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the Galaxy S20's screen supports a refreshing rate von up to 120Hz crystal Cox/Business insider

All three modell of ns Galaxy S20 assistance the auswahl to crank the screen"s refresh rate up to 120Hz, double the standard 60Hz refresh rate that"s taken into consideration normal.

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That basically means the S20"s display screen feels smoother, faster, und more responsive when scrolling. I noticed this the most wie man checking notifications und scrolling with the app drawer. With this attribute turned on, ns display is deshalb responsive that i barely schutz to pull up from die bottom von the screen to launch my apps library.

In ns past, I"ve struggled to seen the appeal in smartphone display screens with greater refresh rates. Bei those cases, i had been using phones v 90Hz update rates, which bei my endure didn"t feel favor a noticeable enough jump. The switch from 60Hz zu 120Hz zu sein much much more significant.

If freundin do turn on ns Galaxy S20"s 120Hz refreshing rate, however, you should know that it might decrease the device"s battery life. You"ll deshalb only be able kommen sie set die resolution zu 1080p, fairly than ns device"s greatest setting von 3200 x 1440.

Apple"s iPhones don"t have an option kommen sie increase ns screen"s update rate. Yet its iPad pros do have a feature dubbed ProMotion, i beg your pardon increases die refresh rate zu 120Hz.


die Galaxy S20 doesn't schutz a notch cutout like ns iPhone. entscheidung Cox/Business insider

Starting with the Galaxy S10, samsung began making use of a recently designed screen for its Galaxy s smartphones the nixes die top and bottom bezels and instead implements a small hole punch-shaped cutout near ns top of the screen zum its camera.

This, combined with die S20"s slightly bent display, gives ns front von the call a sleeker and more smooth look than ns iPhone 11 Pro, which has a much more remarkable cutout near ns top von the display zum the phone"s prior camera und Face i would sensors.

As a result, Samsung ist able to rechts a larger display on its maker without making the phone itself every that viel bigger. Die Galaxy S20 ultra has a huge 6.9-inch screen, while the iPhone 11 pro Max"s screen measures 6.5 inches.

It"s worth noting, however, that die iPhone"s challenge ID has usually been considered kommen sie be much more secure 보다 Samsung"s facial acknowledgment thanks to all ns sensors included bei that notch cutout. Apple devices task thousands des invisible dots throughout your face kommen sie create a depth map and so capture bei infrared image of what you look like. Samsung devices just use the front camera zu map your face, and previous reports have suggested the Samsung"s facial acknowledgment tech kann be quickly fooled.


Samsung's einzel Take captures photos in different layouts with one press. crystal Cox/Business insider

There space some characteristics of the iPhone"s camera that ich prefer end Samsung"s — like its ability kommen sie capture more realistic einzelheiten when acquisition portrait shots — but ns Galaxy S20"s single Take zu sein worth highlighting.

With einzel Take, you kann press ns shutter button once while die phone catches multiple versions des the scene an different styles. This could include a black-and-white photo, a quick video, or sped-up footage des the scene. It"s a particularly fun shooting mode if you"re catching scenes v a gewächs of movement, like youngsters playing, sporting events, or her pets.


prefer all android phones, Samsung's devices tun können be customized with home display widgets. antonio Villas-Boas/Business insider

As zu sein the case with just about any android phone, die Galaxy S20 allows weil das more customization when it come to the home screen und other aspects von the operating system.

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Just host down all over on die home screen, zum example, and tap die "Widgets" taste to add more inhalt to your home screen. A widget is essentially a item of in app that stays pinned kommen sie your house screen for use. You can add the google search riegel as a widget, zum example, and bookmarks from Chrome, shortcuts zu your Gmail or Outlook inbox, and more.

On bei Android call like die Galaxy S20, sie can deshalb drag and drop widgets zu place them where you like on the home screen.

Apple"s alternative zu home display screen widgets zu sein the iPhone"s "Today View," which zu sein located to ns left des the house screen. Ns "Today View" is a customizable stream of widgets whereby you kann see die info like die weather, news headlines, how much battery life is left an your AirPods, und more.

Apple"s "Today View" may look cleaner 보다 pinning widgets to die home screen, but ich prefer die widget layout on android phones. Sie don"t schutz to swipe, since the information is located right over there on die home screen, make it easier to seen weather data at a glance. Und being able zu pin only ns certain pieces des information i care around directly to the S20"s home display screen makes that feel more like I"m tailoring it, whereas "Today View" doesn"t really feel like it"s part von the house screen punkt all.

"Today View" feels more like in answer to die customized news feeds that android device equipments offer on your phones, prefer the google feed und Samsung Daily, both des which room accessible when swiping best from the home screen.

samsung phones schutz offered break-up screen mode weil das years. Here's just how it looks on the Galaxy klasse 8. sarah Jacobs/Business innerhalb

The software will vary slightly relying on the android device you"re using, but most android phones offer some level von flexibility wie man it come to die user interface und how apps space run.

For example, a klein but beneficial software properties I"ve constantly appreciated on samsung phones like ns S20 ist the granular controls available for tweaking die volume. When pressing the volume key, you"ll an alert that a dropdown arrow shows up next to the volume indicator. Tapping this arrow will launch a mini-menu that lets you control ns volume weil das specific dinge like your runden tone, media, und notifications.

On an iPhone, you kann only control die general as whole volume über pressing ns volume key.

Android phones so let you run apps bei split screen mode, which allows you to view 2 apps hinweisen once top top screen. I don"t find myself making use of this too often because dividing die screen in half on many phones makes apps feel auch cramped. But it"s still a nice option to have for times wie you might feel prefer you"re continuous switching betwee apps.

The iphone phone doesn"t oase a attribute like this, although apple does offer separation screen view zum the iPad.

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All told, Samsung"s phones stand out for their outstanding design, sharp und smooth screen, und flexible software, even if some des those features come with their very own trade-offs.