Iphone 11 pro max vs iphone 12 pro max

Differences incorporate a 120Hz screen, boosted cameras and 2.5 hours an ext battery life

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You’re more than likely reading this words because freundin typed iphone 13 Pro max vs iphone phone 12 Pro max into Google, along with something prefer “what’s ns difference?”, or “which ist better?” Or maybe freundin didn’t. One of two people way, it’s a perfectly reasonable question kommen sie ask, and you’re below because freundin want kommen sie know if it’s worth upgrading from her iPhone 12 Pro max to Apple’s shinier, more recent model.

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You might be tough pressed kommen sie spot ns difference between the iphone phone 13 pro Max and its predecessor. After all, ns overall stainless steel entwurf is essentially die same, and they’re nearly exactly ns same dimensions too, with ns iPhone 13 Pro max measuring bei at a practically imperceptible 0.3mm thicker, und slightly heavier at 240g versus the 228g weight von the iphone 12 jeden Max.

Look a little bit closer though, and you’ll notice a few differences, like the fact that the iPhone 13 Pro maximal has a slightly narrower (20 von cent narrower, to be specific) display screen notch. While both share die same Gold, Silver und Graphite colours, ns iPhone 13 Pro maximal introduces a neu shade, Sierra Blue, which is noticeably lighter than die dark Pacific Blue option for the iphone 12 pro Max.

iPhone 13 Pro maximal vs iphone phone 12 jeden Max: screen

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We’ve already covered die iPhone 13 pro Max’s smaller notch, however there’s bei even much more important difference between the 2 OLED displays under the hood. While die iPhone 13 Pro maximal has die same 6.7-inch display screen size und 1284 ns 2778 resolution, the trounces ns iPhone 12 pro Max’s 60Hz refresh price with a 120Hz screen.

While we’ve yet to prüfen it out in person, we tun können definitely say the we’ve i found it a difference bei smoothness utilizing 120Hz android handsets from the likes of Samsung and OnePlus, especially when moving from a 60Hz display. The main thing you’ll notice is a difference in smoothness when scrolling, and while not a gesamt game-changing improvement, it’s die sort des subtle feature you won’t want to give trost if you’ve come to be accustomed to it.

Beyond die faster refreshing rate, ns iPhone 13 pro Max also has Apple’s arzt feature, which way it tun können adjust its refresh indigenous 120Hz zu as low together 10Hz, depending on what you’re making use of your call for. This prevents any extra battery from gift used up on a faster refresh rate weil das no reason (e.g. If you’re merely reading revolution text).

Another an essential difference zu sein the brightness, with the iPhone 12 Pro maximal offering a 28 per cent brighter display, which should make weil das better visibility outdoors on clear days.

iPhone 13 Pro maximal vs iphone 12 zum Max: camera

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The iphone 13 Pro max comes with some noticeable camera changes. Zum starters the hauptsächlich wide camera has in f/1.5 aperture on die iPhone 13 zum Max, versus die f/1.8 aperture on die iPhone 12 pro Max. The ultra-wide camera on the 13 Pro maximal has an f/1.8 aperture matches its predecessor"s f/2.4 camera, while die telephoto camera on ns iPhone 13 Pro maximal has 3x optical zoom, versus 2.5x on ns 12 zum Max.

More interesting perhaps ist the fact that thanks to the largest sensor ever used in in iPhone, ns 13 jeden Max’s main camera jetzt captures up zu 2.2x more light zum both photos and videos, while ns ultra-wide camera sucks in a whopping 92 über cent an ext light. This means that low-light shots space likely kommen sie be noticeably much better on ns newer iphone 13 Pro maximal compared to ns 12 zum Max. Not only that, but freundin can also capture macro shots on the 13 Pro maximal thanks to ns ultra-wide camera’s new auto-focus system that lasst uns you catch subjects nur 2cm away.

There’s noticeable renovations with videobilien too, with ns iPhone 13 Pro max featuring a neu Cinematic setting that has a rack focus und manual focus feature that to add a much more professional quality zu your shots. Freundin can, impressively, so change die focus of a vault recording, which might be game-changing zum mobile creators, though wollen probably be in underused feature weil das the median casual user.

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iPhone 13 Pro max vs iphone phone 12 pro Max: power

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It’s no surprise kommen sie hear that the iPhone 13 Pro max (along through its mini, 13, and 13 jeden siblings) ist the more quickly iPhone ever before made, not to mention die most powerful smartphone in the world wie it comes kommen sie raw specs.

No other non-Apple smartphone processor come close zu the stärke offered by the new A15 Bionic chip in the iphone 13 pro Max. Its new six-core CPU und four high-efficiency cores room 50 über cent much faster than ns competition, if the new GPU ist reportedly 30 per cent faster than rivals. A neu 16-core Neural Engine also means that machine learning skills are increased too, unlocking neu iOS fünfzehn features like live Text in Camera und a neu 3D Maps hyperplasie feature.

Compared to the likes of die iPhone 12 pro Max’s A14 Bionic processor, die gap zu sein likely less, and while die newer handset clearly wins out on life power, sie could happy go one more year with ns iPhone 12 Pro max without comes close zu feeling the you’re quick on power.

While both handsets come with 6GB und 128GB, 256GB and 512GB storage options, die iPhone 13 pro Max so has a gargantuan deluxe 1TB variant zum media hoarders und power users.

iPhone 13 Pro max vs iphone 12 pro Max: battery life

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The iphone phone 13 Pro max has a slightly bigger battery (the precise capacity isn’t specified) than the iPhone 12 Pro max coupled with software application optimisations and the doktorgrad display, apple promises that ns iPhone 13 Pro maximal will belastung up to two und a für hilfe hours longer than the iPhone 12 zum Max, which ist a kind increase bei longevity.

Charging speed, however, remains die same, through both handsets providing 20W fast charging which have to boost freundin up to 50 von cent an around half in hour.

iPhone 13 Pro maximal vs iphone 12 jeden Max: verdict

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Without having reviewed ns iPhone 13 zum ourselves (though we’re working on it), we can’t categorically zustand which handset ist better. Yet it’s much more than reasonable zu make some assumptions based on ns on-paper changes, and clearly, bei every category, die iPhone 13 Pro maximal comes out on top.

That isn’t however, saying that every iphone phone 12 Pro max owner has zu upgrade. This ist definitely an evolutionary upgrade as opposed kommen sie something feuer spanking new. The entwurf is an ext or much less identical, und while die 120Hz screen is certainly a nice feature, it might not be worth the upgrade in itself.

If you’re a casual photographer who tends zu stick zu daylight shots climate you can probably stick to your guns zum another year weist least. If, however, sie take lots von low light shots and/or are bei avid videographer, die iPhone 13 jeden Max’s camera upgrades wollen be mightily tempting – specifically with the improved battery life.

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Stay tuned for our complete iPhone 13 Pro maximal review zum our last verdict.


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