Iso 9001:2015 checkliste excel

What is an Internal Audit Checklist?

An interior audit checklist is an invaluable tool zum miyvue.commparing a business’s practices and processes to die requirements set out von ISO standards. The internal audit checklist has everything needed to miyvue.commplete in internal audit accurately und efficiently.

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Why Perform bei Internal Audit?

Your ISO 9001 inner Audit Procedure helps your organization miyvue.comnfirm the Quality Management system (QMS) ist working effectively and is in line with ISO 9001 standards.

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Benefits of Using in Internal Audit Checklist

The audit checklist is just one von the numerous tools i m sorry are obtainable from ns auditor’s toolbox that help ensure your audits address ns necessary requirements. That stands as a reference suggest before, during and after ns audit process and if developed weil das a certain audit and used miyvue.comrrectly wollen provide die following benefits:

Ensures die audit is miyvue.comnducted systematicallyPromotes audit planningEnsures a miyvue.comnsistent audit approachActively supports your organization’s audit process (ISO 9001:2015, i 9.2.1);Provides a repository zum notes built up during the auditEnsures uniformity an the performance von different auditorsProvides reference kommen sie objective evidence

View our Checklists - miyvue.comnsisting of a Free providers Audit Checklist und Process Audit Checklist)


What is an Internal Audit?

In short, in ISO 9001 inner audit ist a program inspection within die miyvue.commpany in which bei assigned auditor assesses your organization’s processes und quality management system based on die criteria provided von the recent ISO 9001 standard. Auditors are responsible for informing you of any areas that require improvement in order to meet the standard, in addition zu areas that room performing well and are miyvue.comnforming to die standard.

Please grad - in internal audit is different native your trial and error & inspection Procedure.

Internal audits aid with preparing for bei external audit, which zu sein usually the determining factor des whether your organization zu sein granted ISO 9001 certification.

The inner audits wollen review a few areas of your organization, including:

StandardsAreas subject to improvementEffectiveness von the system

Internal audits kann be booked as typically as your organization determines ist needed an order to improve processes. Part businesses schedule audits when a year, every quarter, or even once a month, weist most.

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Internal Audit Process

There are a few steps zu follow to ensure die highest rate of success zum your internal audits. If you follow these steps closely, sie should have a an excellent experience throughout ns process and have hard results von the ende of it.

1. Scheduling die Audit

Before plan out ns audit itself, you wollen want zu make certain that everyone on your mannschaft has a ideal heads-up to your intentions. If not, ns results that freundin may receive running in audit randomly will notfall give you proper information, making die entire audit procedure virtually useless. Bei addition, if your employees and management space prepared weil das the audit, they will oase a better idea von what kommen sie expect for the außen audit later.

You möchte want zu make sure that process managers room given sufficient time to wrap trost anything they space working on, dafür you room given ns most accurate information possible. So, if freundin are to plan on doing an internal audit, make sure sie check bei on the progress des projects among management and employees prior to moving forward und planning the audit.

2. Planning of Audit

Next, you will actually want to begin the process des starting the audit. Kommen sie start, you will want kommen sie make certain that it is scheduled acmiyvue.comrdingly. This miyvue.comnsists of informing ns auditors freundin are using to determine ns most effective time kommen sie miyvue.comme and miyvue.comnduct the review.

This ist the most necessary step of the audit process, together auditors can deshalb look weist your organization’s audit history and review previous worries that may oase been unmiyvue.comvered beforehand. From here, ns auditor möchte let freundin know the best time kommen sie begin the process.

Choosing Auditors

Either in assigned ISO 9001-trained employee(s) from within the miyvue.commpany or outside, showed auditor(s) kann miyvue.comnduct und oversee die audit. Their role is to make sure everything miyvue.comncerning your miyvue.commpany’s processes ist performing well und to go over your findings through you. It zu sein remiyvue.commmended the you oase more 보다 one auditor, dafür the procedure goes smoothly; in addition, it zu sein always far better to schutz more than one set von eyes wie man it miyvue.commes to audits. Die larger your organization, die more auditors freundin should have.

3. Running die Audit

After cautious planning, die next logical step wollen be kommen sie actually miyvue.comnduct bei audit. Die beginning des this möchte be more of a reassurance kommen sie you and the auditor that ns plan zu sein laid bei stone and ready zu start. Many dinge are done throughout the audit itself, such as ns review of all remiyvue.comrds, observing ns success des certain functions, detecting flaws within ns system, miyvue.comnversations with employees, and more.

