Is torrenting illegal in germany

Bittorrent is still the most well-known p2p/file-sharing technology an Europe, und many civilization download torrents in Germany. However, German torrent users oase been dealing with increasing pressure, including: monitoring, und even legit threats, often for files they never also downloaded.

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This article möchte teach freundin step-by-step, how zu safely access torrent sites und download torrents anonymously in Germany. We’ll so discuss part misconceptions around torrent legality.


Torrents und p2p file-sharing zu sein completely legal in Germany. If surprises you, let me explain:

Abmahnung in Germany influence file-sharers

In recent years, there has been a significant rise bei the sending von ‘Abmahnung’ notices über German law firms. These ‘cease and desist’ letter often target bittorrent users, und usually encompass a demand zum a payment of several hundreds Euros (up zu 1000 Euros or more).

But die Abmahnung culture has some major problems:

While ns torrent trolling practice has confronted increasing pressure and roadblocks an countries like the USA, die German legal system seems to be tolerating, if notfall encouraging it.

As a result, there is very little accountability for the law firms issuing these notices, und since almost no situations actually go kommen sie trial, there is almost no downside zu issuing cheat notices as well. Bei other words, there ist a strong incentive zum unethical firms kommen sie target IP addresses und users who schutz never downloaded ns file in question, because many möchte choose kommen sie pay die settlement anyway.

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This lopsided system ist stacked versus individuals who often can’t even afford to verteidigung their innocence.

Follow this 3 steps to help safeguard yourself from this predatory Abmahnung letters:


The rest von this guide will focus on the simple, powerful method you kann sein use kommen sie maximize your privacy while downloading torrents. You möchte learn to hide your ip address, defend your web history, und keep your internet provider from security your internet activity.

Privacy is a right, but deshalb comes v a responsibility to use her anonymity in a legal and ethical manner. Us do notfall condone any illegal use of this information.

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With the said, here’s what you’ll learn:

How bittorrent users are tracked and targeted in GermanyWhy a VPN and/orProxy ist the most necessary tool for anonymous torrent downloadsHow kommen sie use a VPN with your favorite torrent software


There are two ways that torrent downloads room monitored and/or blocked bei Germany:

Your publicly IP address zu sein visible to all torrent peers and can it is in harvested/logged von automated software

Public IP address

Because von the way die Bittorrent protocol zu sein designed, every peers share a record must know ns IP attend to (physical network location) von every other peer sharing that file. If sie don’t take any type of steps tohide your true IP resolve while torrenting, any scheeres can monitor your torrent history.


Hello. Thanks dafür much zum the very informative article. Ich definitely learnt a gewächs from analysis it. I oase a few questions though. Hopefully you kann sein find time zu reply to my comment.

I newly moved zu Germany und I do have worries that i may it is in fined for torrenting. I just gott a NordVPN account und I oase bound it to ns Netherlands server. Ich am so using qbittorrent und I oase already associated my VPN zu qbittorrent. I am still a little bit worried that i might schutz missed a step. I mean, mine VPN ist turned on, connected zu Netherlands und the VPN is deshalb connected to die qbittorrent app. Bei addition, I deshalb turned on die kill switch weil das the wifi in case that isn’t associated to die VPN. Lastly, ich checked to lakers if the IP address really is different using the official Nordvpn tutorial und it yes, really does show that mine IP address ist from die netherlands. I SHOULD be safe right? I in sorry zum any stupid concerns asked. Ich just really wanna be sure und be safe.