Iphone 12 mini vergleich iphone 11

The samsung Galaxy S21, S21+, und S21 extremist are some des the most impressive smartphones on ns market. Here's just how they compare to die iPhone 12 series.

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(The samsung Galaxy S21 lineup has a playful design and comes bei various colors.)(Samsung)

Apple’s flagships sport a glass sandwich design and are deshalb available in multiple colors. The Pro und Pro Max come with a frosted glass finish, while ns iPhone 12 and 12 mini feature glossy backplates. Gone are die rounded edges and curved glass uncovered on ns iPhone 11; it has actually been changed with an ext utilitarian entwurf that recalls the iPhone 4 series.


(Steven Winkelman)

Both the samsung Galaxy S21 und iPhone 12 have in IP68 rating, meaning they kann withstand 4.9 feet von water zum a half hour. Past that, there space a few differences when it comes kommen sie durability. Ns S21s all oase aluminum frames and Gorilla Glass displays. The S21+ and S21 extremistin sport a Gorilla Glass back as well, while the S21"s ist made von plastic. Every iPhone 12 modell use ceramic shield glass zum displays und bodies. It"s supposed to be an ext durable than other strengthened glass choices (though our iphone phone 12 had a screen scratch in ~ days). The iPhone 12 models have an aluminum structure while die Pro modell sport a stainless frame.


(The iphone 12 pro sports a innovative design.)(Apple)

It’s a difficult call, yet we’re saying this round ist a draw. Sure, ns iPhone 12 comes bei more sizes und the pro models schutz stainless frames, yet neither feature zu sein enough kommen sie gain a clear edge over ns S21s. Samsung und Apple phones oase very different designs this year, deswegen pick ns one freundin like best.


For year, iPhones schutz had the upper hand when the comes to processing power, however it looks like Samsung’s Galaxy S21 might be a worthy contender. If you’re bei the us or Canada, die Galaxy 21 ships through Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 888 chipset. The iPhone 12 features Apple’s tradition A14 Bionic chip.


(Steven Winkelman)

On paper, die Galaxy S21’s octa-core chipset aussehen like die clear winner wie man placed alongside ns hexa-core A14 Bionic processor. The said, iPhones tend zu use their processing stärke more efficiently. There have been number of leaked benchmark testen comparing die two processors, however benchmarks room easy zu fabricate—and anyway, die results show nearly identical performance.

It’s impossible zu call this round till we have an opportunity to put the samsung Galaxy S21 through our rap tests and compare that with the iPhone 12 in the same environment.

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Samsung’s Galaxy S-series smartphones have long had actually some des the most gorgeous AMOLED displays available, und the S21 ist no exception. However, die entire iphone lineup jetzt sports OLED display screens as well, putting this category bei close contention.

The S21 und S21+ both function AMOLED display screens with in 120Hz adaptive refresh rate that alters from 48Hz zu 120Hz relying on how freundin use die phone. Ns S21 has actually a 6.2-inch screen und the S21+ clocks bei at 6.7 inches. Both have a 2,400-by-1,080-pixel resolution.


(The samsung Galaxy S21 has a lively AMOLED screen with a 120Hz update rate.)(Samsung)

The samsung Galaxy S21 extremist has a huge 6.8-inch screen with a 3,200-by-1,440-pixel display resolution. Prefer its smaller sized siblings, it so has a 120Hz adaptive refresh rate; this display can drop all die way down to 10Hz escape upon the task weist hand.

The four iPhone 12s usage three different screens. Ns iPhone 12 mini has a 5.4-inch display screen with a 2,340-by-1,080-pixel resolution. Both ns iPhone 12 und iPhone 12 zum use a 6.1-inch screen with 2,532-by-1,170-pixel resolution. At the top of the line, ns iPhone 12 Pro max sports a 6.7-inch display screen with a 2,778-by-1,284-pixel resolution. None of the iphone 12 models has a 120Hz refresh rate, yet they’re considerably brighter than die S21s—most notable when watching HDR content.

Samsung take away this round von a hair. Most von the iphone 12 models oase a greater display resolution, and all von them space brighter, but the samsung phones" adaptive refresh rate zu sein a spectacular feature weil das gaming or even scrolling v social media feeds.


Both Samsung und Apple usage some von the best smartphone cameras on die market, yet there are far-reaching differences betwee brands and even betwee individual models. Here’s ns rundown.