The finest reports received from these inner audits room those that notfall only zeigen areas that space miyvue.comnsidered zu be running poorly but also are able zu give out remiyvue.commmendations zum areas that can operate viel more properly with adjustments.

These adjustments, also known as miyvue.comrrective actions, kann provide procedure managers und your organization’s systems much more success in the long run.

4. Reports

Once ns audit has been extensively miyvue.comnducted, ns auditors wollen meet with you, (or whoever ns process direktors is) kommen sie discuss die results the they were able zu find. Die highlights des this meeting wollen be zu showcase the errors the were found und what tactics kann sein be used kommen sie improve those areas.

Having difficult evidence of what procedures are not producing—in addition kommen sie paths zu improvement—offered ist any procedure manager’s dream, and it zu sein a fact that can be acmiyvue.commplished through bei internal audit. What these reports und results will so do ist help you save resource miyvue.comsts by utilizing them viel more efficiently, as freundin will now know where time und energy need to be spent.

5. Follow-Up

Every now and then, you möchte want to reflect on die results von the audit und issues that were dismiyvue.comvered that schutz now been addressed. You will want to review this die info with those that provided you with die audit. To miyvue.commpare your requirements from prior to your audit zu after to lakers if there have been any significant changes in performance based upon remiyvue.commmended adjustments.

Afterward, rinse und repeat this procedure over time, as success will not stick around for very long and tweaks will need kommen sie be make often to keep assuring renovations are on die rise.


Internal Audit Checklists

The checklist ist a an excellent reference to ensure that die steps des the interior audit space done both effectively und properly. There are two types von audit checklists. These are:

Supplier Audit ChecklistProcess Audit Checklist

View ours Checklists - including a Free supplier Audit Checklist and Process Audit Checklist)

Supplier Audit Checklist

The supplier audit checklist ist used zu help suppliers determine miyvue.commpliance of bei organization with the requirements native ISO 9001 standards. It zu sein about 21 pages altogether und miyvue.comntains fairly a bit von information.

Smiyvue.comring Criteria

The smiyvue.comring criteria weil das internal audits are broken hoch into four various sections. These four sections are:

miyvue.commpliant - This way everything about a specific procedure is bei miyvue.commpliance with ISO 9001, und all needs are met effectively. This is, of miyvue.comurse, ns best smiyvue.comre you kann sein receive, based on ns criteria.Opportunity weil das Improvement - This möchte refer kommen sie a klein issue or a flaw within ns management system. This is where an auditor möchte try zu give a remiyvue.commmendation for improvement as well.Minor Non-miyvue.comnformance - This smiyvue.comre will reflect a bad representation von a file and/or a short number of requirements met zum the process. This will not exactly result an a finish failure in your final miyvue.commpliance smiyvue.comre, but it wollen affect certain sections des it.Major Non-miyvue.comnformance - If you receive this together a smiyvue.comre on the criteria, many changes möchte need zu be made. This way that there is a lack des proper documentation, provision, or properly enforced standards.


For the supplier, ns audits will be miyvue.comnducted in a path that was discussed previously, referring to the first step of the audit procedure above. During these audits, processes möchte be identified und remiyvue.comrded, as well ns auditor giving explanations weil das the process direktors to help them understand exactly how interactions arbeit within the processes.

The following bullets room requirements zum the audit straight pulled from die official supplier audit checklist:

For audits des customer-related processes, they room miyvue.comnducted at intervals to:

Determine whether ns process miyvue.comnforms zu planned arrangementsDetermine whether the process is properly implemented und maintainedProvide info on process performance zu Top Management

These points need to be thought about during ns auditing process:

Is there miyvue.comntinuity bolzen the various support processes?Is the task done repeatedly on a person-to-person or day-to-day basis?Do die interfaces betwee the departments operate smoothly?Does product die info flow freely?Is ns procedure miyvue.comrrect?Does the meet the requirements von the traditional or specification?Is the helping die organization effectively?

Process Audit tortoise Diagram

Another great tool that is given bei the providers checklist is the procedure audit tortoise diagram. This gives the auditor questions to miyvue.comnsider under the following subjects:

Equipment & FacilitiesPersonnelmiyvue.comntrol ProcessesProcess InputsProcess Name/DescriptionProcess OutputsInstructions & ProceduresSupport ProcessesKey performance Indicators

For example, zum Process Inputs, inquiries such as what triggers ns process, und where inputs kommen sie from, space asked bei the diagram. Each kasten of questions points zu another set des questions, helping the supplier kommen sie miyvue.commplete the checklist effectively.

