Iphone 11 Pro Tipps Und Tricks

(miyvue.com) - iphone has long been the device that provides it super simple zu get die basics done. Whether the be sending out a text, browsing die web, sharing photos or installing games. But if that"s not enough zum you und you want to lakers everything her iPhone has actually on offer, there"s plenty an ext that you kann sein plunge into head-first. If you"ve gott the iphone phone 11, or either die 11 jeden or 11 zum Max, there"s plenty kommen sie discover.

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Of course, if you have any of the ahead or newer couple of iPhones und you"re running iOS 14.6 already, many of these features und tips ausblüten apply. Dafür get her cup of tea, sit down und dig with some of these tips, und really get zu grips with die latest software application on your iPhone.

Home screen und display

Rearrange home screen icons: jetzt that yes sir no much more pressure perceptible display, some des the lang press and force touch actions have changed. There space two ways kommen sie rearrange your app icons. Either long press on in app and tap “rearrange apps” in the pop nach oben menu, or just long press and drag the icon before ns pop nach oben menu has even appeared.

Enable dark mode: Go to Settings > display & Brightness und now toggle on die Dark Mode. You can also get it zu automatically readjust based ~ above time or sunrise/sunset.

Get wallpapers to darken through Dark Mode: v a few von the reinstalled wallpapers, you can get the image to darken und change whenever dark mode zu sein enabled. Go to Settings > Wallpaper and make sue the “dark appearance dims wallpaper” toggle zu sein switched on. Then hit “choose new wallpaper” und pick one indigenous “Stills” or “Live” which has the little eclipse icon in the bottom best corner. Now, whenever dark mode ist enabled, die wallpaper will so go dark.



Control center tips

Add new controls:Like ns previous version of iOS, you kann add und remove controls from control Centre. Head to Settings > regulate Centre > Customise Controls and then pick which controls you"d like to add.

Reorganise controls:To change ns order von those controls you"ve added, tap and hold the three-bar icon on the right des whichever control you"d like zu move, then move it up and down die list to wherever you"d choose it to be.

Expand controls:Some controls kann become full screen, nur long drücken sie on the control freundin want zu expand and it"ll fill the screen.

Switch on angestellter hotspot:By default, ns connectivity control only has 4 options in it. If you lang press kommen sie expand it, you"ll get a full screen manage with two much more options. Tap ~ above the mitarbeiter hotspot icon kommen sie switch it on.

Activate screen recording:One of the alternatives added bei 2018 i m sorry you tun können add zu Control Centre is Screen Recording. Make sure you add the control, then open Control Centre und press die icon that looks like a heavy white circle inside a thin white ring. From jetzt on it"ll record whatever that wake up on your screen. Drücken sie the control again wie you"re done, and it"ll conserve a video zu your Photos app automatically.

Adjust flashlight/torch brightness:You tun können switch on her camera flash, making use of it as a torch, von opening regulate Centre and tapping on ns torch icon. If freundin want zu adjust ns brightness, lang press die icon, then adjust ns full-screen slider the appears.

Quickly switch whereby audio zu sein played:One kühl feature ist the ability to change whereby music ist playing. If music zu sein playing, through sich entschuldigen Music, Spotify, or wherever, long press on ns music regulate or nur tap the little icon in the oberteil corner von the music control. This brings nach oben a pop-up showing available devices that you can play through. This can be associated earphones, a Bluetooth speaker, apfel TV, your iPhone or any AirPlay device.

Set a rapid timer:Instead des heading to ns timer app, you kann long press on the timer icon, then slide nach oben or under on ns full-screen to set a timer almost everywhere from one minute zu two hrs long.

How zu access HomeKit devices:Open control Center und then tap on the little icon that aussehen like a house.



Lock display tips

Open camera from ns lock screen:Instead von swipe gestures, apple has incorporated a camera button bei the bottom best corner von the lock screen. Niederdrücken it, und you"ll go straight to the camera app.

Switch on her torch:Just like the camera, there"s a lock screen button for convert on your torch/LED light. Press it, and you"ve gott a torch.

Tap zu wake:By default, you can wake nach oben your iphone 11 or 11 pro just über tapping on ns screen when it"s in standby. It"ll light up und show your lock screen.

Raise your phone to wake:Simply pick up ns phone in standby und it möchte wake hoch showing sie all die notifications you"ve got on the Lock screen. To turn this feature on or turn off go kommen sie Settings > display screen & Brightness, climate toggle Raise to Wake.

