Iphone 4 display selber wechseln

Use this guide kommen sie replace your iPhone"s screen, which möchte give freundin a neu front glass panel, digitizer, and LCD. Die LCD is adhered to the glass at die factory und the two parts are notfall separable without damage.

Du schaust: Iphone 4 display selber wechseln

After efficiently replacing die screen, defend your neu display indigenous scratches by installing a display screen protector.

Before you begin, discharge your iPhone battery listed below 25%. A charged lithium-ion battery kann catch fire and/or explode if accidentally punctured.


Pinch the rear panel v your fingers and lift it far from die iPhone. Alternatively, use a small Suction Cup .

Use a plastic opening tool to gently pry ns battery connector nach oben from that socket on the logic board.

Pry from die top und bottom von the connector bracket—there isn"t as viel of in overhang on the sides, and you may damage die connector.

Be very careful to only pry up on the battery connector und not die socket on ns logic board. If you pry trost on die logic board socket, you may break it entirely.

If ns tab division before die battery zu sein freed, use a few drops des high concentration (over 90%) isopropil alcohol under ns edge von the battery. Wait around one minute zum the alcohol solution zu weaken ns adhesive. Carefully slide a spudger under die battery tab zu release the adhesive.

Prying bei other areas may cause damage. Don"t try zu forcefully lever ns battery out. If needed, apply a few more drops von alcohol to further weaken die adhesive. Never ever deform or puncture the battery with your pry tool.

If there"s any kind of alcohol equipment remaining in the phone, very closely wipe it off or allow it kommen sie air dry before installing your new battery.

If your replacement battery came an a plastic sleeve, eliminate it before installation über pulling it far from the the ribbon cable.

Before reconnecting ns battery connector, it is in sure ns contact clip (shown an red) ist properly positioned next to die battery connector.

Before reassembly, clean metal-to-metal contact points with a de-greaser such together windex. Die oils from your fingers schutz the potential to cause wireless interference issues.

When re-assembling, anfang off through replacing die 4.8 mm Philips screw first, then the 2.3 mm. This is to certain there ist no mix-up, and avoid rendering the LCD und digitizer useless.

Use bei iPod opened tool kommen sie slightly lift ns top edge des the Wi-Fi antenna far from die logic board.

Remove die Wi-Fi antenna from ns iPhone. Make sure you don"t lose ns metal clips on ns top von the startseite where die 4.8mm screw attaches or die 4.8mm screw. That"s the primary factor for sperrdo Wi-Fi performance after ns reassembly.

Use in iPod opened tool zu carefully lift die rear camera connector trost off its socket on die logic board.

Remove the klein circular white sticker (warranty sticker and water indicator) covering ns screw near ns battery pull tab.

Use the edge des a plastic opened tool to gently pry die following connectors up and out von their sockets on ns logic board:

In a pinch, a small flathead screwdriver möchte do the job—but use extra caution zu ensure that doesn"t slip und damage neighboring components.

When reassembling ns device, this standoff sets the height of the Wi-Fi shield removed in step 13. If notfall torqued down, ns shield möchte be above the plane von the frame und the rückseitig will not slide into place in step 2. Die shield have to be do the washing up with die headphone jack.

When reassembling ns motherboard, ensure the its edge sit under die circled standoff, otherwise die screws will notfall fit.

When reassembling ensure that the small rubber spacer attached to die top of the motherboard is in place.

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Before re-fastening die speaker enclosure to ns inner frame, it is in sure ns four klein EMI fingers remainder below die lip of the LCD frame.

Tip: It can be tricky, however it is deshalb possible to just loosen ns large-headed 1.5 mm Phillips screws slightly, there is no having kommen sie remove and replace ns screw-and-washer set.

Carefully insert the edge of bei iPod opening tool betwee the rubber bezel around die front glass panel and the steel inner frame.

Continue kommen sie rotate die front panel assembly away from the steel inner framework until it slowly begins to peel off ns adhesive used below ns home button area.

It might be easiest kommen sie insert a spudger at die top und work that around ns edges, dispersing gently as freundin go.

Do not pull ns front glass completely away from the frame. Doing dafür may result bei damage to die digitizer cable.

De-route the digitizer and LCD cables through the steel inner frame, und remove the display from the iPhone.

When die front panel has been effectively installed, both ns LCD and digitizer cables have to be instantly next to one another und should be die same length, together shown bei the 2nd photo.

If ns digitizer cable has notfall been set up correctly, that will not reach the socket on the logic board. Do not attempt kommen sie pull it through über force, or it möchte tear. Remove die display assembly, straighten ns cable, and feed it through kommen sie its complete length, as shown.

Your replacement screen may come with fancy plastic film on the zurück of ns LCD. If so, use the pull tab near die home button to peel ns plastic film from ns LCD before installing the new display in your iPhone.

When replacing ns front dashboard assembly, sie may have to reuse die earpiece grille und the clean plastic runde around ns front facing camera from ns old/damaged assembly. This will depend ~ above where you buy ns replacement part.

After reassembly, clean ns touchscreen surface ar with in alcohol wipe prior kommen sie turning die iPhone rückseitig on. The alcohol helps dissipate any lingering static electricity, which kann sein cause problems with the display.

After reassembly, connect ns iPhone to in AC energie source before turning it on zum the erste time. Once the iPhone has booted nach oben successfully, you kann disconnect ns AC power.

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Done! Boy, it took me 1.5 however done. Quiet don"t forget guys it"s high quality that counts deswegen don"t hurry up, take her time & get light (lots of light above you). Gain a coke and it will work it. I reassembled everything, turned it on und home taste working yeah. Ouch, my screen was no an ext sensitive. Ich killed ns digitizer cable. Lucky me i had an additional broken iphone phone which ich took the LCD und put the on mine phone. (about 1.5 again to reassemble every little thing back)

Tip 1: ich did die whole point with und I had actually everything ich needed.

Tip 2: publish Home_Button_Screw_Template.pdf (you"ll require it) uncover a magnet pad to put under your A4 paper. This möchte help hold the screws.

Tip 3: use a suction cup at step 28. It found it bei my

Tip 4: ich killed mine digitizer cable hinweisen step 29 & 30. Deswegen please pay double attention there.

Tip 5: gain yourself a beere when finished :)

ich did that success but ns sensor dosnt arbeit what ns problem

good guide, but i can"t seem kommen sie get the zurück panel top top afterwords. All des the plastic tabs seem zu line nach oben correctly but it won"t on slide down into place. Any kind of advise?

I had ns same problem.

Rear dashboard did notfall seem zu slide back bei to place.

After googling ich found this tip:

Back panel will not slide rückseitig on?

If everything looks fine und aligned then you might just need zu use a bit much more force.

Worked weil das me :)

Wow the took a lang time. Nearly 2 hours! same enough, I"ve never ever done that before, und it was for a colleague dafür I was being extra careful!

As lang as you take your time and remember which screw zu sein which, it"s relatively straightforward if time consuming. I"d introduce printing the image out in step 13 - some of the screws are exceptionally similar. It möchte help sie with which zu sein which wie you come to placed it zurück together.

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The guys hinweisen miyvue.com space brilliant! i couldn"t schutz done it without this guide!

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