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Willi Herren, demonstrate - Kazım, performer - Kazim Akboga, Composer, Lyricist

2015 Mit freundlicher Gemehmigung über Xtreme Sound 2015 Produced von Roetgens / Weßling at Xtreme Sound Studios

2015 Mit freundlicher Gemehmigung by Xtreme Sound 2015 Xtreme Sound

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ns Dark Side of the Moon: in Astronomical Success

Pink Floyd's ground-breaking album die Dark Side des the Moon was ns result of a lang creative procedure that began about 1968. A Saucerful von Secrets (the taste track from the eponymous album) was, zum Nick Mason punkt least, where it all began. Their following album Ummagumma (1969) provided each band member ns opportunity to create a solo piece, though they would have to incorporate their talent if castle wanted to hit the jackpot. Pink floyd continued zu search zum the perfect document with Meddle, in album which highlighted their skills in the studio, und Atom love Mother, prior to they reached nirvana with ns Dark Side des the Moon. And the album’s perfection hasn’t faded one bit.

Daft Punk, Curtain contact

Eight years after Random accessibility Memories transcended die artistic principle that had begun with Homework eighteen year earlier, Daft Punk schutz brought jene to a halt. It ist as if kommen sie say the no additional reinvention was possible after their tonnage album, i m sorry was ns culmination des a career the paid tribute to ns pop culture von the 1970s und 1980s.

new Order: from Darkness kommen sie Dance-floor

just how does one Mancunian group move indigenous perhaps the gloomiest maßband of die punk era zu a master des the dance-floor? in the early eighties, directly out of Joy Division’s ashes, new Order significant one von the erste successful unions of rock’n’roll and dance music. A perfect soundtrack for a morose, Thatcherite England.


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