Iphone Se Vs Iphone 12 Mini

After years des bigger und bigger displays, apfel now selling two various phones with klein displays. The iPhone SE received a massive update an 2020, taking ns iPhone 8 und boosting the specs considerably, und followed that hoch with ns launch von the iphone phone 12 mini, which is about die same dimension as die SE. Now, we oase the iphone phone 13 mini with an even much faster processor and better camera.

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But regardless of rumors that the iPhone 12 mini didn’t sell also as apple would schutz liked, it’s still around. After the iPhone 13 launched, apfel dropped ns price über $100, pass it zu $629 ($599 through carriers) and moving it ever closer to the price des the iphone phone SE. Deshalb which phone is the better bargain?


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iPhone 12 mini vs SE: Features and specs

Here are the top-line differences an features und specs between the two. There room plenty of smaller differences, yet these features and specs will give you in idea of how castle stack nach oben against each other.

iPhone SEiPhone 12 mini
Starting price$399$629
Screen size4.7″5.4″
Size (H x w x D)5.45″ ns 2.65″ ns 0.29″5.18″ ns 2.13″ ns 0.29″
Weight5.22 oz4.76 oz
DisplayLCD (326ppi)OLED with HDR (476 ppi)
ProcessorA13 BionicA14 Bionic
AuthenticationTouch IDFace ID
Rear Camera12MP f/1.8 large camera12MP f/1.6 wide camera, 12MP f/2.4 ultra Wide camera
Front Camera7MP f/2.2 camera, 1080p12MP f/2.2 camera, 4K HDR
Battery capacity1821mAh2227mAh
Wireless features4G LTE, Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth 5.0,NFC5G, Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth 5.0,NFC, Ultra-Wideband

It’s quite obvious which ist the “better” iphone phone here. Also with last year’s specs, ns iPhone 12 mini has a newer processor, in HDR OLED edge-to-edge display, in ultra-wide rear camera, a better front camera, 5G support, und a enlarge battery. So, if you just want zu get die “best” klein iPhone no matter that cost, you can stop reading now: ns iPhone 12 mini ist where it’s at. But the iPhone SE fixed feels choose a “budget” phone. Savvy readers wollen look at ns vast difference in price und consider nur how many of these features they yes, really need.

iPhone 12 mini mit SE: Design und display

The iphone SE carries forth the entwurf of die iPhone 8 if replacing ns internal contents with a more contemporary A13 Bionic processor. Ns iPhone 12 mini features ns new entwurf of die iPhone 12, with flat sides and in edge-to-edge display. It also comes in five colors: the black, white, and red des the iphone SE add to green and blue. There’s no doubt die 12 mini ist a better-looking phone. It’s so just a wenig bit smaller and lighter, do it the smallest iphone phone you can buy. However it’s not like die iPhone SE zu sein a clunker, und for numerous hundred dollars, you kann sein probably get von without die seafoam green color option.


The iphone phone SE (right) is basically bei iPhone 6 with a glass back.

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Michael Simon/IDG

The display is much far better on die iPhone 12 mini, though. The fact the it doesn’t have big bezels above and below the display way that, in spite of being a technically smaller phone, the iPhone 12 mini actually has more screen area than die iPhone SE (5.4 inches versus 4.7 inches). It’s not nur the size, however. Ns iPhone mini so uses Apple’s finest display tech, OLED, which bring tremendous comparison with deep blacks und higher resolution (476 pixels von inch vs. 326 pixels von inch).

Our pick: wie it come to die display, you really acquire what sie pay for. Due to the fact that you’re going zu be looking at your phone’s display screen hour hours each day, the extra money $200 ist definitely precious it. However, die iPhone SE has an excellent LCD und a standard design, so if you blieb have a soft spot zum the residence button, you’ll absolutely be happy with it.

iPhone 12 mini vs SE: Performance und battery life

The iphone 12 mini has ns A14 processor, which is of course faster than ns A13 in the iphone SE. If we’re being honest, modern iPhone processors are just deswegen fast the you’re notfall likely kommen sie notice die difference bei day-to-day use. Uneven you’re the kind of personen who knows you need the absolute fastest point going, ns iPhone SE ist going to be fast enough to last weil das years.

No matter who you are, you kann appreciate much longer battery life, though. Ns battery an the iphone 12 mini has around 25 percent more capacity than the iPhone SE. Incorporate that with a an ext power-efficient processor and in OLED display, und you’re likely to get 2 or an ext hours longer battery life ~ above a einzel charge. Die iPhone 12 mini may schutz the shortest battery life von any iphone 12 model, but that’s all relative; it’s ausblüten a lot longer than die iPhone SE.

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Our pick: Even stärke users möchte struggle to lakers the difference between the iphone SE und iPhone 12 mini wie man it comes zu speed. Battery life ist another story. Uneven you’re a real heavy user, the iPhone 12 mini wollen probably survive most von the day, but you’ll certainly want to keep a charger about with the SE.