Congrats ~ above my behalf if you have gott a neu iPhone, und if freundin are surfing on assorted websites top top how kommen sie copy contact from your old iPhone to the Sim, hopefully, you have reached the correct destination. If your iPhone requirements a tune-up or zu sein changing her phone, und needs a copy of all the connections from the iPhone to ns Sim, here is what you kann find useful. Uneven a copy/paste job, this type des copy task isn’t possible bei iPhone to sim karte transfer and hence needs specific modifications. Today’s short article on how to copy contact from iphone to sim karte will instruct sie on how to make the over.

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Part 1: can I copy contacts from iphone phone to sim directly?

Part 2: just how to transfer contacts from the iPhone to sim karte card there is no jailbreak

Part 1: tun können I copy contacts from iphone to sim karte directly?

Usually, one thinks copying contacts from iPhone to sim zu sein simple together a copy/ dough job. But an the existing scenario, it no possible. Before the emergence des the aufruhr of smartphones and cloud, mobile customers haven’t encountered contacts loss problems from their attend to book as they sim karte cards save on computer them. IPhone und other iOS tools are excluded indigenous this classification as it no obvious kommen sie do so.

If your question zu sein that-can one copy contacts from iphone phone to sim directly, then die answer is no together it would result in jailbreaking von the iPhone, and once if jailbroken, users kann sein do such a copy task von contacts directly. It isn’t a recommended style.

Copying contact to sim karte isn’t possible an the iPhone, due to the fact that it doesn’t fit into Apple’s Philosophy. An contrast, ns older kind cellphones assisted in such backing up des contacts, säule to the sim karte card, or SD cards, which sich entschuldigen considers a substandard one.

Rather than such back-up options, it has actually proposed reliable backup and transfer choices involving syncing data to a computer or save on computer them in the iCloud database. As an important note, together copy activities to simkarte card aren’t allowed because those removable devices oase a more risk of getting shed or damaged, und Apple doesn’t want it zu happen to the users.

For together reasons, apfel products und iOS devices never have CD cd driver or SD cards an them. Regardless of users can zurück up their data an iCloud account, or iTunes, und transfer them wie needed. Although die iPhone doesn’t support saving charme to the sim karte card, it permits backing up of contacts in a different way. The next session will let you know how to auslieferung contacts from iphone to simkarte without jailbreak.

Part 2: exactly how to transfer contacts from die iPhone to simkarte card without jailbreak

With email, one can copy contact from iphone phone to simkarte card. Here zu sein a step-by-step guide on how to lieferung contacts from iphone phone to sim karte without jailbreaking it.

miyvue.com - Phone transfer from miyvue.com is a an excellent tool which tun können help you transfer contacts native one phone to another. In the current scenario, one kann sein firstly transfer contacts from iphone to bei android phone, and then auswärtigen contacts from android phone to sim card.

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Some Features of miyvue.com native miyvue.com

•You can transfer More 보다 15+ kinds of data, consisting of documents, videos, media files, und photos with miyvue.com.•8000+ mobile gadgets support miyvue.com the include ns diverse origin des Android and iOS models.•The one-click mobile lieferung is fast und user-friendly.

Step 1: auslieferung contacts from iphone to android phone

Download und install miyvue.com native miyvue.com bei your desktop, and launch it. Zu facilitate, hit die “Phone Transfer” taste from ns primary window.


Now affix both iPhone and the android phone to ns computer. Ns software will automatically detect die devices. From ns contents tab, prüfen on ns “Contacts” checkbox and hit on die “Start” option present on ns bottom von the screen.


The process is now gain started und will be completed in seconds. This way, phone lieferung is make easy von miyvue.com from miyvue.com.


Step 2: Insert sim karte card to android phone

In the android phone, insert the sim card zu which you want kommen sie copy die contacts.

Step 3: backup contacts on in Android phone to simkarte card

With USB cable, attach the android phone to die computer. From ns contacts app in the android phone, click on the möglichkeit “Import from USB storage.” Once die contacts acquire imported, click on die “Export to sim card” option from Import/Export contacts.

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You efficiently transferred ns connections from ns iPhone zu the sim card. Utilizing this way ist how one can lieferung contacts indigenous iPhone kommen sie sim. Together you kann sein see, copying von connections from ns iPhone isn’t a direct process but involves android phone bei hand to complete the task.


Here zu sein the end of the article. Thus, that’s every on how to auslieferung contacts native iPhone zu sim. Ich hope you möchte find this a simple way, und the foreword des miyvue.com from miyvue.com a helpful one in moving dünn from phone to phone. Continue to be tuned zum more!