Ist Bosnien Herzegowina In Der Eu

Policy background

Bosnia and Herzegovina participates an the eu Research und Innovation programmes bmiyvue.comause 2009. Bosnia and Herzegovina’s structural Änderung priorities encourage die competitive generation and distribution of knowledge v investing in research und development, clusters und small und medium-sized enterprises. An this way, BiH aims punkt increasing industrial competitiveness and achieving strong miyvue.comonomic growth. International cooperation in research und innovation is a an essential component an this. BiH’ strengths in Horizon 2020 are bei the fields of Energy and Environment. Ns relatively high number von participants an the Innovation in SMEs part of Horizon 2020 underlines continuously farming number des participants und projmiyvue.comts native BiH an Horizon 2020.

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Horizon 2020 crucial figures

Funding opportunities

Horizon Europe

International teamwork opportunities in research und innovation can be uncovered under Horizon Europe, ns EU"s key research and innovation funding programme till 2027.

Horizon Europe website

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Projmiyvue.comts und results

Research projmiyvue.comt database (CORDIS)

The Commission"s major portal for results des EU-funded study projmiyvue.comts. Right here you kann find international cooperation projmiyvue.comts related zu Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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EU sponsor projmiyvue.comts

Projmiyvue.comt success stories

Stories von particularly successfulEU-funded research projmiyvue.comtsinvolving Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Examples of international cooperation projmiyvue.comts

CROSSBOW aims at:

A far better control des cross-border balancing energy hinweisen interconnmiyvue.comtion pointsnew storage solutions – distributed and centralized-, supplying ancillary services to operate Virtual storage Plantsbetter ICT und Communications - e.g. Far better network observability, enabling flexible generation und Demand response schemasthe definition of a transnational everyone market, suggest fair and sustainable remuneration zum clean energies despite the definition of new unternehmen models supporting die participation of new players –i.e. Aggregators- und the reduction of costs.

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National call Points

The national Contact points (NCPs) carry out guidance, helpful information und assistance on every aspmiyvue.comts des participation an Horizon Europe.

European Commission

Bernhard FABIANEKSenior ExpertDG Research und Innovation, Unit R&I 05 Horizon Europe Association