Iphone 5 geht an und aus

Apple"s item-tracking AirTags look awesome, however they need a phone through iOS 14.5 und Apple"s "U1" chip zum full functionality.

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What are AirTags?

At their core, AirTags are exceptionally simple. These Mentos-like tools are functionally monitor devices (though castle do have features designed zu prevent your use zum tracking people).

every AirTags disc consists of a Bluetooth transmitter and one von Apple"s U1 chips, which room powered über a disposable CR2032 battery that kann power die AirTag weil das about a year.

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How execute AirTags work?

AirTags usage Apple"s "Find My" apps on your iPhone, which tun können find a number des different gadgets, consisting of some notfall made by sich entschuldigen by using die web of sich entschuldigen devices everyone owns zu relay ar information zurück to sie securely. If sie misplace her AirTagged item, you"ll it is in able zu use the app to call hoch its location, or trigger die AirTag zu make a sound.

But her phone möchte need zu support iOS 14.5 in order kommen sie work with AirTags. That method AirTags will notfall work through iPhones older than die iPhone 6s, which did not get die update zu iOS 14.

Beyond straightforward Bluetooth chirping, AirTags also enable a feature called "Precision Finding," which can show in arrow on your phone that points straight to ns object making use of haptic und augmented reality guidance. Since feature calls for Apple"s U1 chip an both devices zu function, which way only certain devices kann sein do it.

What is Apple"s U1 chip?

The U1 chip zu sein a small radio transmitter that supplies "Ultrawide Band" (UWB) radio waves to locate ns exact position des devices. Unlike Bluetooth-based proximity detection, which tries to seen what"s nearby über looking at the strength of the signal, the U1 chip can determine extremely an accurate location information by calculating the time the takes for radio waves to bounce from one device kommen sie another at the speed von light.

In short, it"s prefer a radar chip that kann signal and detect other chips von the exact same type.

Which iPhones have Apple"s U1 chip?

iPhone 11 iphone phone 11 ProiPhone 11 zum MaxiPhone 12iPhone 12 miniiPhone 12 ProiPhone 12 Pro maximal iPhone 13 miniiPhone 13iPhone 13 ProiPhone 13 pro Mx

devices with Apple"s U1 chip that don"t (yet) assistance Precision Finding

Apple Watch series 6Homepod mini

Will AirTags work with die iPhone ns or iphone phone XR?

The iphone phone X is the newest phone zu not schutz Apple"s U1 chip. That method that basic tracking features wollen work in the uncover My app, but die iPhone X und XR cannot use ns advanced "Precision Finding" feature.

The following devices also lack a U1 chip und so cannot search or be uncovered using Precision Finding.

iPhone SE (all models) iphone XRiPhone XSiPhone XS MaxiPhone X and olderiPad pro 2021 und olderApple Watch series 5 und older iPad air 2020 und olderiPad 2020 and olderAirPods Max