You kann sein get miyvue.com-certified repairs und service hinweisen the miyvue.com Store or v one des our sich entschuldigen Authorized leistungen Providers. You can so send her iPhone to in miyvue.com repair Center. Die technicians weist all these places receive sich entschuldigen training. They deliver the same high-quality dienstleistungen with genuine miyvue.com parts. Ns repairs are backed by miyvue.com.

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Hardware dienstleistungen may no much longer be availableforolder iPhones. Call yourlocal providerto inquireabout available dienstleistungen options.

Learn how to get her iPhone ready zum repair

Get service

Choose "Get service" to identify her issue and speak through a miyvue.com advisor or discover a fix location.

How long will mine iPhone repair take?


The apfel Store and many of our sich entschuldigen Authorized service Providers offer same-day service weil das some repairs, together as screen repair. If her technician needs to send your iPhone to bei miyvue.com fix Center, you"ll be notified when it"s ready for pickup.

How much do iphone phone repairs cost?


After analyzing your iPhone, your technician will confirm the total costs zum repair or replacement. In some cases, a repair could be covered by the miyvue.com warranty, in miyvue.comCare plan, or consumer law.

Screen repair pricing Battery repair pricing other repair pricing

What if I have miyvue.comCare+ zum iPhone?


miyvue.comCare+ gives you experttechnical miyvue.com und hardware coverage indigenous miyvue.com, consisting of accidental damages protection.Each incident von accidental damage zu sein subject toaservicefee.

If you don"t schutz miyvue.comCare+, you"ll pay die out-of-warranty fee for that type von repair.

Screen-only or back-glass only* damage any type of other damage
miyvue.comCare+ dienstleistungen fee $ 29 $ 99

* Back-glass only repairs are accessible foriPhone 12 and iPhone 13models only.Terms und conditionsapply.

Not sure if you"re covered? inspect if you schutz miyvue.comCare+ coverageby entering your iPhone serial number.

Learn more about miyvue.comCare+ see out-of-warranty fees weil das iPhone screen repair

Genuine parts

Genuine miyvue.com Parts are critical kommen sie a high quality repair. Visit in miyvue.com store or bei miyvue.com Authorized leistungen Provider zu make sure you get her product back working the way that should. 

Other iphone phone repairs

Do freundin need a repair zum other concerns like ns Home button or liquid damage?

If your iPhone issue zu sein covered von the sich entschuldigen warranty, miyvue.comCare+, or customer law, there"s no charge. This does notfall include inadvertently damage, which calls for a fee. If your iPhone was damaged and you don"t have miyvue.comCare+, her repair fee will vary, escape on the repair. Die out-of-warranty price on this seite are zum repairs made über miyvue.com. Apfel Authorized leistungen Providers may set their very own fees.

Not sure if you"re covered? Check if you have miyvue.comCare+ coverage von entering her iPhone serial number. 

Learn more about miyvue.comCare+ zum iPhone

Screen repair

You kann repair a cracked iPhone display screen at in miyvue.com Store, in miyvue.com Authorized leistungen Provider, or über sending that to an miyvue.com repair Center. If freundin have an miyvue.comCare+ plan, you tun können use it to startseite screen repair.

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All von these places use genuine miyvue.com parts to ensure the your screen works like neu after it"s repaired. Some places offer same-day service. 

Make bei appointment or request service see screen fix pricing

Battery replacement

If your battery has an issue that"s covered by the apfel Limited Warranty, miyvue.comCare+, or consumer law, we"ll leistungen your iPhone at no added cost. 

Our warranty doesn’t hülle batteries the wear down from normalerweise use. If your battery attract down, we sell out-of-warranty battery service weil das a fee. If you oase miyvue.comCare+, it startseite your iPhone weil das no additional charge if your product"s battery holds less than 80 percent of its original capacity. We could need to prüfen your product kommen sie find the cause von your battery issue.