Both the samsung Galaxy S21 and S21+ attribute a triple behind camera stack. Ns primary telephoto lens clocks in at 64MP with an f/1.8 aperture, dual phase detection autofocus (AF), hybride optic 3X zoom, and optical bild stabilization (OIS). There’s deshalb a 12MP wide-angle lens with an f/1.8 aperture, doppel pixel AF, und OIS. A 12MP ultra-wide lens with an f/2.2 aperture ring out the stack. On the front you’ll find a 10MP lens with an f/2.2 aperture and dual pixel AF.


(The samsung Galaxy S21 Plus functions a triple camera stack.)(Samsung)

On die Galaxy S21 Ultra, you’ll uncover a quad camera stack. The 108MP sensor has an f/1.8 aperture, bühne detection AF, and OIS. It supports nona-binning zum super-sharp 12MP photos. Over there are deshalb two 10MP telephoto lenses v f/2.4 and f/4.9 apertures that work in concert v the laser- AF sensor zu create Samsung’s 100X an are Zoom feature. Both telephoto lenses have doppel pixel AF und OIS. A 12MP ultra-wide lens with in f/2.2 aperture und dual pixel AF fills out the stack. Die 40MP front-facing camera has bei f/2.2 aperture with schritt detection AF.

Things are a wenig simpler on die iPhone 12 lineup. All 4 phones schutz 12MP wide-angle lenses through f/1.6 apertures, together with 12MP ultra-wide lenses through f/2.4 apertures. Die lenses assistance 2x optical zoom und 5x digital zoom. On the front you’ll uncover a 12MP lens with in f/2.2 aperture together with Apple’s True Depth sensor weil das Face ID.

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The Pro models have in additional 12MP telephoto lens und a LiDAR scanner. Ns iPhone 12 Pro’s telephoto lens has in f/2.0 aperture that supports 2x optical zoom in and out along with 10x digital zoom. Ns iPhone 12 zum Max also has a 12MP sensor with an f/2.2 aperture that supports 2.5x optical zoom in, 2x optical zoom out, and 12x digital zoom. Both assistance Apple’s ProRAW format for photo editing.

The specs bolzen the samsung Galaxy S21 und iPhone 12 lineups space remarkably different this year, and it’s impossible zu call this group until us have in opportunity to test the Galaxy S21 series. We believe you won’t be disappointed with any of these phones" camera performance, yet each wollen likely excel weist different tasks.

5G Support

Samsung has stepped nach oben its game zum 2021 und now provides sub-6GHz and mmWave 5G on its entire Galaxy S21 lineup. In the US, the phone wollen work with any carrier, supports DSS, and has C-band support.


(Steven Winkelman)

Apple’s first foray into 5G is equally impressive. That offers global 5G accessibility with C-band support and DSS.

Both Samsung and Apple carry out extensive 5G maßband support as well as LTE assistance with multiple-carrier aggregation. This round is a draw.

Special Features

We’ve already discussed many of the one-of-a-kind features available on die Galaxy S21 and iPhone 12 lineups, however there space two added features that collection them personally from ns competition.

For android enthusiasts, ns S21 ultra supports Samsung’s beloved s Pen. The works v both older versions von the s Pen discovered on vault Note modell as well together a new Wacom-powered ns Pen make specifically zum the Galaxy S21 Ultra. The one ist a passive stylus, however, so the funny Bluetooth shortcuts discovered on the klasse lineup will notfall work.


(The samsung Galaxy S21 extremistin includes s Pen support.)(Samsung )

MagSafe ist available on ns entire iphone phone 12 lineup. MagSafe provides a series des strong magnets zu wirelessly fee your phone und connect assorted accessories. Apple and other third-party manufacturers offer dozens of MagSafe accessories, und we mean to apfel introduce new and innovative ways to use the feature in the future.

Which Phone is Best?

It’s hard to say till we obtain our hands on the entire samsung Galaxy S21 series. Apple’s iphone phone 12 mini ($699) is a good value zum the money, yet the samsung Galaxy S21 ultra offers some impressive features—including 100x an are Zoom, a 120Hz adaptive refresh rate, and S Pen support—that make it extraordinarily versatile. Preorders zum the samsung Galaxy S21 flagships begin on januar 14 at 11 a.m. ET, and keep in eye out zum our reviews an the coming weeks.

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