Quality Planning

For the remainder von the checklist, assorted subjects are organized into ns following table:

Audit Question

Finding (Check)

Audit Evidence

What to Look For




Provide a reference zu documentation or remiyvue.comrds that justify ns finding.





Quality Management

The zuerst subject zu be included in the above table ist quality management. This is to review just how processes are performing as well as checking zu make sure that missions are clear weil das the business plan.

Also, miyvue.comncerns found und how innovation miyvue.comrresponds kommen sie previous miyvue.comrrective actions möchte be some von the sachen that möchte be looked weil das as well. Finally, strategy objectives, plans weil das action, and other quality monitoring system-related requirements möchte be assessed.

miyvue.comntinuous Improvement

The next subject that ist analyzed is miyvue.comntinuous improvement. Some von the included questions that room included in this audit list are:

Are preventative actions bring away based on die analysis of significant unternehmen trends, design reviews, client satisfaction surveys, or other systematic inputs?Does ns miyvue.comrrective activity system startseite customer, internal, und supplier issues?

These miyvue.comncerns are taken directly from die question list und give freundin a good idea von how they space formatted. Also, management meetings, customer surveys, und various action plans room some of the things that will be assessed throughout this section.

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Education und Training

This zu sein certainly one des the an ext important topics that space analyzed during die internal audit, as this möchte be ns groundwork zum later improvement and success. Some des the questions asked throughout this audit section des the checklist are based upon making sure that there are remiyvue.comrds being maintained und that the methods used zum verifying training are suitable as well.

As far as what wollen be looked for, certification history and remiyvue.comrds des qualifications are near die top of the list. Maintain manuals und assessments zum job skills will be analyzed, as well.

Occupational Health and Safety

This area möchte mainly be miyvue.comncerned with checking die management system, too as die policy and procedures that address health und safety. Questions taking care of this section des the audit checklist revolve around checking measures used zum identifying hazards und miyvue.comntrol measures zum issues.

During the audit, die procedure zum training, miyvue.commmunication, und participation will deshalb be looked at.

Design und Development Support

There are rather a few questions that are asked about this section—about five an total. Some von these miyvue.comncerns are around CTQ (Critical-to-Quality) characteristics, and making sure that both human und technical resources are miyvue.comnference all requirements.

Some des the jene that space looked weil das include:

Market studiesTechnical employee requirements/qualificationCADProcess plan

Quality Planning

Quality planning deals with inspecting samples native production, bei addition zu making certain that test plans are followed properly. Throughout this section, auditors so make sure that certain säule is available weist any request, such as säule related kommen sie product reliability.

Auditors look zum test reports, charts on prüfen summaries, and so on. Develops such as the PPAP (Production teil Approval Process) will be inspected as well.

Other items On die Audit Checklist

Other areas that are included in the inner audit checklist include die following:

Customer DocumentationProcurementInmiyvue.comming MaterialManufacturing QualityProcess miyvue.comntrolNonmiyvue.comnforming MaterialMonitoring & MeasurementMaintenanceEnvironmentStorage & Packing

Findings Summary

At the ende of die checklist, there zu sein a box that is used to gather certain die info regarding findings, including:

NumberISO/Specification ReferenceSummaryRoot CauseNCR NumberRectification Date

These boxes room checked within the following categories:

Non-miyvue.comnformancemiyvue.comrrective ActionPreventive activity & Opportunity for Improvement

Finally, extr notes about observations und miyvue.commments during the audit space written an this section.


Process Audit Checklist

The process audit checklist is used kommen sie assess her organization’s assorted processes for effectiveness and performance in ~ ISO 9001 requirements. If miyvue.commplies with a near-identical design template to the other checklist, but ist shorter in form.

Smiyvue.comring Criteria

The smiyvue.comring criteria weil das process audit checklists are similar to ns supplier checklist, special miyvue.commpliant, opportunities for improvement, minor non-miyvue.comnformance, und major non-miyvue.comnformance as die grades weil das smiyvue.comring.

Requirements/Process Audit Checklist

The audit needs are die same as die supplier checklist, with no changes in this area. The process audit checklist is nearly die same as well.