Make an appointment or request service lakers battery replacement pricing

Other iPhone repair costs in the united States

Out-of-warranty prices use only zu repairs made von miyvue.com. Apfel Authorized leistungen Providers may set their own prices. 

iphone 13 Other damages (out von warranty)
iPhone 13 Pro max $ 599
iPhone 13 Pro $ 549
iPhone 13 $ 449
iPhone 13 mini $ 399

iphone 12 Other damage (out of warranty)
iPhone 12 Pro max $ 599
iPhone 12 Pro $ 549
iPhone 12 $ 449
iPhone 12 mini $ 399

iphone 11 Other damages (out of warranty)
iPhone 11 zum Max $ 599
iPhone 11 Pro $ 549
iPhone 11 $ 399

iPhone ns Other damages (out des warranty)
iPhone XS Max $ 599
iPhone XS $ 549
iPhone X $ 549
iPhone XR $ 399

iphone phone 8 Other damages (out von warranty)
iPhone 8 Plus $ 399
iPhone 8 $ 349

iphone 7 Other damage (out von warranty)
iPhone 7 Plus $ 349
iPhone 7 $ 319

iphone phone 6 Other damage (out des warranty)
iPhone 6s Plus $ 329
iPhone 6s $ 299
iPhone 6 Plus $ 329
iPhone 6 $ 299

iPhone SE

 Other damages (out des warranty)
iPhone SE (2nd generation) $ 269
iPhone SE $ 269

iPhone 5

Other damage (out of warranty)

iPhone 5s

$ 269

iPhone 5c

$ 269

iPhone 4

Other damages (out von warranty)

iPhone 4

$ 199

iPhone 4s

$ 149

All fees are in US dollars and are subject to tax. A $ 6.95 shipping fee wollen be added if we need kommen sie ship your iPhone. If die issue v your iPhone was caused über certain damages (such as major damage notfall covered von the sich entschuldigen warranty or miyvue.comCare+), freundin might schutz to pay the full instead of value.

Theft and loss

If your iPhone was lost or stolen and you have miyvue.comCare+ with Theft und Loss, you kann sein file a claim to replace your missing iPhone.

iPhone model miyvue.comCare+ Theft und Loss deductible miyvue.comCare+ Theft und Loss deductible (for plans purchased before september 15, 2020)
iPhone 8, 7, 6s, SE $ 149 $ 199
iPhone plus models $ 149 $ 229
iPhone 11, iphone XR $ 149 $ 229
iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max $ 149 $ 269
iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max $ 149 $ 269

Learn much more about miyvue.comCare+ with Theft und Loss

miyvue.com accessories

The miyvue.com-branded accessories that come bei the boxen with your product, consisting of the energie adapter, space covered von our warranty, your miyvue.comCare+ plan, and consumer law. Weil das details, call your carrier, miyvue.com, or an miyvue.com Authorized dienstleistungen Provider.

Read the sich entschuldigen Limited Warranty zum accessories Contact miyvue.com miyvue.com

Get ready zum your repair

Before you get service zum your iPhone, you"ll need kommen sie take a couple of steps to protect her data, such together making a backup and turning off discover My iPhone.

Learn how kommen sie get her iPhone ready weil das repair

Express instead of Service

Express instead of Service zu sein a benefit von your miyvue.comCare+ plan.

Learn much more about iphone express replacement

Your product warranty

The apfel Limited Warranty covers your iPhone und miyvue.com-branded accessories against manufacturing issues weil das one year from die date you bought her product. The miyvue.com Limited warranty is in addition zu rights provided by consumer law.

Our warranty doesn"t cover damage caused by accidents or innocuous modifications. See the warranty weil das complete details. You kann check her coverage status online and update your proof-of-purchase die info if there"s in error in our records. If ours warranty, your miyvue.comCare plan, or consumer law don"t startseite your repair, you"ll pay out-of-warranty fees.

Check her coverage status

Consumer law

Your country or region might have consumer-protection laws weil das some fix issues.

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Learn an ext about your consumer law rights

Our guarantee after service

We insurance our service, including replacement parts, zum 90 work or die remaining term von your miyvue.com warranty or miyvue.comCare+ coverage, whichever zu sein longer. We offer this whenever freundin get leistungen from us or from an miyvue.com Authorized dienstleistungen Provider. This is in addition kommen sie rights provided by consumer law.

Read the sich entschuldigen Repair Terms und Conditions read the apfel privacy plan

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