Iphone kalender mit google kalender synchronisieren

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Du schaust: Iphone kalender mit google kalender synchronisieren

Go to Settings > Passwords & Accounts > Add Account > Google. Sign in. Madness Next > select Calendar > Save.Then, offen the Calendar app, und select Calendars. You kann manage die calendars you want to see there.

This post explains how kommen sie sync google Calendar with die iPhone Calendar app. These instructions apply zu all currently supported iphone models und should work for older ones together well.

How kommen sie Sync your iPhone Calendar with Your google Calendar

Apple"s iOS operating system supports connections to google accounts. Kommen sie sync her iPhone und Google calendars:


Tap ns circled red i beside the calendar nennen to change die default color verbunden with ns calendar, then tap Done at die top von the screen.

Select or deselect the individual calendars you want kommen sie appear wie man you're accessing die iOS calendar app.


Google Calendar support several functions that do not work on Apple's Calendar app including ns room scheduling tool, ns creation von new google calendars, and the infection of email notifications zum events. Kommen sie use die features, you must accessibility your google account.

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kann You Sync many Google and Apple Calendars?

Got more than one google account? You kann add together many google accounts as freundin want zu your iPhone. Die calendars from each account will be visible in the iOS Calendar app.

google Calendar und Apple Calendar Bidirectionality

When sie sync your google account with your iPhone, any die info you add kommen sie it utilizing Apple"s Calendar app will flow zurück to the google Calendar. Also if you disconnect your google account from her iPhone, the appointments you created will remain in your google Calendar.

Neither apple nor google supports the merging of calendars, although merger calendars is possible utilizing some workarounds. Because each calendar is separate and has various security requirements, sie cannot lakers any non-Google calendars loaded on her iPhone from within your google account.

Alternatives for Syncing google Calendar to in iPhone

Google provides a version von its calendar app for iOS, und several other developers market iPhone apps that incorporate with google Calendars. Weil das example, the Microsoft Outlook app for iOS integrates with both Gmail und Google Calendar. Either of these are good choice weil das people who want kommen sie access their google Calendar yet prefer not to use the roden iOS Calendar app.

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Tips for Syncing calendars on her iPhone

Only sync the calendars freundin know you'll need on her phone. Calendar items usually don't hog space (unless you've gott a ton of attachments in your appointments); however, die more devices that sync to a calendar, die more most likely it becomes the you'll run across some sort von syncing collision. Limiting her iPhone to just the necessities reduces die risk that various other calendars wollen incur a sync error.