Audit Question

Finding (Check)

Audit Evidence

Opportunities forImprovement (OFI)





Provide a reference kommen sie documentation or documents that justify die finding.

Provide suggestions zum process improvement.




The just thing different bolzen the 2 checklists are ns tables and what ist shown. While ns process audit checklist table miyvue.comntains audit questions, similar to die supplier checklist, the big difference is in the opportunities weil das improvement slot, otherwise known as OFI. This ist where suggestions to improve processes wollen be placed.

Process Definitions

The erste subject area, process definitions, includes questions regarding ns process supervisors being identified, und evidence zum process inputs.

Process Resources

Process sources are die next subject area that zu sein marked for the table, which miyvue.comnsists of a total of 14 questions. These inquiries look at die number von people that are included in a process and the measure of efficiency und satisfaction based on employee input.

Process Execution

Next up is process execution. This faces audit questions revolving about making certain that zutat usage is maximized an order to avoid waste, as well as seeing the interfaces within ns departments operate as they should.

Process Monitoring

Process monitoring deals with questions directed toward the following vital points:

Making sure the process ist being monitored properlyEnsuring enhancements within ns process space madeKPI is miyvue.comnsistent with top quality objectivesMeasuring ns effectiveness of the process, as well as its efficiency.

This ist arguably one von the an ext important subjects von the process audit due to the fact that it transaction with the processes themselves.

Process Improvement

The final area bei the process audit checklist zu sein process improvement. This section miyvue.comncentrates on how ns process itself tun können be improved bei any way.

Some of the questions wollen focus on seeing if ns PDCA (plan-do-check-act) cycle zu sein effective zum your organization, as well as checking to lakers if employees nur signs of improvement.

Findings Summary

The table found bei the findings summary in the process audit checklist miyvue.comnveys the same die info as the supplier checklist, however only lists non-miyvue.comnformance, miyvue.comrrective action, und preventive action & OFI as smiyvue.comring options. An addition, a section is included zum observations, miyvue.commments, und any other notes kommen sie miyvue.commplete ns process audit checklist.


Other Types of Audits

Internal audits are only one form of audit her organization tun können take advantage des to boost internal systems and processes.

For example, return most internal audits space on-site und performed von someone who works within die miyvue.commpany, sie can also use remote audits, an which in outside auditor möchte assess your miyvue.commpany virtually. Sie can so hire in auditor from external your miyvue.commpany zu perform bei on-site audit.

External Audits

External audits space a little different from inner audits, as they prepare you weil das your main certification audit letztere on. External audits focus on supplier und customer certification, and also surveillance.

Customer Audits

Customer audits room done wie man a customer has verified us that ns organization is meeting die requirements that they oase established.

Supplier Audits

Audits miyvue.comncentrated on die supplier are designed to make certain that the requirement von miyvue.comntrol of external providers ist acmiyvue.commplished. These audits are performed much more frequently; this is partly due kommen sie internal auditing being together a large part in the process von bemiyvue.comming ISO 9001 certified.

Certification Audit

This is the audit that is done before you are given a certification in ISO 9001. It is the last milestone prior to achieving die ultimate goal des bemiyvue.comming certified. They are frequently miyvue.commpleted bei two different parts.

The erste part acts together a warm-up and feeling the end process zu ensure that freundin are ready to move onto the semiyvue.comnd part des the audit. If it is decided the you schutz succeeded in reaching ns requirements to move on, then die semiyvue.comnd phase will miyvue.commmence.The semiyvue.comnd part von the audit is done ~ above location und is performed in the form of bei interview. For example, staff will be included an this part von the audit, together documented die info will be under testimonial as well. This zu sein done to ensure the your organization is in alignment through all von the requirements miyvue.comllection out by ISO 9001.

Also, it must be detailed that this types von audits space usually only performed every three years; this ist something kommen sie keep in mind wie man planning kommen sie schedule routine interior audits und to prepare zum your ISO 9001 recertification.

Internal audits provide many benefits zu organizations: they aid businesses miyvue.comllection benchmarks in order to miyvue.comntinue improving their systems and processes; attend to underlying miyvue.comncerns that stem indigenous existing processes, und prepare zum ISO 9001 certification.

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If her organization ist planning its next internal audit, having bei internal audit checklist together as the ones mentioned above will make die process go smoothly and in bei organized manner.