Notification Centre:On her lock screen, together usual, neu notifications pop nach oben as standard. However, if you want zu quickly get to older ones you"ve read or ignored, swipe nach oben on die middle des the lock screen und it"ll zeigen "Notification Centre", collating your previous notifications. Be careful notfall to anfang from too low down, otherwise you"ll nur unlock your phone und go kommen sie your house screen.

Clear notifications:With notice Centre ~ above screen, niederdrücken the wenig "x" an the corner and tap die "clear".

How to access heute View widgets on the lock screen:Another really basic one. Swipe from left kommen sie right on your lock screen.

How zu add/remove widgets:iOS 10 introduced a today View page, whereby you can show widgets from any type of apps that support it. Because then, it"s remained largely unchanged. To add, remove or reorganise, walk to the Today check out (swipe left kommen sie right on die lock display screen or first home screen) and then scroll all ns way to die bottom. Tap on the edit button to customise i m sorry widgets zeigen and an what order.

Quick Reply:When a notice comes an - relying on whether it"s enabled von the developer - you kann reply automatically without having to open the certain app. Kommen sie do this, traction down die notification kommen sie reveal die actions you tun können take. Or, from the lock screen, you kann long drücken sie the notification and tap "reply", then start typing.

Clear individual/grouped notifications from ns Lock Screen:You kann sein clear in individual an alert or group notifications from in app by simply swiping native right zu left and then tapping "clear" or "clear all".


Check your mean battery consumption:Head kommen sie Settings > Battery and you"ll seen two graphs. One shows ns battery level, the other reflects your screen-on and screen-off activity. There room two tabs. One reflects your tonnage 24 hours, the other reflects up zu two weeks. This means you can see how active your phone life zu sein on average, and breakdowns reflecting your average screen-on and screen-off times show beneath die graphs.

Enable Low-Power Mode:The Low stärke Mode (Settings > Battery) lets you reduce energie consumption. Die feature disables or reduces background app refresh, auto-downloads, e-mail fetch, und more (when enabled). You tun können turn that on hinweisen any point, or you are prompted zu turn that on at the 20 and 10 von cent an alert markers. You can so add a control to Control Centre, und access that quickly von swiping up zu access CC and tapping on die battery icon.

Find battery guzzling apps:iOS particularly tells sie which apps space using ns most juice. Go to Settings > Battery and then scroll down to ns section that gives you a detailed look at all her battery-guzzling apps.

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Check your battery via ns Battery widget:Within ns widgets bei Today view, there"s a card that lets you lakers the battery life remaining bei your iPhone, apple Watch and connected headphones. Just swipe native left to right ~ above your house screen zu get kommen sie your today view and scroll until you seen the "Batteries" widget.

Charge wirelessly:To do use of the iPhone"s wireless charging capabilities, purchase a wireless charger. Any type of Qi charger wollen work, but to charge an ext efficiently freundin need one optimised zum Apple"s 7.5W charging.

Messages und Memoji

Create your own Memoji:With iphone X, apfel launched a funny feature dubbed Animoji. Now, there"s Memoji. This lets you produce your own custom Animoji character zu look like you (or not like you, whatever sie like).Open Messages and start a new message. Tap the little monkey icon, and then hit die "+" taste to develop your own character. Jetzt you tun können customise confront shape, skin tone, hair colour, eyes, jewellery und much more.

Memoji stickers:You kann sein now send her Memoji as revolution emoji stickers. Access them von tapping die emoji button on ns keyboard, and then picking from die reactions available. To lakers more von them, tap the three dots (...) button, here you kann sein choose from die available animoji and memoji and also create a tradition facial expression.

Use your Memoji/Animoji in a FaceTime call:Start a FaceTime call, then niederdrücken the little star icon in the bottom corner. Jetzt tap the Memoji freundin want zu use.

Memoji her selfies:So, if freundin decide your Memoji face zu sein better than your echt life face, you tun können send selfies with ns Memoji instead of your own head in Messages. Anfang a neu message und tap die camera icon, und then niederdrücken that stern button. Now choose the Animoji option, by tapping the monkey"s head again. Select your Memoji und tap ns "x" and make certain you have the front dealing with camera active.

How zu add effects kommen sie iMessages:iOS 10 added ns ability kommen sie add complete screen and bubble effects kommen sie iMessages. To access these effects, press and hold the send icon after you"ve composed a message. Here you kann switch bolzen Bubble and Screen effects to apply them kommen sie your message.

