sich entschuldigen Pay, and iCloud. miyvue.com’s much more than 100,000 employees space dedicated zu making ns best commodities on earth, and to leaving die world much better than we discovered it.

1 iphone phone XR zu sein the most famous smartphone in the world, according to strategy Analytics. 2 iphone 11 zu sein splash-, water- and dust-resistant, und was tested under managed laboratory problems with a rating von IP68 under IEC conventional 60529 (maximum depth of 2 meters up to 30 minutes). Splash, water und dust resistance are notfall permanent conditions, and resistance might decrease together a result of normal wear. Do not attempt zu charge a wet iPhone; express to die user guide zum cleaning and drying instructions. Flüssig damage notfall covered under warranty. 3 die iPhone 11 display screen has rounded corners that follow a beautiful bent design, und these corners space within a conventional rectangle. When measured together a standard rectangle-shaped shape, the screen is 6.06 inch diagonally. Really viewable area is less.4 speeds vary based upon site conditions und carrier. For details on LTE support, contact your carrier und see miyvue.com/iphone/LTE.5 use of dual SIM requires two wireless leistungen plans (which may include restrictions ~ above roaming). Particular restrictions apply zu use. 6 The new map ist available now in select cities and states, and will roll out across ns US von the end of 2019 und to an ext countries in 2020. 7 Monthly pricing is available to qualified customers and requires a 0 percent APR, 24-month rate loan with Citizens One, and iPhone activation v AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile or Verizon. Tonnage installment payment may be less relying on remaining balance. Full terms apply. 8 Trade-in values vary. Iphone 11 advancement pricing is after trade-in von iPhone 8 Plus bei good condition. Added trade-in values require purchase of a neu iPhone, subject kommen sie availability and limits. Sales tax might be assessed on full value of neu iPhone. Sie must be 18 years old. Sell may not be available bei all countries. In-store trade-in calls for presentation of a valid, government-issued photograph ID (local legislation may require saving this information). Added terms from sich entschuldigen or miyvue.com’s trade-in partners may apply. 9 zum more information, visit miyvue.com/ios/ios-13. Some attributes may not be available in all regions or every languages.10 $4.99 per month after complimentary trial. No commitment. Setup automatically renews after ~ trial till cancelled. 11 $4.99 von month after totally free trial. One subscription von Family share group. Offer good for three month after eligible an equipment activation, starting november 1, 2019. Setup automatically renews till cancelled. Restrictions and other state apply.