How zu mute particular conversations:In your main Messages inbox, swipe left on any type of conversation sie want to hide notifications from climate tap "hide alerts". It"s really useful if you"re part of a particularly persistent and chatty group message.

Send a foto to someone:To the left von the buchstabe input field an Messages you"ll seen a small camera icon.Tap it und it"ll automatically launch die full display camera app. Kommen sie access image from her gallery, tap ns photo gallery icon bei the top left corner.

How zu Markup a picture in Messages:You kann sein Markup or easily edit photos prior to sending them in iOS. To do so, choose a photo and add it kommen sie your message. Before freundin send, tap on die photo und you"ll get die choice zu Markup (i.e. Draw on it) or edit it.

Draw und send who a picture:In Messages sie can so send human being drawn pictures like apple Watch customers can. Tap die little anwendung Store symbol to ns left of the post input field. You"ll now lakers a klein heart logo with two fingers on that above the keyboard; tap it und then start drawing. Kommen sie make the schwarze farbe canvas bigger drag the klein grey gittern above die drawing area upwards until it fills ns screen.

How to draw ~ above a videos you want to send someone an a message:Follow the instructions above, yet instead von drawing on die canvas straight away niederdrücken the videos camera icon. You tun können then record a message und draw on that at ns same time.

How zu send who a kiss:In messages you kann sein not only send who a drawing or a video, but so a series von shapes or patterns, consisting of a kiss on the screen. Kommen sie send a kiss, go kommen sie the black canvas (see above) long-press with two finger where you want die heart zu appear. Kommen sie break die heart, swipe downwards when long-pressing there is no lifting your fingers from die screen.

How zu access apps in iMessage:In any kind of Messages conversation you"ll lakers all of your iMessage apps bei a toolbar along the bottom of the screen. Swipe left or right kommen sie find the app you"re looking for. If you"re typing, you"ll lakers them in a toolbar along die top des your keyboard.

How to react zu a message:Double madness on any type of individual message you receive, und you"ll expose a selection of icons consisting of a heart, thumbs up, thumbs down, ha Ha, !!, und ?. Pushing one wollen add the to die message for the other person on iOS to see. Pressing it again möchte remove ns reaction.

How zu share your location:You kann sein quickly re-superstructure your location within a message by heading zu any conversation or post thread. Tap the tiny arrow at the top near your contact"s name, climate hit ns "i" and select"share my location" or "send my existing location".

How kommen sie turn ~ above Send check out Receipts:iOS gives freundin the möglichkeit to manage Send check out Receipts individually, based upon a particular conversation. Within ns same menu as the location sharing, toggle the "Send review Receipts" option.

What time?:View what time a message was sent by dragging indigenous right zu left on ns conversation screen.

Quick Voice message:If you press on the small mic taste on the right of the text boxen you can anfang recording a sprachlich message. Lift your finger to stop and reveal a playback button. When happy, tap ns arrow zu send it or - if you decide notfall to send it - tap die x button to cancel.

See attachments:Go right into a message thread/conversation then tap the little triangle at the top close to your contact"s name, then niederdrücken "i". At die bottom von the screen and you"ll lakers any attachments/images you"ve shared with the contact.

Delete messages:As before, swipe indigenous right zu left bei the messages hub und then tap ns "delete" option.

Delete older message automatically:Settings > Messages und then scroll down to "Message history". Right here you tun können Opt to keep message forever, 1 year, or 30 days.

Automatically delete audio or video messages:By default, apfel sets it deshalb that when you"ve sent in audio post it deletes from her iPhone or iPad after two minutes. If sie want zu keep ns message go to Settings > Messages und scroll down to Audio messages or videos Messages sections und toggle die "Expire" setting.

Raise to listen to audio messages:It"s on von default, but you kann turn off die ability kommen sie listen and reply kommen sie incoming audio messages by raising your phone. Zu turn it off go to Settings > Messages und toggle Raise to Listen.

Blue vs green:Blue ballon are zum iMessages, green are for regular old-fashioned botschaft messages.

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Send iMessage as SMS:If you are having actually trouble sending your iMessages (over data) you can opt to schutz iOS 13 revert zu sending the message together a botschaft instead. Go kommen sie Settings > Messages and toggle ns "Send as SMS" switch.